Kirkland Seahawks Rally - Jan 31st at 2pm !!!
Urban Float- I finally did this!

Seahawks MANIA

It's exciting to think that the next time I write a blog post the Seahawks will already be Superbowl Champions again!  Yes, that's my assumptive close.  We know how fun it is AFTER the win, but it sure is exciting before-hand too.  Everywhere you go men, women and children are sporting their blue and green. Even our cow and coyote know what's up.  And I saw the little lady in her cart giving out parking tickets this morning with her 12th man flag proudly waving from her roof.   It seems like every store has a Seahawks 'deal' or 'prize' or custom offering or flavor to honor our team and the 12's that support them. I'm loving the energy!

So for the opening of the Cross Kirkland Corridor's  (CKC) Interim Trail, why not make that a Seahawks event too?!  Because we CAN!  So, before the Seahawks rally in Marina Park at 2pm this Saturday, bring your awesome self and your family in all of your Seahawks glory to the "Trail Great" party at 12pm on Sat 1/31 at the Northeast 68th St Bridge (limited pkg at Lakeview Elem).  Don't forget to decorate your bikes and strollers for the 12 mile stroll, if you can make it that far!  You will also hear 12 people announce 12 different ways to enjoy the Corridor and you'll watch our City Council wave a 12th Man flag on the 12 foot wide bridge. Questions? Contact: or call 425-822-7066.

And on an aside, this reminds me of something I was going to tell you.  I was in NYC recently with some girlfriends and we made a few random observations on a trip regarding the differences between Kirklanders and New Yorkers. Here are my bulletpoints:

-New Yorkers don't use their cell phones in public (restaurants/subway) nearly as much as we do.  It was noticeably obvious, and quite pleasant.  Winner: NYC

-A lot of New Yorkers still smoke.   cough, cough...Winner: Kirkland

-People are better looking and definitely better dressed in NY.  The two probably go hand in hand.  Maybe I just thought they looked better b/c they dressed well?  Winner: NYC

-Oh my gosh, it was bone-chilling face freezing cold.  Winner: Kirkland

-NYC has cleaned up its streets a lot.  Nice job. Not nearly as much trash/clutter as I remember. Winner: Draw (NYC for effort and we already rock at this) 

JanEnd2015 102  <-----With the exception of Juanita Bay when the water is low--what is happening here????  Ew.  Any city park people read this blog??? Clean up on Aisle 10 please...

- I love the melting pot vibe of NY. All races, colors, religions  mix-matched and mashed together and just enjoying their days together.   Winner: NYC/ Draw (we'd embrace diversity too if there was more )

-I know they don't have the rep for it, but those city dwellers are WAY friendlier than we are.  Everyone seems happy in their job and smiles/engages/says hello/stop to help.  They might run you over in a crosswalk, but there is an underlying caring and camaraderie with which they embrace their moments. It's an appreciation for life or an inner warmth towards their fellow man. Winner: NYC

-Something was missing.  Couldn't place it.  But then it became clear.  It was that extra sparkle in your eye, the energy in your walk, and the jersey on your back when YOUR TEAM is going to the Superbowl.  You know what I'm talking about.  You can just feel it.  Winner: Kirkland/12th man 


Here's my Seahawks Hair.  Thank you Cindy/Mermaid Hair Extensions! Hurry and go get yours- they're free!

MermaidExt (2)   MermaidSeahawksHair  

Google12 And on the Google campus, today's work included making a human blue/green 12!! (photo credit: Matt Welsh/Jeremy Elson)




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