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Kameha's Cup Coffee : E komo mai

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It's been a year in the making, but Kameha's Cup Coffee (11451 98th Ave NE), is finally open!  Kameha means "giant turtle" or "unique" so we are going to go with the unique translation today.  Owner Monica Colón (photo below) is bringing her coffee beans over from multiple Hawaiian islands and having it roasted here in Seattle.  Even though from the exterior you can still see the ghosts of Jack in the Box, Orexi, Sushiya, and 2CH Burgers, you will be pleasantly surprised once you walk through the doors of our newest Kirkland coffee house.  Monica's dad is a builder and, even after a car ran through the side of their building, has given the interior space a fresh clean look. It's bright and welcoming and if I squint my eyes and sniff my coffee and ignore the pelting rain on the window behind me, I could maybe even be on a island.  The ceiling is even painted like the ocean and Hawaiian islands! (photo)  

Kameha (6)   Kameha (5)

Steve and I each tried a coffee that was made with care and had a great smooth Kona flavor. I didn't try any treats (because I probably already ate 5 Christmas cookies that day, UGH), but I did spy some Blazing Bagels and other pastries from Little Rae's Bakery.   There is free wi-fi and plenty of seating.... of course, until everyone reads this blog post and starts going there and filling their chairs. You'll also find lots of parking, dog treats and tie-ups and there's talk of a future awning with patio seating.

Go say hello, the staff was super friendly and helpful. Note that they are closed on Saturdays because that's roasting day.  Hours are Mon-Thurs 6-6, Fri 6-4 and Sun 8-5.   425-820-4494. 


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Jack Nichols

Please check this site:
I am not sure where you get the definitions you claim for "kameha." It is important to represent cultures and languages appropriately and it does not seem you are doing so, but I would love to learn I am wrong. Thanks.


Is Kameha's Coffee gone already? It's been closed all week at 8am & I can't read the signs in the doors when I drive by.


Did they close already? They were closed this week, and just in the past few days disappeared from Facebook!


That's a popular question! Although they appear closed, the note on their door says they are temporarily closed due to water damage. Last week it said they hope to open by Monday (but now it's almost Thursday??),so we will see.


Yes it's closed. Sealed up now. Drove by daily and never saw more than a total of 5 people in there since December. Could it be that this building has a dual purpose...maybe for an automatic loss for tax purposes? Or drug trading?

Rick Takagi

I think it's closed for good, why would they remove the upper signage for interior damage? I think that spot for any retail business is doomed. That spot should be converted into a parking lot for the boardwalk along the lake.


Oh yeah, it's gone. I think the location is a vortex of failure, nothing has ever survived there, not even "Chicken Hamburger," the previous establishment. Great idea for a coffee joint on the busline, but still... it oughtta just be a parking lot or maybe another Crossfit gym.

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