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"Save Our Trail" Group Does a Happy Dance

It was announced at a recent Sound Transit Board meeting that the CKC Trail is NOT included in a mass transit plan for ST3.  This is a big victory for a group of citizens that have been working diligently over the past few months to keep buses and rail off of the trail.  They have collected over 2400 signatures on their online petition to date.  Their other good news is that Sound Transit  included projects in ST3 that the Save Our Trail group requested such as: Bus Rapid Transit on 405, 85th St Station with bus access transit lanes extending toward downtown Kirkland, Bus on shoulder for 405, parking at Kingsgate and an environmental study.  The Save Our Trail group still plans to stay involved with Sound Transit and City Council to make sure this draft plan stays on course.  The ST3 draft plan and list of project can be found here.  

And while we are talking about different ways to get around, and you're still feeling angst over the everyday traffic backups...have you seen this Ridematch service? Curious if you've tried it..







Goodbyes and Congrats and Good Ideas

Quick and Dirty.  Just the way you like it.

Totem Lake..

Big 5 Sporting Goods- They were going to close on April 15th but just pushed back to June 15th.  It's a garage sale of random objects and heavily discounted 'treasures' in there.    I found super cute bathing suits for my girls for $10 each.  Things are spotty at best, and there will be no new inventory coming in, but what is there is marked down 25-50% off of the sale prices. You may or may not be feeling lucky? Hours and phone details here.

Denny's Pet World- Moved! They are now located at 13123 NE 124th St across from Toyota of Kirkland.  Phone/hours/map/animal fur here.

Trader Joe's- they are staying put until they move into the new space across the street perhaps next year sometime.  They plan to stay continuously open. And here's some useful TJ's info-- did you know that every day they hide a little green frog in the store? (stuffed, not real.  Check Denny's for real ones) Anyway.. it's brilliant  because when my kids are there they quietly scamper around searching for the frog while I shop in peace.  They win a little prize if they find him, which they always do because now they are clearly too old for this game but the employees don't seem to mind.

Waxing the City- Congratulations on their recent ONE year anniversary! Waxing the CIty is celebrating this milestone by doing something for others in our community by doing a clothing, supply, and hygiene drive for Youth Care thru the end of March.  Youth Care is a non profit designed to aid  homeless teens and young adults in Seattle. They have collection bins set up in the studio and are encouraging you to bring new or gently used clothing, school supplies or hygiene items with you for your next visit.  Sounds like a good reason to pop in for a wax...helllloooo spring break! (your first service is always 50% off). Details here.

Nourishing Network- Speaking of spring break, it's that time again, when many local elementary school children that typically rely on the free or reduced meal program at school and pantry packs during the weekends won't have enough to eat over the school break.  You can have a direct impact on helping some of these families by donating a box of food. Dropoffs are in 2 Kirkland locations on 3/31 and the sign up sheet and grocery list can be found here.  I usually give my children the grocery list and let them do the shopping and pack the boxes.  A learning opportunity indeed.

"Miss Frog Legs" Leaps into Kirkland

I am so HOPPY that  Frog Legs Kids Culinary Academy  is coming to Kirkland! I am 'jumping-off-of-my-lily-pad' excited.  Imagine this: awesome fun bubbly mom that loves food and cooking shares her personality and knowledge to teach children hands-on lessons in the kitchen. Voila! Laura Vida has been doing this for the past 8 years out of her home in Seattle, and is opening Frog Legs in the 1400 sf of space at 501 Market Street that is being renovated in Kirkland and should be ready in mid April.  Although not culinary-trained, her background as a food buyer, product developer for packaged food at Starbucks, starting and selling her own decorated cookie company, and consulting/teaching with Sur La Table makes me think she knows exactly what she's doing.  

Laura's work name that all the kids easily remember is "Miss Frog Legs" and she also has helpers, Miss Butterfly and Miss Firefly, of course! You'll find three different age groups for classes and camps (3-8, 5-10, and 8-14) and they also offer parties (adults too!!).  There is so much good energy and creativity around these programs- cute themes like "fairy garden tea party" and "Easter Eggstravaganza" or you can  find weekly classes called "Flour Friends" amongst other options There are typically 12 students in a class and they range in price based on time and supplies.  A 7 week class that runs an hour and a half class is approximately $250.  Miss Frog Legs thinks it's important to be able to measure ingredients, roll out dough, and stir mixtures,  while learning important life skills such as planning, cooperation, organization and patience.  Which is great, because I think it's important that kids can do these things without making a disaster of MY kitchen! Hooray!  They will also learn where food comes from, and the importance of appreciating and having a positive attitude towards food from an early age. I was thinking of asking her to move in with our family, but she has her own husband and 3 kids to juggle.  Drat.  So I can't decide which to do first... a kiddo class for my little or an adult class for the mamas?  I heard the kids often bring home a meal for four, so that may be at the top of my list. ;-)

I'm predicting this place to be a total HIT.  Love all of the fun party ideas on the party page too.  So, you just need to know - Soft open in mid-April and registration is online.  You can contact Miss Frog Legs (Aka Laura) 206-954-9094 or froglegskca@comcast.net.  

