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"Miss Frog Legs" Leaps into Kirkland

I am so HOPPY that  Frog Legs Kids Culinary Academy  is coming to Kirkland! I am 'jumping-off-of-my-lily-pad' excited.  Imagine this: awesome fun bubbly mom that loves food and cooking shares her personality and knowledge to teach children hands-on lessons in the kitchen. Voila! Laura Vida has been doing this for the past 8 years out of her home in Seattle, and is opening Frog Legs in the 1400 sf of space at 501 Market Street that is being renovated in Kirkland and should be ready in mid April.  Although not culinary-trained, her background as a food buyer, product developer for packaged food at Starbucks, starting and selling her own decorated cookie company, and consulting/teaching with Sur La Table makes me think she knows exactly what she's doing.  

Laura's work name that all the kids easily remember is "Miss Frog Legs" and she also has helpers, Miss Butterfly and Miss Firefly, of course! You'll find three different age groups for classes and camps (3-8, 5-10, and 8-14) and they also offer parties (adults too!!).  There is so much good energy and creativity around these programs- cute themes like "fairy garden tea party" and "Easter Eggstravaganza" or you can  find weekly classes called "Flour Friends" amongst other options There are typically 12 students in a class and they range in price based on time and supplies.  A 7 week class that runs an hour and a half class is approximately $250.  Miss Frog Legs thinks it's important to be able to measure ingredients, roll out dough, and stir mixtures,  while learning important life skills such as planning, cooperation, organization and patience.  Which is great, because I think it's important that kids can do these things without making a disaster of MY kitchen! Hooray!  They will also learn where food comes from, and the importance of appreciating and having a positive attitude towards food from an early age. I was thinking of asking her to move in with our family, but she has her own husband and 3 kids to juggle.  Drat.  So I can't decide which to do first... a kiddo class for my little or an adult class for the mamas?  I heard the kids often bring home a meal for four, so that may be at the top of my list. ;-)

I'm predicting this place to be a total HIT.  Love all of the fun party ideas on the party page too.  So, you just need to know - Soft open in mid-April and registration is online.  You can contact Miss Frog Legs (Aka Laura) 206-954-9094 or froglegskca@comcast.net.  


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