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Lemonade Stand for a Cause 2014

It's back!  This program is a win for everyone.  Simplicity Decor and Simplicity ABC will partner with you and your favorite charity to raise money at their downtown storefronts by selling lemonade to the thirsty patrons of Kirkland.  My kids LOVE doing this- and have had a successful stand in the past for Seattle Children's Hospital.  Choose whatever has meaning for you and make it special.  Kids  really dig setting up their own little 'shop' on the sidewalk and working for tips that go straight to a worthy cause. Ten percent of  Simplicity Decor/ABC's proceeds for that day will also go towards your charity.  Ka-ching!

If you'd like to sign up for a day that you (and your kiddos)  can set up shop, email "A" for an application here.   They are due by July 11th.  Great sales/interpersonal/life skills for the kids, your charity benefits, and so do some favorite downtown local businesses.  Tell us when you'll be there, I'm getting thirsty already...~j



Went for a little jog through Juanita Beach Park today, and I had forgotten about the Juanita Friday Market. What a fun surprise, and unexpected reason to slow my pace down to a walk. The usual suspects are there (flowers, popcorn, fruit/vegs) and I also noticed some I haven't seen before (tea stand, soaps/fun smell-good things for kids, doggie products)- worth checking out! Every Fri from 3-7 (except 7/4)  And, of course there's the Weds Market also every week, at Marina Park 2-7.

Other fun summertime things in the que:

The Fourth of July Celebration- 7/4/14

Kirkland Car Show- 7/27/14

Kirkland Summerfest- Aug 8-10th and a funny little video to go with it.


The Retail Shuffle on Central Way

Wyraqocha Peruvian Kitchen
- seems like we've been waiting a long time for this one at 110 Central, but they just put their 'real' sign up the other day so things must be moving forward. You can get an idea of what they've been up to on their FB  page.  Now, can you say Wyraqocha 5 times fast?


Kirkland iRepair
- in the old Asher location at 13 Central, Kirkland iRepair specializes in repairing all Apple products (iPhone, iPad,iPod, MacBook). There is some very green paint up on the walls now.  And even more green stickers/signage went up today after this photo was taken. It doesn't even matter that they aren't open yet, you can make an appt on their website or call 425-753-3557. I like that their site has tabs for each product and lists pricing and turnaround times for specific repairs.

 Paint & Sip Studio re-lo- Canvas has their sign on the empty retail space next to Kathy Evans at 140 Central Way (where the weird Piroshky drugstore used to be).  Looks like a little expansion perhaps??


Wanted: Glass Slippers Sz 10.5

Wellllll, it's work-boots really.  I'll bet you have an old pair in your garage and you would feel really awesome if you gave them to somebody in need.   

Let me explain-I wrote a post back in Sept about a homeless man named Steve that often stands at the corner of 100th and 116th (near Columbia Athletic Club).  A few people have mentioned that it helped them take notice or give a wave and a smile, maybe a buck for coffee.  And it sounds like many of you have reached out also.   My kids still get excited every time they see Steve, and willingly surrender their unopened food/drinks out the window if we happen to catch the red light.  

It gave me warm fuzzies to get this update from a reader.  A sort of full circle scenario:blogger->reader->subject->reader->blogger.  Cause, believe it or not, I don't do this gig for the whopping paycheck or employee benefits. It's because of the all of the awesome people in this city and our common interests as a  community- all inter-connected.  Check your garage, please.  You guys rock. (poor Steve might get 17 pairs of boots now)...

Here is the recent note from a reader (thank you, Ginny, for sharing):

I'm on the #255 bus heading downtown & saw Steve. Ever since your column,  I've stopped occasionally. I greeted him = I'm the lady who waves hello from across the street on my walk.  Your name/ column came up. Steve always wanted to tell you  how much he appreciated your kind words - and the day you & the girls stopped by to chat.

 So, here he is:

"Thank you! Apparently you have some wonderful followers on your weblog who have stopped. I really appreciate it. God Bless You. 

I'm no longer homeless. I live in an apartment downtown Seattle. I'm keeping it real and trying to make it happen. There are some really good people out there and I just want to thank  them.


PS Anybody out there with a size 10 1/2 work boot? I'm usually @ 116th corner 11:30am -1:30 pm several days a week.


Something New for Late Summer: Bottle and Bull

BottleandBull2BottleandBull <--Stephen Paulsen & Chad Waldher /Bottle and Bull

Chad Waldher is excited to open a new restaurant/bar right in the heart of downtown Kirkland.  Get ready for Bottle and Bull coming to 105 Lake St (in the previous Tervelli UltraLounge spot).  Executive chef, Stephen Paulsen, will help you eat and drink your way through the places that Ernest Hemingway loved to travel: Havana, Paris, Florence, Pamplona (where he discovered his love of bullfighting) and more.  The ever-changing menu will be focused on farm-to-table and locally sourced products.  

They are busy getting ready and hoping for an August opening. Chad also owns Marcy's Bar & Lounge in Walla Walla.  You can stay updated on the Bottle and Bull's progress by following their Facebook page. ~j