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La Pasta at KPP

LaPasta (3)
Sometimes I'm a little slow.  For example, when I was going to a movie the other night and noticed a "La Pasta Storefront" in Kirkland Park Place that apparently has been there for three months.  Whoops.  I'm definitely not on the shortlist for quick carb announcements??

La Pasta is at 340 ParkPlace (next to the tux shop) and is frequently found at local farmers markets, including our own Kirkland Wednesday Market.  This is their second storefront.  The other is in Wedgewood at 9118 35th Ave NE, Seattle. You'll find fresh pastas and sauces that are made locally in north Seattle (approx $6/ea) and also other treats from local market vendors such a jams, salmon, cheeses, tapenade, and desserts.  Store hours are Tues-Fri 11am-8pm and Saturdays 12-6pm.  Phone 206-349-8576

Panhandlesign  My kids noticed a new sign on the corner of 124th near 405 in Totem Lake.  They have super-spy vision for such things. Anyway....there's usually a collection of homeless faces on these particular sidewalks, but on this day there were none.  

The sign reads, "Keep the Change.  Don't Support Panhandling.  Give to a Local Charity."

I like it.  Nicely said.  

It's not too late..

Couple of quick shout-outs..

4th of July team needs people to walk in the parade for Summerfest.  You'd be walking the route wearing a bright t-shirt and jeans while proudly carrying a Summerfest banner.  Celebrity status for sure for the 25 volunteers that can do this from 10-1 on 7/4.  Neighbors, friends, kids...bring em all.  Tell Sue you can do it and she'll give you all the details.  scon1965@hotmail.com .  Or if you can sell grandstand seats before 10:30-12 that would be sorta awesome too.


TEN days left and just $1500 to raise for the Kirkland Parks Foundation's effort for Waverly Beach Park's picnic shelter.  We are 94% of the way.  Just think of the parties you can throw there!? But hurry we've got to donate now

Random info nugget for as your reward for reading to the end: be on the lookout for Wilbur's BBQ between Hector's and Milagro. :-)



Vote for Kirkland's JHS Softball as Team of the Year

The public gets to vote for KING 5's teams and athletes of the year and Kirkland has one in the running!  Give your support to Juanita High School's girls softball team.  As of this writing, we are trailing by just a handful of votes behind Auburn Riverside's volleyball team.  C'monnnnnn Kirkland.  You know we're winners!  Takes 2 seconds (no registration needed) and you can vote once a day until they announce the winner on June 16th.

Vote here and show a local team the love! ~j 

Things that Make Me Smile.. and Laugh

Kirkland's Wednesday Market has started up again! Every Weds thru Sept from 2-7 at Marina Park.  Stroll the tents with all of your favorite food and craft vendors (Lisa Boyce jewelry is a fave). See the lake. Soak up the sun.  Can you tell this weather makes me happy?


Shout-out to our newest advertiser: Waxing the City.  They asked me to be their leg model for this ad, so after much persuasion, I agreed. Your first service is 50% off.  And you know your skin is out in public with the heat this week....  Book online here. 

Aura Bakery will be opening a second location.........in Bellevue (stay tuned for address).  Congrats to them for their booming success and expansion.   LOVE their coffee and ogling their gorgeous desserts while trying to duct tape my mouth shut.  Brady would give you a week's allowance for one of their croissants. 

Elite Treasures Ext  

The Kirkland Reporter's Reader Voted "Most Unique Business" is CLOSED.  Apparently not unique enough.  Or too unique?   Farewell Elite Treasures (108 Central).  ~j



My A_ _ Likes ClassPass

A fellow gym rat friend just filled me in on this little stroke of genius.  Have you heard of ClassPass?  Do you ever get in a rut doing the same old thing at your same old gym week after week? A lot of us like mixing it up but it's just not affordable to join multiple gyms.  Now you don't have to.

For just $79/mo, ClassPass grants you access to unlimited classes at many local studios each month.  You can take up to 3 classes at one location in any given month.  In Kirkland, some of the participants are Fly Fitness, Barre3, Divine Movement and Bassline Fitness, Kutting Edge Fitness, Bala Yoga and more.  Places such as Flywheel, BFit and David Barton in Bellevue all participate too.   They keep adding more studios and classes to choose from each week.  You can even put your membership on hold for just $19/mo if you need to.  And they have a fun blog.  Grab a friend and hop around town together doing different workouts each week.  Then you can grab a donut and latte afterwards ;-)

In other local gym news... X Gym will be leaving Central Way soon and are expanding their space (and parking, ouch, sensitive topic) and heading near the South Kirkland Park and Ride.