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Get Your Shop On! Essentials on Park Lane and Twister Couture are OPEN.

Men- you can ignore this post (unless you are awesome and buy gifts for the lady in your life).  Ladies, get your credit cards ready.  There are two new clothing boutiques that both opened in downtown Kirkland in the past 2 weeks.  Let's just say this has been an expensive week of being a Kirkland blogger.  But a girl has got to do her research and I promise I was thinking of you the whole time.  

Here's the lineup:

EssentialsonParkLane (6)   EssentialsonParkLane (4)   EssentialsonParkLane (7)

Essentials on Park Lane
- 129 Park Lane, 425-803-4610, essentialsonparklane@gmail.com  

Essentials on Park Lane owner, Kara Brodman, is a mother of twins (aaaaah, special place in my heart) that are finally old enough for her to open this business she's been dreaming about for years.  She comes from a family of retailers and has a wide variety of clothing and jewelry/accessories for everyone.  Kara said she envisioned her store being someplace that she could shop with her 17 year old daughter and they would both be able to find things they loved and could afford.  You'll find Paige jeans, James Perse, Joie, Michael Stars and more brands where function meets fashion.  I got a soft summertime sweater, some earrings and some black pants I'm pretty excited about.  Good thing it's my birthday this week ;-). A soft heathered tee shirt might be $22 or you could score a new sweater or jumpsuit in the $100 range.   Belts, tanks, and jewelry are plentiful and Kara is super helpful.  Nice big dressing rooms accompany the friendly service.  They even have a rewards program- the more you shop the more you save.  If you're a fan of Via Lago, you will enjoy Essentials too.  So don't let the current war zone of Park Lane trip you up, it's worth the effort.


Twisted Couture   TwisterCoutureInside (3)   TwisterCoutureInside (2)

Twisted Couture
 127 Lake St. S. Ste B, 425-896-7989, sales@twistedcouture.com

Twisted Couture opened less than a week ago but already has people buzzing about it.  It's like the telephone game among Kirkland shoppers of well-priced trendy apparel. One person goes in and then sends five of her friends the next day.  This is a second location to the Leavenworth store for owner Alissa Autenreith,  who loves Kirkland and pulled this new venture off quickly, so new items from her favorite lines are arriving every day.  There are lots of different styles for every taste- I bought a little dress ($59), and some Kut from the Kloth jeans- boyfriend on top/skinny cuff on bottom ($80), and an Alo sweatshirt - always a fun sporty go-to brand.  This store is in the same realm of styles and prices you would find at Purpose Boutique.  Alissa went out of her way to chat and get to know each customer that came in.  And another thing I loved--- is that she was recommending people also stop by Essentials on Park Lane.  Local biz supporting local biz. I heart that.  

Stop reading.  Go shopping.. ~j


RED Services offers FREE CPR Classes for Kirklanders

Free is always affordable.  Especially when you can learn a skill that might save a life. RED Services is a company founded by firefighters that are devoted to making homes and families safe.  And they are proving this commitment by offering FREE CPR classes taught by off-duty firefighters.

You just need to provide a space and have at least 20 people for a class- so ask the boss to do one for your office, or gather a group of neighbors, church group,  round up some friends or have a family reunion.  This is a great opportunity. I've taken a class with these guys and they're great at netting out what is important to know.  Participants need to be at least 15 years old.  If you would like a certification card, then the cost is $20/per person. Email Andy Altig: andyaltig@altig.com to get something scheduled. Thanks RED!


Sushi Joa- A Little Delight

SushiJoa (3)   SushiJoa (2)

A quick lunch at the new little sushi spot downtown did not disappoint.  Sushi Joa can be found in the 104 Kirkland Avenue location that used to be "I Luv Teriyaki."  Apparently, we DIDN'T 'luv' teriyaki.  The space appeared completely remodeled, bright/happy and eager to please.  Our chipper waiter was very attentive and accommodating. My friend and I were happy  to see a menu of lunch specials that seemed to be crowd-pleasers at reasonable prices.  Bonus that our waiter let us know which fish just came in this morning and precisely what the chefs were working on at the moment.

SushiJoa (5)   SushiJoa (1)

My friend ordered the sushi bento ($13) and I ordered the sushi lunch ($12)-- see photos above.  The bento was a pretty array of foods and my sushi hit the spot-- the albacore was like butter- delicious! Everything seemed very fresh and prepared with care. There wasn't a big crowd for lunch that day, but a steady stream of people.  Here's what others are saying about it since their recent opening.  Since it was lunchtime I didn't have a chance to try any of their sakes (darn carpool..) but will save that for next time.  Which answers the question..yes, I would go back.  Maybe not for a date night, as the ambiance might be a bit stark, but def for lunch, family outing, or a casual healthy dinner that is quick and easy.  My friend said she still preferred Rikki Rikki but wouldn't hesitate to go back to Sushi Joa. This is a welcomed addition to Kirkland and I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you walk in.  And if you aren't hungry right now you should check out these photos and you will be. 

Sushi Joa's website says they are closed on Monday.  And Tues-Fri they are open 11a-3p and 5-9:30pm. Not sure what happened to Saturday and Sunday? (my favorite days!!)   Yelp says something a little different.  Maybe call first?  425-739-8899. ~j

PS- Yes, you guys are good.  Thanks for all of your comments and updates.  Kameha's Cup Coffee seems to have gone kah-put. Signs are down and darkness has reared it's ugly head upon that site once again.


Keeping the KPD busy

It must be peak season for burglars in Kirkland.  In the past week I have heard about multiple neighbors having their LOCKED mailboxes broken into.  Apparently tax season means checks in mailboxes , and even the ambitious thieves aren't deterred by locking mailboxes.....they just come equipped with screwdrivers to pry it open.  So if you don't have a locking box, it might be a good time to get one, as I'm sure they take the path of least resistance first.  Always remember to get your mail every day.

Just today (Fri around 2:00) the KPD chased down two suspected burglars near a home on 20th Ave that had taken off on foot.  Canines  and choppers were in pursuit and finally found the bad guys up in a tree.  Kirkland Middle School was in a lock-down while this situation was unfolding.  One of my daughters said an announcement came over the speaker that they were in a lock-down (she noted it was not a 'modified lock-down' which is the announcement when they practice this drill). She said she was scared and sat w/her entire class on the floor for about 40 minutes while their teacher read them stories to keep them calm.  School let out at the normal time and an update announcement was made to let them know what had happened. Shortly thereafter, we received a note from the school Associate Principal explaining the situation.  Luckily, kids and neighbors were safe.  Thank you Kirkland PD. And for all of you, always a great idea to practice your emergency procedures within your household a few times a year.  Never forget to lock up and keep valuables out of sight of your windows in your homes and vehicles.  If you see suspicious activity, call 911.  Don't hesitate.  Go with your gut, it's usually right. ;-)