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Bagels, Bears and a New Boy in Charge

EinsteinBagelClosing (2)   EinsteinBagelClosing (3)

Einstein Bagels
in Kirkland Park Place has CLOSED.  Workers told me it was because of the upcoming redevelopment, which looks like it is still in the design review process. So you're going to have to head westward to fulfill your Einstein bagel craving now.


There's been a bear sighting in Kirkland.  Amazingly, the city of Kirkland/newsroom report was dated 9/28 for an incident on 9/27.  They're magical like that. Anyway- BEAR.  Near Montebello Apartments on 131st Lane NE.   Police got called out but couldn't find the sneaky fella.  And worth mentioning are my friends in Woodinville that would totally laugh at us because they always have bears in their trash.  I'm also a little confused when they run through the steps of what to do when confronted with a bear.  Because the last step here seems to be interchanged with what I thought the last step is.  IT says, "If the bear attacks, fight back aggressively. As a last resort, should the attack continue, protect yourself by curling into a ball or lying on the ground on your stomach and playing dead."  Not that I would be in any frame of mind should this situation actually present itself, but I thought that I was supposed to act big, THEN play dead and if THAT didn't work THEN I fight like hell.  Argh.  So confusing.  I'm going to trust my animal instincts I think.  Be safe out there.

Ok, so he's not really a 'boy' but it made the title fun and rhyme-y.  We're talking about Captain Bill Hamilton of the Kirkland PD.  He's a man with a lot of experience and is super capable at his job and well-respected within the dept and our community. And if he reads this he can just laugh at me, because he's from Jersey too which means we have a secret unbreakable Northeastern bond and we've eaten a lot of pizza in our day.  Here's the announcement, which speaks way more eloquently than I do....

As Kirkland Police Chief Eric Olsen readies for his retirement on September 30, 2015, Captain Bill Hamilton is set to assume the responsibilities of Interim Police Chief starting October 1. Kirkland City Manager Kurt Triplett recently announced Hamilton’s appointment.  As the Operations Captain for the Kirkland Police Department (KPD), Captain Hamilton oversees the Patrol, Traffic and K-9 Units and emergency management functions, as well as participating in labor contract negotiations. He has served in this position since 2009 but has worked for KPD since 1990.

“Captain Hamilton has a long history of dedication to the Department and the community, served as Acting Chief, and worked very closely with Chief Olsen and previous chiefs,” notes Kirkland City Manager Kurt Triplett.  “As the senior captain, he will provide continuity and stability as the search to find a permanent chief begins.”  

Hamilton will serve as Interim Chief until the position is permanently filled. Triplett estimates that the hiring process could take up to six months.

RocketFizz: Soda Pop and Candy Shop

Does anybody else find it ironic that a soda pop/candy shop will be taking over the space that was formerly X Gym?  All of the calories that were painstakingly burned in there will now be quickly dispensed for cash.  It appears a lot of stars frequent RocketFizz, which will be opening at the end of the month at 126 Central Way.  I mean, if Rob Lowe still looks that good and he goes there, I'm going there too.  

Rocketfizzext   Rocketfizzint

I've been in this store in other cities and it's fun to walk through and look at the crazy wall of sodas that you never knew existed alongside candies from your youth that you were certain are long gone.  There are funny gag gifts too.  Here is some text from their website:

 "The Rocket Fizz Soda Pop and Candy Shops are one stop shops for all of your soda pop and candy cravings. There are thousands of bottled soda pops and candies from all over America, including some from other galaxies. The gigantic selection will launch you back in time to when you were a kid—even if you are over a hundred light years old. And if you are a kid, don't plan on growing up when you are inside of a Rocket Fizz store. Rocket Fizz is a lot of fun and nostalgic. There are hundreds of retro and gag gifts, and concert posters and movie posters, and tin signs too."

In other opening news- -there's a sign on the door where Chateau Cadeau used to be on Central- half of the space is rented and the public liquor license application appears to be for "Butler Fine Wine & Spirits."  

Back to School: Let's Get Organized!


