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Kirkland "Hawkhouse" Comes to an End?

The infamous Kirkland Hawkhouse with the lighted Seahawks display at 11217 NE 100th St is winding down for the season and may be for good.  Here's a posting they had on Facebook the other day.  It made me feel like I need to call 911 or a counselor or maybe go knock on their door with a hug and a beer.  :(


       I'd like to take this time to announce that next Saturday January 2nd I will be shutting the doors for the year and most likely for good at this location.  I know this is going to suck for a lot of people and children near and far. I am making this decision based on the actions of a few people.  The constant slander, rudeness being talked to like I'm a worthless human, and the actions taken that have caused unlimited amounts of anxiety and depression. Some stuff said publicly has also put my family in danger and fear of being robbed for false accusations.       
      I can 100% relate with kids who get bullied who decide to take their own life. Through this whole holiday season instead of enjoying the smiles that people have and tears of joy seeing the display I have been praying every night that I will not wake up the next morning. I will never disclose these individuals because I would never want anyone to treat them the way they treat me or say the things they say about me. I will just pray that they can find happiness in their own lives because obviously these actions come from something deep inside them where they are hurting. 
       I completely understand the headache of the traffic etc. I have timed it from the freeway to my house on a closed evening and the busiest evening and it took me 1 minute and 44 seconds longer to get past my house. (and there were 3 cars unloading so probably took me longer than normal) So if someone is in a hurry that 2 minutes can be very frustrating, but I'm sure the people without homes to go to that receive food and toys from the public really appreciate the sacrifices made in those 2 minutes.
      I know a complaint is I make profit off of my display , but anyone with an I.Q. above 40 would know that is not possible. Other big displays in our state that collect strictly money and have been doing it a lot longer than I have, have never collected more than 7,000 in donations, and they do not collect food and toys so they only except cash. A lot of donations I receive are food and toys. I don't know if they do not realize over the 5 years I have spent over $50,000 on materials that I save up just to put something cool on for the community. Not to mention all the hours of work I lose doing the display. Which I realize is my choice but seeing people so happy makes it worth it.
      I spend over 400 hours setting it up, about 200 hours opening the house to the public, and another 150 or more taking down the display. So almost 800 hours of labor, basically 20 work weeks of time on this. Again I would like to apologize to the community and say thanks to the thousands and thousands that love it and sorry to the couple that hate it.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Go Hawks


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