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Kirkland Artist Studio Tour: Mother's Day Weekend

No More Haute Dogs for You

Haute Dog Girl on Central Way is gone gone gone.  Sadly, I have never wandered in there for a hot dog so I will need you to fill me in on what I might have been missing. This did spark me to do a little hot dog research though.  Did you know that the current hot dog eating male champion  is Matt Stonie at 62 hot dogs. Does that include the bun?  Argh. My mid-rift gets swollen just thinking about this lethal salt bomb/bread combo.  Here's the most disheartening piece...the second place winner came in at 60 dogs.  Really??!! TW0 dogs short?  That's a painful (literally) second. If you could eat 60, you couldn't squeeze a little room for a couple more weinies to take the prize?   In more comforting news, the first place woman ate 38 hot dogs.  Cause she's a lady.

Sorry, I got off track.  Haute Dog Girl in Kirkland.  Yep. Closed. The new sign says that "Kobie Cafe" is coming soon but Google is coming up empty for me. What do you know? And how many hot dogs can you eat?  If you had to...of course...



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