Lynette Apley263_V2 

This is a guest post by my friend Lynette Apley, Kirkland resident and one of the most organized people I know.  Our kids went to preschool together long ago and we planned a little auction where she was the brains behind the operation and I just stood still with my jaw open and watched in amazement of her.  Super efficient lady.  So with the start of school and the chaos that ensues around this busy time of year, I thought of Lynette, who is now a Professional Organizer for Simply Placed, and how she could share some of her organizing gems with us, the  mere mortals of Kirkland that are barely holding it together.....thank you Lynette.....

This year, instead of waiting for school to get too far underway before you get your act together and get organized, why not be proactive and organize now so that you never get behind and buried in the flurry of permission slips, homework and lunch boxes.

Check out these six "back to school" tips to get you and your kids organized now for a hassle free school year.

 #1 Set Up a Routine Now

Kids understand organization - that's how schools work.  They have particular spots in the classroom for all of their stuff...and you can do the same thing at home.   Hooks by the door for backpacks, jackets and lunch bags give your kids a defined place for these things. A bin or shelf or even mat for shoes nearby helps too.  After homework is done in the afternoon, have your child repack their backpack so there's no morning scramble.

#2 Create a Homework Station

The best way to encourage is to create an area dedicated to it. Whether it's the kitchen table or the coffee table, wherever your child works best, make this the homework station. Then place a rolling cart or bins or caddy nearby and stock with supplies. Pens, pencils, markers, paper, calculator and everything else should be within reach so your child can stay seated and focused. Consistency is key and having an assigned place for homework makes it easier to encourage good homework and study habits.

#3 Set up a Calendar System

The busier your family is, the more important it is to have a good calendar system . Post a large wall calendar (a small one with little space to write in each box one won't do) and color code entries by family members. Include school events, tests, project due dates, extracurricular activities, doctor appointments, field trips, etc.   Then once a week (Sunday is a good day),review the week with the family and transfer events to your smart phone as necessary.  Try syncing devices so you're all on the same page.   Cozi is a free app that allows multiple people to share a calendar so you can enter it once and mom, dad, kid and grandparents can all see the entries, get alerts and access information.

#4 Stock Up on Supplies

Nothing can ruin an evening faster than being told there's a project due tomorrow and your kid needs poster board or construction paper. When school supplies go on sale, stock up on poster board and tri-folds (store these large items flat under a bed or sofa until needed), construction paper, glitter, markers, stencils, glue sticks and all other project essentials. Combined with the calendar system (when is that report due?!), projects shouldn't take you by surprise.

#5 Create a Paper Management System

Although it's tempting, you shouldn't keep every single paper your child accumulates. Hang on to just a couple a week - great drawings, funny writing assignments, or projects that they put lots of thought, effort and personalization into, and toss the rest. Really, it's ok.   Dedicate a small box or bin on a shelf for keepsake papers.  Anything from a large pizza box to an archival canvas box works.   For paper that needs to be signed and sent back (with or without money), complete immediately and send back the next day so there's no chance they'll get lost.  (Remember the "if you can do it in 60 sec, do it NOW " rule!)  At year end, go back through the year's papers, pull out what's golden and let the rest go (there will be more next year!). Store what you keep in a box or slide into sleeve protectors in a binder and shelve it.  Label by year and child's name.

#6 Teach your child how to use an academic planner

Don't have them rely on memory!  We all forget dates when things are due, and activities we have planned.  And although a notebook might be tempting, just writing things down doesn't help your child see how assignments fit into the big picture....That book report is due the morning after a big football game?  Better plan ahead! Have your child use a planner to keep track of when homework is due and what their weekly schedule is so they can plan for both schoolwork AND activities.

 For more information, check out our blog on Organizing for School Success!

Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work www.itssimplyplaced.com

And we have a Winner!

Congratulations to Kirkland Blog reader Rachel Buchan for winning our drawing for two complimentary Kirkland Performance Center tickets to Twisted Flicks: Mothra on September 11th.  Wahoooo! Way to be paying attention to the details.

Dianne Reeves
And for those of you that prefer paying for your tickets, alas, we have something for you too. Don't miss Jazz legend and 2015 Grammy Award winner, Dianne Reeves, who will be at KPC on Sept 18th at 8pm.  Her music is a melding of R&B, Latin, Pop and 21st century jazz.  Tickets are $50/ea and can be purchased online, at the box office or by phone 425-893-9900. ~j