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Pop-Up Shop: 3D Holodeck Studios


3Dallthree     3Dphoto2  -->click here to see the rotating image. Love this one too.

All of John's bikinis that once colorfully teased the walls of Bikini Beach at 92 Kirkland Ave have been cleared out (as he focuses on his online sales) for a pop-up shop called  Holodeck 3D Studios.  This storefront will be open thru December, so I brought my kids in to put this 3D technology to the test.  They had a blast! For just $20 you can have yourself scanned in 3D Holodeck's equipment which resembles a giant tiger cage with the bars too far apart.  This structure (first photo) houses 89 small synchronized cameras that take a photo of you from every angle, which in a few hours get pieced together to create a 3D rotating image that can be sent to your phone!  You can check some of these out here. 

3DkidsandMorses    3DMorsestatue  left photo=real people, right = sandstone statue

But THEN what do you do with this 3D shot of yourself/dog/girlfriend/Grandma? Share it, of course, on whatever social media tool you fancy.  You can order a 3D sandstone statue!  Check out owners Alex and Dawn Morse both in real life (with my kids) and in sandstone.  These figurines (what a Christmas surprise this could be!) have a 2-3 wk delivery time and cost from $139-519 depending on the size of the sculpture and number of people in it.  These can be used as cake-toppers.  I told Steve we should make one of us for the kids to put on their desks when they go off to college.  

You can find Alex and Dawn at 3D Holodeck's spot on Kirkland Ave from Mon-Fri 5-8pm and Sat/Sun 11-6.  They are also available by appointment or they can bring their mobile studio to your wedding or corporate event. 425-825-1177


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