Happy Anniversary, Kirkland Weblog!

I was rummaging through some papers the other day and stumbled upon the fact that the Kirkland Blog recently had a TEN YEAR anniversary. Isn't that kind of nuts?! It is to me.  Have we known each other that long-- you and me?? I had to sit down, take a deep breath and ponder my life and collect my thoughts, but yes, it's true, it's been 10 years. 

Sara's bday 027 <-- Here we are in all of our 2006 glory. I know you're jealous of my bangs.

  Tango2015 (5) 2016: Now we hide behind sunglasses. Steve, please please will you write a blog post for us? For old time's sake?

People often ask how long I've been doing this blog gig and how it started.  So an anniversary seems like a good time to tell the story. Steve and I have lived in Kirkland since 1998 and we've always loved socializing, shopping and eating here. Everyone is just a special kind of AWESOME. So by 2006, we had 2 three year old's and a one year old, so we were a little frazzled perhaps, but clearly still had a love of our community and oddly enough, time to pick up this side hobby.  

All of the truly cool ideas are always Steve's.  Out of nowhere he asked me--"why don't we start a blog about Kirkland?"  (blogging was a sort of new-ish back then)  " We already do everything in Kirkland.  We should just share our experiences with others," said young Steve. "We could take turns writing posts." < Insert canned laughter here.>  Steve wrote about 8 posts and now you have to read my ramblings every week.  What started on a whim then began to snowball.   More followers, more hits/day, friends were asking what we were posting and what was new around town.  And there you have it, the Kirkland Weblog was born.  

A lot has happened in ten years-- real estate has gone up ( then down then up again), businesses have changed over, we annexed, parking spots have disappeared, development is surging and  my laugh lines have deepened.... but the love for Kirkland and all that makes it create that feeling that warms my heart from the inside, has gone unchanged.  So thanks for sticking with me, Kirklanders.  I love hanging out with you.

The best anniversary gift you could give us would be spreading the word.  Tell your fun friends to subscribe in the top left corner here.  Speaking of fun, let's play a game....REMEMBER WHEN.  I'll start...remember when....

-the Grape Choice was where the Heathman stands today?  I think Larry Springer was mayor then.

-Wilde Rover opened? I think it was 2006- was brand new when this blog started. 

-the Bath Bar was on Park Lane? I can almost smell it right now.

-there was a Santa Store on Kirkland Ave, and the owner would carve them in the front window

-I went to EVERY gym in Kirkland and reported back w/ a review. Great butt kicker.

-they moved Heritage Hall from east of Market to its current location at the bottom of Market St.

-Bead Hut, Calabria, River Rock, Crab Cracker, Unique Plus, Life is Good, Trenditions, MuShoe, Olive You, Ravenna, Six Tables, uBrDo...


What do you remember?????????????????????????????????????????????

All You Need to Know Right Now

  Dog <---- he says  "thank you, Kirkland!"
The Kirkland Parks Foundation has successfully raised $3850 from the community to fund the purchase of a pet-friendly drinking fountain at David E. Brink Park on Lake Washington Blvd. Way to go! Expect to see the install this spring. This is the 5th successful local crowd-funding project the Kirkland Parks Foundation has worked on since its inception in April 2015.  Do you have an idea for a Kirkland Parks Project? Send them in here

Google appears to have a new search engine for kids called "Kiddle" that strives to present safe web sites that are kid-friendly and Kiddle-editor tested.  They also boast big thumbnails, a large arial font and do not collect any personally identifiable information. Brilliant! But they may have taken this to the extreme.  I asked one of my thirteen year olds what she would like to do an internet search on.  So when we asked Kiddle for the "fastest runner" it gave us the error message above: "It looks like your query contained some bad words!  Please try again."  Hmmmm.  Good thing I didn't ask Brady (10) or that search engine would have been really offended by some verbage of a Macklemore song he might ask for.  I tried the word "flowers" and "cupcakes"- same response. I even tried "Google self-driving car crash" and it didn't like that either.  Love the concept though.  Hope they work the bugs out.


Kirkland Art Walk- Second Fri of each month which means March 11th.  Downtown Kirkland from 5-8pm, go meander, listen to music and support the artists and make new friends.  Why wouldn't you?


Shamrock run knot
Don't drink too much at the Art Walk b/c the Kirkland Shamrock Run (5K) is the next day on 3/12 at 9am in downtown Kirkland. Register here ($40). Please wear a lot of ridiculous green stuff as I am easily entertained.

Rumor Alert:  Will we have some Frog Legs in Kirkland soon?  

Exciting: Little Brother is getting closer.  Like in the next 30-60 days closer. Oh yeah.