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Kirkland Parks Foundation is Busy Fundraising to Improve our Parks

Here are two current projects for the Kirkland Parks Foundation that you might like to rally for..


Pet-friendly Water Fountain
Tell your dog about this one, and maybe you can spot Fluffy a few bucks to help with this project on Lake Washington Blvd.  The KPF has partnered with Juanita Bay Veterinary Hospital to raise funds to install a new pet-friendly drinking fountain on the boulevard.  That's right- it's not just about you, PEOPLE, pets get thirsty too. This new doggie fountain will have a fully-draining bowl and provide easy access to clean, safe water for your  pet.  The city will do all of the prep and installation, the KPF just needs to raise $3400 to make it happen.  Donations  over $500 or more will be recognized on a plaque.   Consult with your furry best friend and donate here if he likes the idea.


McAuliffe Park Learning Garden 

There is a generous donor out there that has challenged us to raise $612 , which they will match 3:1 (that's $2450 total!).  The deadline is December 7th. This funding goes towards completing this project that will help support sustainable food production and education for adults and children in our community.  Details on the project and the 'donate' button are here.


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Sally Otten

A quick update - as a result of the 3:1 match offer we received last week, the Learning Garden actually got fully funded yesterday at just over $8,000! If people would still like to donate to this project, we're happy to take the donation but the 3:1 marching offer has already been fully utilized.

Thanks for your support!

-Sally Otten
Executive Director, Kirkland Parks Foundation

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