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Kirkland Living Magazine

Did this arrive in your mailbox recently and you were wondering what it was

A neighborhood magazine formerly known as "West of Market, Kirkland Living" is expanding to include residents of Market, Norkirk, Moss Bay, Lakeview and Houghton and is now called "Kirkland Living." It shows up right in your mailbox! The free monthly publication is focused on being a community newsletter and includes content such as events, a featured family, featured home and landscapes, pet pick of the month and young achievers.  Most of the writing and photography is contributed by local Kirklanders.  It's fun, it's close and it's neighborhood-y.  For those of you in the mailing area, you can also join this Facebook page.

The publisher, Heidi Hawkins, grew up moving around a lot and feels she missed out on the strong tie of community spirit that many of us in Kirkland enjoy.  She will often organize complimentary events at local restaurants and thrives on the sense of togetherness that she can help bring through the magazine.  She's always open to story ideas and can be contacted at heidi.hawkins@n2pub.com or 206-291-7771.  ~j


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Marian L

My initial reaction when reading this and then visiting their Facebook page was to cringe and think "wow, apparently other neighborhoods in Kirkland aren't "exclusive" enough to receive this publication." However, realizing that might be a bit knee-jerk (based on the basic human feeling that no one likes to be left out!) and understanding the cost to publish, marketing, etc., I would just like to put it out there that we in the South Juanita/Forbes Creek neighborhood consider ourselves to be very community oriented and would greatly enjoy being a part of this publication. I hope that Ms. Hawkins will consider our area as well as all community neighborhoods in Kirkland for future expansion.

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