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Meet Anne Hess with Kirkland Living Magazine

Kirkland Living Magazine, a free monthly N2 Publication that hits the mailboxes of about 1700 residents in the Market/Moss Bay/Lakeview, Norkirk/East of Market neighborhoods, has a new publisher.  After two years of charming us all, Heidi Hawkins has made a dash for the sunnier skies of San Diego, and left the magazine in the very capable hands of Anne Hess. Kirkland, meet Anne (photo).  Doesn't she kind of look like Sally Field?  Anne was originally going to cover a Seattle territory, but when this one opened up, she jumped at the chance to cover Kirkland.  

KirklandLivingCoverNov2015 <--this month's issue

Kirkland Living is all about community.  The content is powered by residents who write, photograph and advertise each month.  It's about sharing local content that may highlight human interest stories,  a featured home, a pet or a Young Achiever.  Anne is excited to focus on the youth in our community, so if you know any young writers, email her at I also love how this publication partners with local restaurants and businesses to host free events (even for kids!) that promote sharing and community among neighbors.   I think Anne will feel right at home here.   



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Margie Glenn

Hi, Ann! I am a member of Kirkland Rotary. Just saw your inspiring story at our Zoom meeting on 10/12/2020.
I would LOVE to receive Kirkland Living magazine.
How can I subscribe?
Thank you in advance for your help.
Margie Glenn

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