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Kirkland Parks Foundation Fundraising for Waverly Beach Park

Waverly shelter
The Kirkland Parks Foundation is a new non-profit organization that fundraises for projects that will enhance Kirkland parks.   Think of it as a Kirkland Parks  "Kickstarter."  The proposal they are working on right now is to fund a new picnic shelter at Waverly Beach Park.  The total cost is $150,000, an ambitious first project for the foundation, but definitely doable if I know our park-goers.  The City of Kirkland and The Rotary Club have each pledged $50,000 already, so that leaves another $50,000 to raise within our community.  Would YOU enjoy a picnic shelter at Waverly?  There would be a couple of BBQ's and covered seating for 40+ people that could host birthday parties, family reunions, picnics, and other events.  Sounds fabulous to me.

As of today, they have met 22% of that goal with 61 more days of crowd-funding to go.  So check your wallet and decide quickly.  If you visit this park on occasion, or even if you don't....a small donation still supports the concept and proves that raising money for our parks this way can work.  Who knows, maybe the next concept will be in your neighborhood or favorite park?  You can suggest a future project here.  Donations are welcomed here and are tax-deductible.  Questions? Contact Sally Otten (sallyotten@kirklandparksfoundation.org), Excecutive Director, who is kindly donating 2 yrs of her time to this cause. ~j


Kirkland Community Rallies for Little Tiffany Faith

Tiffanyauction (4) Tiffanyauction (1)
Last Saturday night was the culmination of an amazing community effort for a special little girl named Tiffany Larson.  This happy and outgoing 7 year old Peter Kirk student that loves soccer, dancing and horseback riding was diagnosed in January with a medulloblastoma tumor on her brain.  It started with a 'whooshing' sound in her ear, which resulted in the tumor being identified on an ear canal CATscan. Things happened quickly from there.   Seattle Children's Hospital has been taking great care of her through her surgery to remove the tumor and then six grueling weeks of proton radiation and chemotherapy.  Now her little body is regaining strength to prepare for her upcoming year of 8 chemo sessions.  

Tiffany and her parents, Nathan and Malia, and her three sisters have been managing to stay strong and positive with the help of family and friends.  But everyone wanted to do more for them.  This is a family that has always been active in school and the community and reached out to help others, but is now thrown into an emotional tornado.  Not to mention, Tiffany's cost of care is staggering towards 7 figures with each week. So a group of moms got together with an idea and approached Nathan.  "We'd like to have a party at my house to benefit Tiffany," said Paisley Madison, who has a daughter in Tiffany's grade,  "Are you ok with that?"   Nathan struggles with this because, he says, "I'm used to being on the other side.  I get really emotional about it.  This is very humbling."

Tiffanyauction (3)   Tiffanyauction (2)  (thx to Kelley Balcomb-Bartok for  the photos) 

Paisley Madison, Megan Smiley, Sheryl Vincent, Jonnel Bowser, Rochelle Haberl, Storey Hahn, and Hae Sue Park become the superteam of auction planners that made this event happen with less than one month of planning.  Community interest soon outgrew a house party and so they moved the location to The Woodmark Hotel and auction item donations started pouring in. Family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and Kirkland businesses all had something to give for the cause.  LWHS students from the Beta Club volunteered their time doing check-in/out, food, and selling t-shirts and wristbands.  The super-fun band, Date Nite, volunteered their time as did the rockin' DJ, Mobile Celebrations. Kelley Balcomb-Bartok donated the photography. 

Everyone was asked to wear pink or purple since those are Tiffany's favorite colors.  There was even a signature Tiffany cocktail.  It was purple! But most importantly, there were 175 people in attendance that raised over $20,000 in support of the Larson family.  Standing in that room, I could feel the warmth, love and generosity.  It was amazing to witness how so many Kirkland people and Kirkland businesses could work together to make some magic happen.  I asked Nathan how he felt at the event and he said, "Oh my gosh, I was so wrapped up in my emotions.  I wanted to say something that night but nothing would come out of my mouth.  We are thankful to live in the community that we do.  I don't know how we can ever say thank you to so many people and organizations, but thank you.  From our hearts." 

If you are interested in contributing to Tiffany's medical bill fund, she has a GoFundMe site.   You can also sport a "Tiffany Strong" t-shirt around town if you like (pink, of course).  They are $20 and come in sizes youth large- adult 2XL or get a purple (youth) or blue (adult) wristband for $10 to show you are thinking about Tiffany.  Email Sheryl for those items at vincentfamilyfun@gmail.com

To follow Tiffany's progress, she has a Caring Bridge Site under Tiffany Faith Larson. I want to personally give kudos to the very long list of people that participated in this groundswell effort for Tiffany. It says a lot about Kirkland and why it's so easy to love living in this community.   #tiffanystrong

Circa 15 Fabric Studio Opens in Kirkland

Circa15exterior   Circa15Fabric StudioKristenSuzuki
Circa 15 Fabric Studio
, at 264 Central Way (the old AMZ Fresh location that's been vacant for a while), had its grand opening on Saturday 4/19.  I stopped in with my 12 year old daughters that are interested in sewing, and we were all mesmerized but the colorful and plentiful modern fabric choices.  It kinda made me wish I knew how to sew!  Clearly others were just as interested, b/c the place was buzzing with ladies selecting, cutting, sharing and chatting all day long.  If I go pick out some fabric will you please make me something? I want to buy something here (my girls did) . :-)


Owner Kristen Suzuki (photo) and her husband Xerxes Shelley were busy doing fun giveaways, pouring bubbly and, of course, meeting lots of Kirklanders. Kristen is a first-time biz owner and is lucky enough to has five parking spots on the side of the building to offer her destination shoppers.  Hours are M-F 11a-7p and Sat/Sun 10a-5p. 425-309-9553. ~j

Waxing the City: Now in OUR City

WaxingtheCity (3)WaxingtheCity (1)  <--Edna Christianson,owner, right

Would you go to a pizza place for sushi? A podiatrist to get your teeth cleaned? Nooooo, of course not. You seek out the people that specialize in what you want.  Waxing the City , a franchise our of CO w/an interesting story, is exclusively a body and facial waxing studio located in the Slater 116 building in Totem Lake (next to @tdcurran).  No more getting pulled into some weird backroom at the nail salon.  These folks know how to wax.

