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It's that time of year again.  Time to remind yourself to put down that bottle of wine, lock the fridge, tighten your belt and hit the gym.  Sucks, I know.  Rose Hill residents, I think you should pay special attention.  With all of that traffic and construction on 85th lately, this might be the answer to your 2015 fitness fantasies. 

Brothers Adam and Dan Kleckner opened Kutting Edge Fitness on January 1st.  It's located at 8524 122nd Ave NE Suite B3 (same complex as the  Mercurys Coffee, which is handy for afterwards!).  The open turfed space is conducive to the small semi-private training that is their focus.  There is a maximum of 3 members to each personal trainer.  But before any training happens, the first step is getting a functional movement analysis.  These guys are focused on the anatomy and physiology of how you move, and of course, everybody has different areas they need to be focused on, so each person will have a unique program designed for them.  I went through the analysis today.  It was about 8 simple stretching/movement tasks where my range of motion, stability and form was observed and measured.  Turns out I am really 108 years old.  Ok, maybe not quite, but even though I scored well there were some notable areas where I am super tight (hello hip flexors) or compensating for one muscle group with another. We also went over some exercises and strategies for working on these areas.  

Membership works on a monthly dues amount based on how many times a week you will be coming in for your semi-private sessions.  You can sign up for 1, 2 or 3x/wk.  Once you are signed up for the semi-private options, all other classes and nutrition consulting (customized meal plans) are INCLUDED.  The brothers wrote a nutrition e-book that dispels common myths, which they will send to you for free if you email .   There are some cool classes that range from box skill training (Adam was a boxer), core training, movement training, and sports performance.  There is even a class that does a Titleist golf movement screen to figure out where you are leaking power or can't hold posture.  I probably have a lot of power leaks, maybe that will be a start for improving on my golf game this spring.

Another great thing these guys are doing is giving back to their community already.  Every Saturday morning at 9am they do a "Bootcamp for a Cause."  It's a (minimum) $10 donation to attend the bootcamp and all proceeds are given to a different charity each week.  Many are local stories of hardship.  

To get you in at Kutting Edge Fitness, Adam and Dan will do a $79 trial for the first month.  That gets you the initial movement analysis, semi-private sessions 2x/wk and unlimited classes ($347 value).  Or just try a class to check it out- first class or training session is free!  Come with me, I'm going to give it a try. :-) Questions can go to or 425-307-1706. ~j


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