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Quick City Athletes Gets Your Student Athletes Prepared

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Youth fitness is a rapidly growing segment of the fitness industry and Daniel Alderete, owner of Quick City Athletes, has got his program brilliantly dialed in to sports performance training for kids.  So often in the new year we push to get ourselves to the gym, but have you thought about ALL of the athletes in your house?   Daniel specializes in student athlete injury prevention, teaching them how to properly stretch, warm up and cool down so they are able to play longer.  He also trains them in multi-directional speed, quickness and reaction, agility, footwork and coordination, plyometrics and strength and conditioning. 

This guy can also walk the talk because he played Division 2 college basketball on a full-ride scholarship.  After a devastating knee injury, he's passionate about sharing what he knows about being well-prepared for your sport and how to take your game to the next level. As he says, " I wish I knew then what I know now."  So...... of course, I'm going to throw my three kids at him for an hour and see what this Quick City program is really all about. Daniel is working out of the Hot Dog USA space in Bridle Trails right near the Ace Hardware. We met him in the big gym there with my VERY excited with anticipation children.  Wide-eyed and ready to conquer.

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With energizing music in the background, Daniel first introduced himself to my mini-me's and learned a little about each them and what their sports are.  I really like that his tone is approachable and not at all intimidating for kids, and he was able to be funny with a side of silly to break the ice.  They started with dynamic warms ups that included things like skipping with arm circles, side-stepping doing arm hugs, and lunges with elbow touches.  Then on to hip flexors, inchworms, butt-kicks and high-knees. Trickier stuff was next.  Each was instructed to find a line on the court and he timed them for 30 secs jumping back/forth over the line and then front/back.  Once they got the feel for those exhaustion inducers, they moved on to targeted hopping on one foot (in a square on the court).  I was laughing at them from the sidelines but when I tried these later, in private at my gym, I was surprised that this is much more difficult than it appears.  

The agility ladder came out next where he taught the kids various shuffles with their feet, which increased in coordination level requirements as they progressed.  Once they were proficient in some of those, Daniel grabbed a tennis ball and had them shuffle through the ladder in a pattern while tossing a tennis ball back/forth with him.  Holy footwork AND hand/eye coordination!!  I was proud of my little nuggets for pulling this off. Stretching at the end was some planks with partners and high fives, V sit holds for 45 sec and Russian twists (tapping to the sides in a V-sit).  By this time the kids were laughing along and recapping with Daniel about their fun and what they had learned that day.

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I think that Daniel has a lot of knowledge to share with our young athletes and that his program would be especially beneficial for teens playing middle-school and high school level sports.  His program helps these kids build confidence, learn how to take care of their bodies in the wake of demanding sports, focus on specific skills (jump higher, faster footwork), and have fun all at the same time.  My kids got in the car and immediately said, "That was SO cool, Mom!!  When can we go again?"  Daniel does individual or small group training.  Get a couple of teammates and go together or have Daniel come to your team's practice.  When the weather is nice he has offerings at Grasslawn Park too.  And...wait for it....Kirkland Blog readers get their first session for FREE.  You can contact  Daniel at Quick City Athletes at 206-450-2333 or email danielalderete@comcast.net with questions or to schedule some time. ~j



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