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I had aspirations of writing a really moving Mother's Day blog post.  Because I'm basically a full-time mom, and it would be fair to assume I'm well-equipped to have some really motivating words on the subject.   But, as usual, I'm behind on my to-do list.  So you're going to get a random list of things that come flying off of the top of my head, but I kinda wanted to set these thoughts free.  They may or may not be more interesting than the fact that "Ivy" is coming to Paisley's Cupboard old location and a "Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop" is coming to the old Tully's spot on Lake St. Those are just teasers to posts that I will add to said to-do list.  

So here are a few random true stories that you can file into the good mom or bad mom category in your head.   No need to speak aloud.   I don't need lectures.  I can laugh (and frown and sneer) at myself...and so here are my confessions of a mother...feel free to add your own to make me feel better.

-I can barely get all of my kids where they need to be.  By the time I have driven them to all of their sports and circle back to watch one actually play in a game, I always seem to have *just* missed the home run or the 3 amazing strikeouts my kid pitched that inning. sigh.

-I drove my daughter all the way to violin lessons this morning with the emergency brake on.  Didn't realize it til I got home.

-Thank goodness my husband can cook (love you honey!!) because I know how to open wine.  

-My oldest kids are in 5th grade and I occasionally have to check the internet to clarify answers to their homework.

-I have no idea why I am spending hours collecting up my stuff for a garage sale this weekend where I'll probably make $50 (Market Neighborhood G-Sale, THIS Sat 5/17 9-2pm)

-I'm not sure if it is a woman/hormone thing or too much wine or early-onset dementia but my brain can no longer hold information.  It has just given up. Maxed out.  Maybe I need to buy more Mega bites?  But I can tell you plenty of useless info from my childhood, but not how many outs there are at a softball game I am coaching.  Little chunks or constantly changing information vaporize immediately (names especially) doesn't mean I love ya any less. 

-Why does the UPS man always need me to sign for a package when I'm not home?

-Sometimes I get a little bit sad that my daughters will be going to Middle School next year.  This is when the 'real' world stuff is going to start.  I hope we've prepared them well. 

-My underwear are on inside-out.  They really are.  I had 30 minutes to get ready today, and so I thought I was pretty awesome since I got my hair dried AND my outfit matched.  Clearly I didn't get everything in the right place but at least only I knew...........until now.

-All women should read "Lean In," - the impact it has on each individual  will vary but at the very least it should make you think.  I have some ideas I want to send Sheryl Sandberg (whom I thank for being brave enough to write it).  Please remind me to add those to my to-do list.

-Why is there ALWAYS toothpaste in the sink? How could so little make it down the drain?

- Moms would be awesome inventors if we had more time.  They are like spools of thoughts in the back of my brain.  I think " I should call XYZ company and tell them this idea that would make everyone want to buy their product," and then I scurry along to my next everyday menial task.

-Such as....Why does Facebook not have a feature where you can have 'carpool' friends that you track on GPS -people you trust with your children and are going to the same baseball field and gymnastics spot that you are?  Imagine how much of the ozone layer we could preserve.  

-Pet peeves: whistling, messy counters, your kids. 

-I got a pit in my stomach this morning when I saw 4 middle school boys walking across a Market St. crosswalk-- all with their faces in their phones.  Nobody even looked up. Birds?  Spring air?  Sunshine?

-I still sniff my kids.  I mean like their skin/their cheeks in the morning- don't you love that smell?  I make sure to take deep breaths so they go straight to my heart and can collect there for when they won't let me do that anymore. 

That's enough for now.  Alway fun to end with a photo.

Crosslandyeehaw (2)
<-what kind of mom doesn't have a recent photo of her whole family?! ugh. There's a kid missing here and I can't cut/paste him in.  And the rest of us look like a bunch of rodeo clowns (it was a TX-themed party, in our defense).  

Next post will be back to our regular programming ;-)




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Nancy Whittaker

Middle school and beyond isn't bad! It's a wonderful time to stand back and let your child learn how to navigate the world - let them become self-reliant and strong - as you have modeled for them!
Have you read "Overwhelmed Work, Love and Play When No One Has The Time", by Brigid Schulte. It just made me feel better that we are all in the same boat and I have made huge efforts to stop moving so fast! (Of course, I never actually finished the book because I too busy!)


I LOVE this. Thanks for the honesty and a good laugh! Can I add to the list?

-I too huff my child, and should probably check into Lakeside Milam for some professional help. I've even been known to smell the pile of jammies left on the floor after I drop said child off at school.

-4/5 days a week, I drop my child off at school in my pajamas (with underwear right side out).

-I hate toothpaste blobs in the sink. It's a losing battle.

-I am horrified by the length of Kirkland tweeners' shorts See also: I am now becoming an old hag.

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