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Kirkland Parks Foundation is Busy Fundraising to Improve our Parks

Here are two current projects for the Kirkland Parks Foundation that you might like to rally for..


Pet-friendly Water Fountain
Tell your dog about this one, and maybe you can spot Fluffy a few bucks to help with this project on Lake Washington Blvd.  The KPF has partnered with Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital to raise funds to install a new pet-friendly drinking fountain on the boulevard.  That's right- it's not just about you, PEOPLE, pets get thirsty too. This new doggie fountain will have a fully-draining bowl and provide easy access to clean, safe water for your  pet.  The city will do all of the prep and installation, the KPF just needs to raise $3400 to make it happen.  Donations  over $500 or more will be recognized on a plaque.   Consult with your furry best friend and donate here if he likes the idea.


McAuliffe Park Learning Garden 

There is a generous donor out there that has challenged us to raise $612 , which they will match 3:1 (that's $2450 total!).  The deadline is December 7th. This funding goes towards completing this project that will help support sustainable food production and education for adults and children in our community.  Details on the project and the 'donate' button are here.

Kirkland Christmas Fun (oh, sorry, is Thanksgiving over??)

Here's a little list of some not so naughty and almost all nice things going on around town that I thought you should know (in chronological order):

Nov 29: Kirkland Winterfest 2-6pm @ Marina Park

An annual tradition! There will be pedestrian traffic ONLY from 10am-8pm this day in the downtown core. The tree lighting is at 5pm and there will also be caroling, bonfires, games, carriage rides, kids activities, Santa's arrival, the Argosy Christmas ship, a Seahawks viewing party, food and refreshments throughout the evening. FREE. Check the Winterfest Facebook page for updates.


SeahawkHouse2015 (8)
Nov 29-Jan 10th.  Seahawks House Lighted Display

They're Baaaaaack! This home in the Kirkland Highlands neighborhood ( 11217 NE 100th St ) is worth the visit.  Swing by Sun-Thurs 5-9pm or Sat/Sun 5-10:30. Donations for Hopelink and Toys for Tots are welcomed. 

Dec 3-19 Kirkland Downtown Extended Holiday Shopping Hours

Look for special offers throughout the season.  Shops will be open until 8pm or later.  "Small Business Shopping Day " is November 28th.  Get out there and buy local!


GoogleSportcourts (1)
Dec 4th  5-6:30pm: Musical Holiday Lights on the Cross Kirkland Corridor

Get ready for an evening of caroling, hot cocoa, magical ‘snow,’ and the first-ever musical holiday lights on the new Cross Kirkland Corridor! The festivities start at 5 p.m., and at 5:30 p.m. Mayor Amy Walen will flip the switch to illuminate the CKC with 10,000 LED lights custom-programmed to favorite holiday music by Google Kirkland engineers. Carolers from Lakeview Elementary School and Google will perform prior to the countdown, and complementary hot chocolate will be served. Donations of food for Hopelink and toys for LifeWire will be accepted. Parking is limited, so try to take public transportation, bike or walk to the show at the Family Fitness and Play Area on the Cross Kirkland Corridor near the Google campus (Approximate address is 499 7th Ave S, Kirkland, WA 98033).


George's postcardSanta2015
Dec 12th 5-8pm :Santa Parties at George's

Come on down for dinner and treats made by Froni and a visit by none other than the big guy w/the white beard.  No reservations req'd, first come, first served.   Human Nature Photography will be there doing Santa Portraits starting at  $25. 108 Kirkland Ave

Dec 22nd 6-8pm: Carillon Point’s Annual Christmas Ship Celebration at the Woodmark Hotel

Don't forget to check out the awe-inspiring Christmas Ships! Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 22nd from 6:00pm-8:00pm to experience this Northwest tradition your family won’t want to miss! Bundle up as we gather along the shoreline to view the sparkling ships. With our favorite Christmas tunes in the air, enjoy roast and toast s’mores, kids’ activities, refreshments and photos with Santa! Free. 425-822-1700


Pop-Up Shop: 3D Holodeck Studios


3Dallthree     3Dphoto2  -->click here to see the rotating image. Love this one too.

