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Happy Anniversary, Kirkland Weblog!

All You Need to Know Right Now

  Dog <---- he says  "thank you, Kirkland!"
The Kirkland Parks Foundation has successfully raised $3850 from the community to fund the purchase of a pet-friendly drinking fountain at David E. Brink Park on Lake Washington Blvd. Way to go! Expect to see the install this spring. This is the 5th successful local crowd-funding project the Kirkland Parks Foundation has worked on since its inception in April 2015.  Do you have an idea for a Kirkland Parks Project? Send them in here

Google appears to have a new search engine for kids called "Kiddle" that strives to present safe web sites that are kid-friendly and Kiddle-editor tested.  They also boast big thumbnails, a large arial font and do not collect any personally identifiable information. Brilliant! But they may have taken this to the extreme.  I asked one of my thirteen year olds what she would like to do an internet search on.  So when we asked Kiddle for the "fastest runner" it gave us the error message above: "It looks like your query contained some bad words!  Please try again."  Hmmmm.  Good thing I didn't ask Brady (10) or that search engine would have been really offended by some verbage of a Macklemore song he might ask for.  I tried the word "flowers" and "cupcakes"- same response. I even tried "Google self-driving car crash" and it didn't like that either.  Love the concept though.  Hope they work the bugs out.


Kirkland Art Walk- Second Fri of each month which means March 11th.  Downtown Kirkland from 5-8pm, go meander, listen to music and support the artists and make new friends.  Why wouldn't you?


Shamrock run knot
Don't drink too much at the Art Walk b/c the Kirkland Shamrock Run (5K) is the next day on 3/12 at 9am in downtown Kirkland. Register here ($40). Please wear a lot of ridiculous green stuff as I am easily entertained.

Rumor Alert:  Will we have some Frog Legs in Kirkland soon?  

Exciting: Little Brother is getting closer.  Like in the next 30-60 days closer. Oh yeah.



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