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Cross Kirkland Corridor
Community Celebration- say that three times fast!  Monday 8/31 4:30-6:30pm and park at Google (451 7th Ave South, pkg level 1).  There's about $3M worth of new tricked out stuff for the public on the CKC.  Come check out the wide concrete portion of the trail, a fitness area, basketball and volleyball courts, a  playground, and zip line. Event info: or this Facebook page

Do you want to help build a Learning Garden at McAuliffe Park?  The Kirkland Parks Foundation and Seattle Tilth are making it happen! Give a hand here

Sponge Opens in Houghton Village (10600 Ne 68th St)- Sponge is an award-winning language program that is having a free Grand Opening event on Sat 8/29  and Sun 8/30 from 1-5pm.  You will be taken all over teh glove with cultural crafts, tasty treats and mini-classes in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Japanese and German.  Sign up for a free mini-session here. You can also call 206-227-7138 or email 

425 Collective- This fall Northwest University will be launching a business incubator/co-working space for innovative people to create, connect and cultivate. There will be start-ups, existing businesses and experts, coaches and consultants. 425 Collective will be not only creating community for these groups but formatting educational events and workshops.  Members can rent office space or a desk.  Contact for more info.

FlexPassmockup93(<---who's the rocket scientist behind this? )
Good to Go
wants to know.. Do you have your new Flex Pass for the 405?  Cause that's a fun freeway to crawl on.  It sounds like they might have this whole tolling the 405 bit figured out by Sept.  I'm not holding my breath.  But just in case, here's the way I understand it-- if you want to drive in the HOV lane EVER on the 405 you're going to need a Flex Pass.  It's not the same pass you use for the 520 already, but the new Flex pass works for both highways.  And since this is part of my after-school carpool mayhem, I have just purchased one for $15.  If I have more than 2 (or 3 depending on WHEN) people in my car, I can HOV lane for free.  Because I can remember to manually slide some little bar on my Flexpass while driving, verbally doing homework w/whining kids in back seat while answering a phone call and scarfing down a protein bar.  No problem.  Got it.  Thanks D.O.T.  Can't wait to see how driving improves for little old people like my mom too.  Hold on to your seat-belts, people.




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Liz Hunt

Hi Janis,

Thanks for keeping us up to date on all things Kirkland! I love our town.

I dug deeper into the new I-405 tolling. For example, can I use the new HOV lanes if I don’t have a new Flex Pass? Here’s the story, after consulting the WSDOT web site and emailing with a nice guy at WSDOT:

• Can I used my current Good to Go pass on the newI-405 toll lanes? Yes. You will be charged the appropriate toll based in your distance driven and the rate at the time (peak , off-peak, etc.).

• How do I ride for FREE? You need to get a Flex Pass AND have the required minimum number of riders AND slide the flex pass to HOV mode AND have a positive balance in your Good To Go account. Vehicles with 3+ riders are free anytime (with Flex Pass set to HOV and non-zero GtG balance). Vehicles with 2+ riders are free during non-peak hours (Flex Pass set to HOV and non-zero balance).

• During peak hours (5 - 9 am and 3 - 7 pm), cars with <3 people can use the HOV lanes but they pay a toll. If you have a Flex Pass, you must slide it to TOLL mode. (If you leave it in HOV mode by mistake, you could be fined $124 for trying to sneak through for free.)

I guess I’m going to mosey over to the WSDOT web site and order a new Flex Pass. Fun times!

Liz Hunt

Here is a handy web page about the new lanes:

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