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Wyraqocha - delicious tastes of Peru

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I don't know if I have ever had Peruvian food before??  Last Monday night was filled with many anxious Kirklanders that were curious to experience the much-anticipated opening of Wyraqocha.  It's a cozy, crisp and colorful dining room with an open kitchen nestled right on Central Way.  We were greeted by Cyndy, one of the owners, whose warmth and kindness is tangible.  After she sat us, my 11 year old whispered to me, " I really LIKE her."   Then I had to explain how she's an east coaster like her mom ;-).

I ordered a Pisco Sour which is a delicious South American cocktail.  It's on the sweeter side, like me... N-O-T.   So I might classify this as a chick drink, but very good nonetheless.  As for food, we tried tastes of many things- an advantage to bringing the whole family!  We nibbled on tequenos (fried cheese/avocado puree), ceviche (a generous portion on the halibut), lomo saltado (beef stir fry), Classic Causa (beautiful stack of whipped potato, crab, avocado, tomato and egg).  Everything was a fusion of flavors- mild but tasty.  The kids also loved everything we ordered (no kids menu) and we practically had to restrain them from eating everything in sight before we had a chance to try. 

We were seated near the open kitchen, and it was entertaining to watch the flames erupt into the air as the cooks hustled to get food orders out.  Still working out the kinks of newness, the timing will get better.  The staff was all super friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is one that makes you want to hang around.  Our family had a lot of fun together that evening experiencing a new place and different tastes.  I'd recommend you try this new addition to Kirkland too!  They are still figuring out their hours so may give a jingle first.  Reservations for parties of 6+ only.  Dinner only right now. 425-602-7397 ~j

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Gettin' MOD on Juanita Drive

MOD (6)  

And you thought that I never leave downtown Kirkland, didn't ya?  Here's a little gem I wanted to share.  MOD Skin and Body is unassumingly tucked into a strip mall between LA Fitness and QFC on Juanita Drive.  Not relaxed yet?  You will be.  Owners Polly Tabares (photo) and Clair Gehrt have carefully put together their space to have a serene comfort and warmth that will greet you with welcoming arms.  They even made the chevron wood wall behind Polly in the photo! 

MOD (3)

Down the hall, my awaiting room was a thin and dimly lit space with a giant wood dresser and soft sheets on the bed.  I would spend the next 80 minutes zoning in and out of consciousness as Sarah's magical hands applied layers of lotions to my face, dècolletè,  hands and even my feet.  That's right- no joke.  I was not dreaming, this facial actually started with a foot rub and warm wraps on my tired paws.  We cleansed, we microdermed, we exfoliated and extracted and nourished and moisturized.   And at the very end was my all-time favorite (I need to teach my kids to do this for me)....the head rub.  The one where the person is not scared to stick their hands into your hair and use the pads of their fingers to press on those pressure spots on your scalp. Really good stuff.

MOD has a great lineup of massage therapy offerings and also body/facial/skincare treatments including botox, fillers, and laser services. They also carry Bare Minerals, which I use and love and was happy to discover I will no longer have to drive to BSquare to purchase.  Polly has been in the industry for over 20 years and loves to educate clients, while being able to offer clinical services in a comfortable environment.  Spa hours are Mon-Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 9-5, Sun 10-4.  425-406-8455, modskinandbodyclinic@gmail.com 

You are invited to the MOD Skin and Body Anniversary Party on November 14th from 4-7pm.  There will be complimentary micro-facials, make-up lessons, chair massages, gift bags and even some fun giveaways too! Happy hr botox, filler, gift certificate and Latisse specials....that's enough to cheer up any Kirkland girl.  Especially on these rainy days.  On their website there is a new client special-- 50 min massage and 70 min facial w/microderm (2.5hrs) for $99.  Hellooooo holiday gifts!! I love free stuff so will see you on the 14th at the party.  Feel free to review your experience here afterwards! ~j

So Many Openings!

It's a HOT week for opening a business in Kirkland... 

Top Pot Doughnuts in Juanita Village-OPENS this FRIDAY 10/17 at 5am.  I'm curious who will buy that first one at 5am, but not curious enough to wake up that early.  

Wyraqocha- on Central Way- OPENS to the public MONDAY 10/20 for lunch. Finally! Woohoo. 

Purpose Boutique- 122 Central Ave- GRAND OPENING Bash SATURDAY 10/25 5-8pm. Hello holiday shopping.


Goodbye to Blue and Bill?

Blue Luna will be closing its Kirkland storefront at 127 Lake St. S and is soon to be found online only.  Hurry in to take advantage of up to 50% off.  

And... things aren't looking so good for the much anticipated Bill the Butcher opening in Kirkland.  Just saw this the other day.  Booooo.

But for other businesses starting with B's...breweries in Kirkland are on the rise.  Securing some of my favorite beer-drinking friends for that post.  Stay tuned. 

