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Sunshine Makes us Crazy

It is such a cool phenomenon when Kirkland gets a few bluebird sunny, warm days in April.  People are suddenly tan and smiling and friendly. Windows open and convertible tops come down. Flip flops and lollipops. What did we do to deserve this?  A post spring break gift from the weather gods, perhaps, but us locals know that historically, it won't last long and so we'd better seize the moment. 

Here are some of my 'sunny days in Kirkland' observations.  Feel free to add your own:

        -I let my kids eat popsicles BEFORE dinner. 

        -At least a truckload of bikini-clad high school aged kids were at Houghton Beach Park on a sunny weekday at noon. Do they let school out early for sunshine here? Fun times!

        -Less this same park, someone walking their dog allowed it to walk about 12 inches into the lake and take a poop.  Toddlers playing in water 10 ft away.  I'm still troubled by this.

        -Places of employment seem mysteriously sparse. Long lunches allowed. 

        -Crosswalk flags- please use them! So many pedestrians and distracted drivers through downtown coupled with the glare of that glowing ball of light in the sky- recipe for disaster.

          Pedestrianflags- I turn up the music and open all of my windows and my sunroof in my car.  Kids all CRACK UP.  Apparently this doesn't happen often and the wind is quite hilarious?          Weatherapp-  Everyone is posting a screenshot of their weather app to Facebook so friends all over the world can notice that it doesn't actually rain here ALL the time.Crazypants -I wear my crazy pants.  Crazy times call for crazy pants.

Janisnewhair2016 - Why not cut all your hair off!? Feels like summer.  Plenty of time to regret this decision later but for now it's easy breeeeezy.  I dare you to do it too!

-The chilled chardonnay bottle in the fridge knows how to say my name at 5pm. Who taught it that? Brilliant trick!  I think it called me "Yanis" like Siri does but I know what it meant.

-I feel like spring cleaning.  And if you also feel like cleaning- don't forget there's a "Kirkland Clean Sweep" event coming up on 4/30 from 9am-1pm.  They still need lots more volunteers so bring your tools and gloves and able body and in exchange the Kirkland Downtown Association will feed you coffee and donuts. Meet up is Hallmark Realty on the corner of Lake and Kirkland Ave. Sign up here.  

Hurry and tell me your funny sunny time stories before the rain comes back and we're all cranky again!


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Jen Leeta

I saw a guy in a speedo at Houghton Beach. I nearly spilled my drink.

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