Boys, don't hit the delete button so fast here.  That's right, you.  You know who I'm talking about.  Don't be shy.  You might want to take a look in your rear-view mirror on the way to work today (always the best light, says the girl w/tweezers in her console).  There is no shame in bringing your man ears, noses, uni-brows in for a clean up.  Get that furry back beach ready.  This new studio has a super clean new urban feel and they have already been pleasantly surprised by the number of male clientele walking through their doors. And of course, the ladies are filing in too.  

Here are a few reasons why:

-All of their licensed estheticians are also "cerologists" (cera=Latin for wax) which means they go through an additional 40 hrs of a "Waxing the City" training program

-Clean/sanitary environment

-Focus on client comfort

-Exclusive rights to their special hard blue wax from Spain (for smaller/sensitive areas). Just lifts the hair without grabbing your skin.

-This is a NO TIPPING studio. 

-You get 50% off any service at your first visit, they want to earn your business

WaxingtheCity (4)   WaxingtheCity (5)

This Waxing the City studio is beautiful and has 5 private rooms for services. The staff are all very welcoming and can take appointments or walk-ins.  Pricing varies from $12 for a lip or chin to $55 for a women's Brazilian. Full menu w/pricing here.  Hours are M-F 9-8, Sat 9-5 and Sun 10-5 and there is street and garage parking. Just in time for summer, right?  11515 124th Ave NE, 425-297-2000. ~j



Bottle and Bull

BottleBull (7)
It's taken me a while to get to Bottle and Bull, which has been open for a few months at 105 Lake St.South.  Friends that tried it out said they were still working out some of the 'just opened' kinks, so I patiently waited for the perfect moment. Then I showed up for lunch one afternoon only to find out they are closed on Mondays (and don't do weekday lunches).   So then......FINALLY...... my husband takes me on a date there so I don't have to just peer in the windows anymore.  A much anticipated visit.

BottleBull (3)  BottleBull (2)

Bottle and Bull  feels very Capitol Hill to me.  Dark, city pub vibe with a little touch of eastside sheen thrown in to balance it out.  The layout is just like The Lodge; bar down the length of the space with a partition separating the bar from the dining area. Not a lot of seating so it fills up pretty quickly.  Our waitress was timely and all business.  We ordered from the cocktail menu first ($8-12/ea)- lots of interesting creations on there.  I ordered a "Lost Generation Sour" and Steve got a "Pomme Fashioned" (menu in photo)- there's a little of everything on there but something made us decide that bourbon and rye fit right in here. They were delicious, mine a bit sweet but that's what I"d expect from a sour.

BottleBull (4)   BottleBull (5)  <--we ate our salmon too quickly to take a photo

The food was also excellent and the portions plenty generous.  We could barely fit the hot plates on our little table. It's definitely hearty stick-to-your bones food.  Don't be counting calories in here, but it is a tasty splurge.  We started with the brussel sprouts and sausage/kale app, which sounds nutritious and may have been before they were drizzled in some kind of deliciousness.  Then we split the crispy skin King Salmon (medium rare) and were both licking our plates clean.  Prices all seemed very fair to me, some starters as low as $5.  No room for dessert or time for small talk after.  It is a hopping spot, or at least it was on this Thursday night, so the noise level makes it difficult to focus on a conversation.  I must be getting old.  :-/

This casual and fun pub should do well in Kirkland and is a welcome addition.  Personally, those that know me are probably laughing right now b/c they know I'm not a pub kind of girl.  It's a bit 'male' to me- chunky wood, loud, thick atmosphere, dim, heavy food, dark beers, stiff drinks.  But it's very nicely done- and I would go back for sure.  Someone put a lot of thought into the details here and I think a lot of Kirklanders will LOVE it, as many Yelpers already do too. ~j


Virtual Drive Around Town

Ever feel too tired to read or write?  This is a learn by pictures post.

And maybe a few snarky comments.

Thecave The Cave Craft Beer & Smoke. Personal pet peeve when places say they open at 9 but it's 11 and the door is locked (twice). Looks like convenience store with stools and a lot of craft beer choices. To be continued. Yelpers like it.

WendysREFRESH   Wendy's in Totem Lake.  The sign says "CLOSED for a Refresh.  Opening Soon!" There is no structure standing- just dirt.  Quite the refresh.

KamehaCupCLOSED Kameha's Cup Coffee-empty/closed/finito.   The Kirkland Reporter had an interesting story on this closure. Next victim, step right up. 

LilacCafeawning Lilac Cafe- I don't think you missed the purple awning on Central Way. I have some sniffing to do on this one.  So far it looks like Lynn Tran (Lynn's Bistro) is planning to create some" big tastes in her petite space."

ParkLanetornup  Just like my house, it always gets really messy before it can get neat again. The Park Lane project should be complete on May 8th. Then we'll be able to party festival-style (that means it includes margaritas, right?). Get ready for the Grand Opening of Park Lane on May 29-30th !

ScaryJob  Scary Job Sighting: How do you get out of bed and go to work in the morning when you know you have to balance on a ladder perched on the edge of a 5 story building to fix stuff?