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Purpose Boutique - I Dare You Not to Find Something

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I'm out to lunch on a Friday with a couple of girlfriends and where better to meander afterwards than the newest boutique in downtown Kirkland??  Let some ladies put it to the test.  And so we did.

Everything about this place is clear, intentional and upbeat.  From the electric turqoise and gold dots on the wall to the comfortable smiles and positive energy bubbling over from the staff, you kind of want to stay in there and rummage around.  It feels FUN.  And obviously, my friends are fun, so by the time we are in there 10 minutes we are all swapping clothes in dressing rooms and employees (thanks Brie!) are rushing into the back to open boxes of new finds for us.   Even though I feel like my butt is a giant Hween sized Baby Ruth right now, I still managed to find a pair of Kut from the Kloth black leggings ($79) that were so comfortable I would even wear them IN my house on a dark Tues at 4:30. And a cool necklace ($23) I can't wait to have someplace to wear it to.  Fun colorful items- layering pieces and statement ones too and plenty of accessories in between.  There were lots of helpful staff that love styling and verbally embraced every newcomer in the shop.  Best part-- totally affordable AND a portion of proceeds gets donated.  Even sweaters were $40-60.  

Purpose Boutique (6)

Enough of my rambling, here is some brilliantly crafted feedback from my uber-fun shopping partners:

"The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how friendly the sales girls were.  Great attitudes, cute outfits.  They weren't pushy but kindly suggestive and helpful.  When certain things didn't work, they suggested different options, and in fact I ended up buying things I didn't even see on the floor - they just brought them to me.  The black pants made me so happy, I did a little dance.  The employees really enjoyed our girlfriend "banter" and engaged with us. The shop itself is darling...interesting decor and good music.  I was also surprised by the reasonable price-point.  Good mix of merchandise, appealing to a diverse age group.  Very fun experience. "  ~Christi (trainer, boat dancer, arm flailer, football/beer lover)

"Purpose Boutique, I had no intentions of buying anything when I walked in to Purpose.  I was just looking with some friends.  The prices and quality of the clothing was so attractive I couldn’t resist and the staff was so helpful, going in the back to find different colors and sizes until I found what I wanted.  I will definately shop there again."  ~Erica  (sports mom extraordinaire, British golf wizard, future stand-up comedian)

"Shopping is usually self-serving, but not at Purpose.   Donating to non-profits and partnering with organizations to help women who suffer from poverty or exploitation is reason enough to visit and support this boutique!" ~Footie (professional carpooler, wardrobe re-vamper, water polo champion, creator of sunshine) 





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Liz Hunt

Fabulous! Thanks for keeping us in the know, Janis. I've been meaning to stop in and will hopefully get there soon. I am sooooo in need of a wardrobe refresh.

Connie Elliot

I too was most impressed with this new shop. The most impressive thing for me was the affordability of the clothes. And the fact that the styles are geared for all age groups and tastes and a percentage of the proceeds go to help women in need were an added bonus.

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