Louie de Coton: Technical Clothing for your Pooch

LouiedeCoton (8)   LouiedeCoton (1)

I am SO not a dog person.  Sorry.  Not sure where this went askew.  I grew up with dogs and loved them, but something changed as an adult, in my Type A brain, that can't fathom adding another layer of slobber, hair, wet paws, and poop to my life.  Maybe I'm just lazy.  Because I do realize, that for many people a pet can open up your heart and change your life. 

Local resident Fay Andersson's dog came into her world at exactly the right time.  In 2011, she was in a life-changing accident that left her in excruciating pain and depressed.  To cheer up, she got a white fluffy Maltese puppy and named him Louie de Coton or "Louie" for short.   Louie went everywhere with her.  He healed her pain, alleviated her sadness, and even became designated as an emotional 'service dog' by her doctor so she could bring him everywhere with her.   Even pilates! Louie changed her life.  

But little Louie got cold easily. So Faye began designing technical dog clothes for him.  She has searched everywhere to find the finest high-quality, high-performance materials to create fashionable clothes for small dogs.  She was looking for things that weren't bulky but provided warmth in a light-weight fabric. You are North-westerners...think Gore-Tex/Northface/Patagonia styles.  Her other priority was finding safe/environmental free/made in the USA materials and doing her manufacturing locally.  There are rain jackets, fleeces, and even lined messenger bags for your little pooches.  Why should humans be the only ones spoiled by awesome weather-proof clothing when your dogs are chilly too?

Louie de Coton products can be found online or at BooBoo Barkery in Kirkland.  Prices range from $27-75. Louie has since passed on, but his legacy lives through Faye and her passion for designing high-end clothes for little dogs.  ~j



Urban Float- This is NOT a Rootbeer Stand

It's still TOTALLY DARK inside, but it appears that an Urban Float is coming to K-Town.  They've claimed their space at Kirkland Square (formerly Bead Hut) near Rock Star Tan Bar and Taco Del Mar. Everyone is buzzing and asking----what IS an Urban Float?

A quick Google search tells us that this already exists in Seattle and Kirklanders can now get ready to FLOAT in individual pods for an hour that are filled with about 10 inches of water and epsom salt.  It sounds sort of womb-like to me.  Sensory stimulation is reduced and the effects of gravity on the central nervous system are suspended.  Finally we will be able to free our brain and achieve a deep relaxation and state of meditative calm.  This system claimed to eliminate the negative effects of stress by reducing elevated levels of stress hormones and relaxing the nervous system. There's lots of history on the theory of floating.  Yes! Yes!  I'll do it! Sign me up!

All the questions that popped into my mind are already on their FAQ list-- like, will I drown? Because I'm pretty sure I'd fall asleep instantly.  Or it will be like yoga where I'm supposed to be relaxing/releasing some sort of cosmic energy but I'm really just thinking about how much else I have to get done that day.   Another obvious concern for the Type A's like myself is..... cleanliness.  Recommended nakedness in a retail space is always a bit dicey, but they promise they have this covered too (filtering, disinfecting AND UV light).   How much does this cost? A single float is $89 and they also have 3 or 5 float packages and monthly memberships starting at $49/mo.  

I am looking forward to giving this a shot and sharing my experience with you (assuming I don't drown..).  Renew, Refresh, Revive.  I need all of those things.  Don't you? ~j

Purpose Boutique- Coming Soon

PurposeBoutiqueext   PurposeBoutiquepainting

Look what I found on my run today!

It was a great excuse (to rest... and) to snap a few photos.  Purpose Boutique will be opening in the storefront that was previously Canvas, which moved down the street. Painters are in there now and some fun bright clothes hang on mannequins in the window with a teaser note saying hello to Kirkland. They currently have a location in Bremerton.

I love to see a woman-owned business and after checking out their website, these gals have a big vision for changing lives around the world.   This is not just a retail clothing shop where you can get beautifully styled, this is a place that focuses on giving back.  Read their story and follow them on Facebook  until we can go visit them in person! ~j 

Google Gifts Us WiFi

Google's Kirkland campus just celebrated it's 10 year anniversary with, of course,  a par-taaaaay today where they announced they will be donating over $200,000 to bring free wireless to Everest and Houghton Beach Parks. Until now, it is has been a total drag not being able to play beach volleyball while checking email.  ;-)  The network will expand on our current fiber network and be owned and operated by the City of Kirkland. 

Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen said, “The City of Kirkland very much appreciates all of the ways that Google continues to contribute to the local community and is grateful to Google for this wonderful gift of connectivity.  Free and accessible access to the Internet from public places is important in our modern age, and helps to make Kirkland a special place to work and live.”

Thank you, again, Google.  Can't wait to see what Santa will bring this year......??? ;-)