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Bassline Fitness Wins King 5's "Best of Western Washington"

BasslineBESTOFWW   BasslineLean 808 Workout 3

Congratulations to Kirkland's Bassline Fitness for winning King 5's Best of Western Washington "Best Gym" Category.  Here's a link to my post from when they opened back in Nov of 2012 so you can see what they're all about. Clearly they have amassed a loyal following, because word on the street is they received the highest number of votes in their category.... EVER.  And what better way to celebrate than with a deal for new clients?  That's right, you can sign up for a free week unlimited to try them out or if you need more time to decide, $30 for three classes.  Just in time to burn off the fruitcake.

Kudos also to Dermavita on Lake St. S, who won for "Best Facial".  Other local winners that have multiple locations are: Met Market for "Gourmet Grocery", Purple for "Wine Bar" (who WILL be re-opening in Kirkland Urban- yay!!), and Lovers for Lingerie.  Hopefully I didn't miss anyone else from Kirkland. Here's a list of all the winners.

On another note, I've been trying to decide what to get you all for the holidays, and I finally found the perfect gift while scanning the King 5 Best list.

Dear Kirkland Blog Readers, here you go, enjoy. Happy Holidays! You're welcome.  Love, me


 This is King 5's "Best Looking Police Officer,"  Trooper Travis B Calton from Puyallup.  Looks like he works out at Bassline?  There are going to be lots of speeders in Puyallup this Christmas.



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