All of John's bikinis that once colorfully teased the walls of Bikini Beach at 92 Kirkland Ave have been cleared out (as he focuses on his online sales) for a pop-up shop called  Holodeck 3D Studios.  This storefront will be open thru December, so I brought my kids in to put this 3D technology to the test.  They had a blast! For just $20 you can have yourself scanned in 3D Holodeck's equipment which resembles a giant tiger cage with the bars too far apart.  This structure (first photo) houses 89 small synchronized cameras that take a photo of you from every angle, which in a few hours get pieced together to create a 3D rotating image that can be sent to your phone!  You can check some of these out here. 

3DkidsandMorses    3DMorsestatue  left photo=real people, right = sandstone statue

But THEN what do you do with this 3D shot of yourself/dog/girlfriend/Grandma? Share it, of course, on whatever social media tool you fancy.  You can order a 3D sandstone statue!  Check out owners Alex and Dawn Morse both in real life (with my kids) and in sandstone.  These figurines (what a Christmas surprise this could be!) have a 2-3 wk delivery time and cost from $139-519 depending on the size of the sculpture and number of people in it.  These can be used as cake-toppers.  I told Steve we should make one of us for the kids to put on their desks when they go off to college.  

You can find Alex and Dawn at 3D Holodeck's spot on Kirkland Ave from Mon-Fri 5-8pm and Sat/Sun 11-6.  They are also available by appointment or they can bring their mobile studio to your wedding or corporate event. 425-825-1177

Are YOU Ready to Share our Trail with Buses?

There's lots of chatter right now around our relatively new,and quickly beloved, Cross Kirkland Corridor.  The City of Kirkland owns the land and Sound Transit has an easement over it.  The plan from the beginning was to have some form of transit/light rail to connect Issaquah, Bellevue and Totem Lake. But apparently nobody mentioned BUSES, which is on the forefront of their minds now.  Locals are quickly assembling to weigh in with their thoughts on how these types of changes might impact the natural serenity and safety of our widely used trail. Perhaps the 405 is a better place for diesel buses to be zipping around?  I have to say, this is one of the many things I love about Kirklanders.  We stay pretty quiet and chill until something comes up that really really rubs us the wrong way- and they we rally together and make our thoughts be known.  So- do it to it.  Let them know what you think.  Silence is assumed approval.

 Here are the details from a flyer that is being circulated:

Our City Council wants to put buses on the CKC. Tell them to pursue, existing, alternate, better options.

Preserve the Cross Kirkland Trail, Naturally. 

The Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) is a 5.75 mile walking and biking path and green space meandering past schools and parks and connecting 13 neighborhoods. It is enjoyed by walkers and bikers of all ages. The City is rushing to develop plans for Sound Transit’s 2016 ballot measure and wants to put Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) on this trail. Buses on the CKC are unnecessary and would destroy the trail forever. 

Projecting Buses Every 2 to 3 Minutes

The City of Kirkland proposes adding two paved bus lanes for BRT. According to the City, they expect a bus would go by every two to three minutes during peak travel times. With such high traffic, the tranquility of the trail would be forever altered as well as the safety of the trail users. 

There are Better Options: I-405 

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will better serve our community on existing infrastructure such as I-405. (The I-405 Master Plan calls for BRT.) Redmond and Bellevue have successfully added BRT on their city streets. Kirkland can do the same.

Preserve Our Green Space For Future Generations

As the impacts and pressures of increased density continue, we need to preserve and protect the green spaces we have for future generations.

Here’s How You Can Tell The City Council You Don’t Want Buses On The CKC
• November 17th, 7:30pm, Attend the City Council meeting and Wear Green to visually show
your support!
• November 19th, 6:30pm, Attend the Open House at the Kirkland Performance Center and
Wear Green!
• Write Letters to the Editor: editor@kirklandviews.com, mphelps@kirklandreporter.com
• Email the City Council with your thoughts: citycouncil@kirklandwa.gov
• Email Sound Transit with your thoughts: EmailAllBoardMembers@soundtransit.org
www.SaveOurTrail.org                        www.EastsideCorridor.org

Kirkland ParkPlace preparing to transform into Kirkland Urban

KirklandUrbanRendering (2)  (click on photos for larger view)

PINCH ME.  It's really happening! Kirkland ParkPlace is winding down operations and preparing to get blasted into the 21st century with a transformation that will deliver to us.................Kirkland Urban. Even the name sounds fresh and hip and kind of awesome.  Talon Private Capital has one more Design Review Board meeting with the City of Kirkland on Dec 7th before they start moving forward with demo in Q1 of 2016. 

