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Happy Anniversary, Kirkland Weblog!

I was rummaging through some papers the other day and stumbled upon the fact that the Kirkland Blog recently had a TEN YEAR anniversary. Isn't that kind of nuts?! It is to me.  Have we known each other that long-- you and me?? I had to sit down, take a deep breath and ponder my life and collect my thoughts, but yes, it's true, it's been 10 years. 

Sara's bday 027 <-- Here we are in all of our 2006 glory. I know you're jealous of my bangs.

  Tango2015 (5) 2016: Now we hide behind sunglasses. Steve, please please will you write a blog post for us? For old time's sake?

People often ask how long I've been doing this blog gig and how it started.  So an anniversary seems like a good time to tell the story. Steve and I have lived in Kirkland since 1998 and we've always loved socializing, shopping and eating here. Everyone is just a special kind of AWESOME. So by 2006, we had 2 three year old's and a one year old, so we were a little frazzled perhaps, but clearly still had a love of our community and oddly enough, time to pick up this side hobby.  

All of the truly cool ideas are always Steve's.  Out of nowhere he asked me--"why don't we start a blog about Kirkland?"  (blogging was a sort of new-ish back then)  " We already do everything in Kirkland.  We should just share our experiences with others," said young Steve. "We could take turns writing posts." < Insert canned laughter here.>  Steve wrote about 8 posts and now you have to read my ramblings every week.  What started on a whim then began to snowball.   More followers, more hits/day, friends were asking what we were posting and what was new around town.  And there you have it, the Kirkland Weblog was born.  

A lot has happened in ten years-- real estate has gone up ( then down then up again), businesses have changed over, we annexed, parking spots have disappeared, development is surging and  my laugh lines have deepened.... but the love for Kirkland and all that makes it create that feeling that warms my heart from the inside, has gone unchanged.  So thanks for sticking with me, Kirklanders.  I love hanging out with you.

The best anniversary gift you could give us would be spreading the word.  Tell your fun friends to subscribe in the top left corner here.  Speaking of fun, let's play a game....REMEMBER WHEN.  I'll start...remember when....

-the Grape Choice was where the Heathman stands today?  I think Larry Springer was mayor then.

-Wilde Rover opened? I think it was 2006- was brand new when this blog started. 

-the Bath Bar was on Park Lane? I can almost smell it right now.

-there was a Santa Store on Kirkland Ave, and the owner would carve them in the front window

-I went to EVERY gym in Kirkland and reported back w/ a review. Great butt kicker.

-they moved Heritage Hall from east of Market to its current location at the bottom of Market St.

-Bead Hut, Calabria, River Rock, Crab Cracker, Unique Plus, Life is Good, Trenditions, MuShoe, Olive You, Ravenna, Six Tables, uBrDo...


What do you remember?????????????????????????????????????????????


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Suzanne Mueller

Congrats Janice! And remember J's coffee???


Kirkland Hospital was where the Heathman is. We had a Sears in downtown Kirkland. Metro used to run along Lake Street.

Rob Butcher

Congratulations, Janis and Steve! Kirkland is a better place with you two leading the way in keeping us informed about the issues of the day.
Here is to another ten!
All my best,

Rick Takagi

Congrats! This is such a great asset to the Kirkland community. Nice work!


Safeway was where condos are nowacross from Goggle. At the back of the Safeway parking lot were stairs that led to the Kirkland Post Office.


Next to Sears was JC Penny's and a children's shoe store with a parrot for all to enjoy. On the corner was Betty's Apparel, all were popular. Where park place is there was a wonderful hardware store, sorely missed.

Liz Hunt

Thanks, Janis! Your blog rocks. Who remembers the Seahawks training camp at Carillon Point?

Susanne Canin

Your blog is entertaining and funny. Great work. I, my husband, and two teenagers have lived in Kirkland for the past 22 years. Still love this town.
Susanne Canin

Hae Sue Park

The old video store in Parkplace

Lucia's when it had a the red and white checkered tablecloths

21 Central where Pete and I had our first date 16 years ago - it's Aryana now

Thin Pan

The old wood play structure at Peter Kirk playground - I've seen 2 remodels since then!

The Goodwill store across the street from KPC

haha- the Train Store is still there and a favorite in my heart. I walked Juno there almost every single day since he was 2. Now he's 21 and we celebrated his bday with cocktails at Trellis! What was there before it was a hotel?

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