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Park Place Redevelopment- Quick Nuggets

Talon Private Capital is the new cat in town that is poised to re-develop Kirkland Park Place.  It's hard to believe, I know, and somebody will have to pinch me when they actually break ground which is going to be BEST CASE scenario March of 2016.  Bill Pollard , Founding Principal, was at our neighborhood meeting a few nights ago and even though he only had about 20 minutes on the agenda, I thought it was SO exciting I wanted to share the highlights:

-Prudential, who owns KPP, allowed them to start from scratch instead of starting with Touchstone's previous plan

-This version is scaled back 

-There WILL be a new movie theater- think upscale/iPic-like in current QFC location.  This part makes me giddy.  Seriously.  You had me at 'movie theater.'

-650K sf office space, 200K retail, 300K apartments, and NO hotel.

-A new QFC twice the size latest/greatest will still anchor (moving to different location on site)

-Restaurants, also some pop- up ones on the 2nd floor w/view of the lake

-Multi-family apartments for rent (our geo has demand for more 2-3 bedrooms than most)

-100 surface parking spots, rest are sub-terrain

-Focus on walk-ability, there's even a little U-Village-like lane w/slow traffic, open courtyard feel

It's early in the process, they are still working with the city and have not yet hired an architect or gone through the Design Review Process.  The next meeting is the Planning Committee's Study Session at City Hall on 12/11 at 7pm if you have input.  Questions can be directed to Natalie Price at   I love that they are getting out and talking to all of the neighborhoods (when is your next nhood assoc mtg??).  And did I mention there will be a movie theater? ;-)


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All exciting stuff.
What do your "sources" say about the antique mall? I've heard there's already something in the works to buy it.

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