KirklandUrbanPanorama <-nice of them to put me in this rendering. I'm the one in the center in workout clothes that still hasn't showered when it's clearly the middle of the day. )

There's a lot of buzz around town. Everyone is worried about what will become of some of their neighborhood faves that reside in ParkPlace.  Many shops have already closed and some are hanging on until the end of the year.  But I won't leave you guessing.

Here's the breakdown:

QFC-  this will stay continuously open.  Phase 1 will house the NEW QFC (roughly where the bagel shop was) so the current QFC will stay open until their new space is ready.  They plan to step up their game to be  a flagship QFC for this area.  Good thinking with Met Market up the street and Whole Foods making their way to Totem Lake. ;-)

Moving Elsewhere-

Hoffman's Bakery- out Nov 30th.  Moving to 16175 Cleveland St.  That's a long way to drive for a princess torte but oh-so worth it. 

Key Bank- moved to 324 Central Way (across the street)

Palettes & Pairings- moving to Redmond Town Center into the Borders space 11/30

GNC- new store in Crossroads

Weldon Barber- new location in Kirkland

Kirkland Vision- new location in Kirkland

Tuxedo Club- Closed 11/3. Moving to Seattle

Hot Yoga- Closed. Has a Bellevue location.

Lucia- closing end of Nov.  But don't forget they have a Greenlake location!


Places you might see again but not really sure:

Pancake House- open for 2 more years (not in Phase 1 demo)

Starbucks- closes 11/15.  

Purple- closes Jan 1

Tim's Seafood- 11/30 close

Kirkland Parkplace Cinema- closes 12/31....A fancy new one WILL be going in (later phase 2019-ish)


Places to Wish Farewell:

Rikki Rikki- Potential Feb close.  No plan to re-open now.

Einstein Bros Bagels- already gone. Other stores in Seattle and Mercer Island

La Pasta- out 11/15

Saigon Jade Vietnamese- closing end of Nov.  No plans to relocate.

Hallmark- left in August

Parkplace Books/Common Folk/Todd's Crab Cracker- all closing at the end of the year

This Kirkland Urban project is happening in phases, and the first will be the corner that encompasses Central Way and PK Park (estimated completion for Phase 1 is Q3-4 2017).  Look for construction fences going up soon! Eventually, there will be office/retail space in the mid-high $30's/sf range and 185 units of residential condos (all rentals) for roughly $3/sf. Some are 2 story townhouses.  There is also space for a health club in a future phase, and it sounds like some Seattle based chefs might have an eye on our little Eastside gem.  

The retail leasing is still getting underway. And we are geographically in a non-compete zone for many of the retailers at Bellevue Square.   So I'm curious to know what shops/services YOU want to see in Kirkland Urban? Jot your wishlist in the 'comments' section below (I'd like an Athleta, please!).  You never know who might see them.  ;-)

Meet Anne Hess with Kirkland Living Magazine

Kirkland Living Magazine, a free monthly N2 Publication that hits the mailboxes of about 1700 residents in the Market/Moss Bay/Lakeview, Norkirk/East of Market neighborhoods, has a new publisher.  After two years of charming us all, Heidi Hawkins has made a dash for the sunnier skies of San Diego, and left the magazine in the very capable hands of Anne Hess. Kirkland, meet Anne (photo).  Doesn't she kind of look like Sally Field?  Anne was originally going to cover a Seattle territory, but when this one opened up, she jumped at the chance to cover Kirkland.  

KirklandLivingCoverNov2015 <--this month's issue

Kirkland Living is all about community.  The content is powered by residents who write, photograph and advertise each month.  It's about sharing local content that may highlight human interest stories,  a featured home, a pet or a Young Achiever.  Anne is excited to focus on the youth in our community, so if you know any young writers, email her at anne.hess@n2pub.com. I also love how this publication partners with local restaurants and businesses to host free events (even for kids!) that promote sharing and community among neighbors.   I think Anne will feel right at home here.