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Nuisances.  New-cent-says. Isn't that a fun word to say?  It kind of makes me laugh and cringe all at the same time. And also reminds me of the man in Costco this week that seemed to forever be in the same aisle as me while whistling at doggie ear decibels (which is coincidentally on the top of my pet peeve list).  He'd smile at me in passing, like maybe I was enjoying his grating little tune.... but no, he was indeed....... a nuisance. 

Here are a few more:

-BEING DISCONNECTED- Friends of ours that live in Rose Hill along with 55 of their neighbors had their Frontier communications out for TEN DAYS.  Imagine in 2016 having no phone, internet or TV for TEN DAYS.  That would feel like an eternity. Families were taking their kids to Starbucks or the library so they could do their homework and Petco was on the verge of running out of carrier pigeons for message deliveries. Frontier support =major fail. Luckily they are back online and able to go resume reading their Kirkland Blog posts.  whew.  

-WEEDS- major nuisance. Want to help pull some? No, not at my house (but you're welcome here too).  Help remove invasive scotch broom on the Cross Kirkland Corridor on Monday 5/23 9-11am at NE 87th St (parking available along 7th Ave and NE 87th).  Or there's also Saturday 5/28 9-11am between NE 87th St. and NE 95th St (pakring available behind Peter Kirk Elementary on 110th Ave NE).  Feel free to whistle while you work! Bring small pruning saws, heavy duty loppers and water. Wear long pants and sleeves, sturdy shoes and gloves (these are attack weeds!). Everything you ever wanted to know about removing Scotch Broom is here

-UNWANTED HAIR - Springtime is here and some of us need a little help with the bodily cleanup this season requires.  Just like the weeds.  Nuisance.  Have no fear, Waxing the City is hosting a Ladies Mixer with appetizers and wine on June 16th from 6-9pm.  Current or new clients can visit the studio and meet other local ladies- you even get a goody bag for bringing a friend.  Thanks also to WTC for sponsoring the Kirkland Weds Market and participating in Summerfest this year! 425-297-2000

-SOLICITORS- They love knocking on our doors when the sun comes out.  I never knew I had the opportunity to change so many lives through magazines sales.  Or that so many people would completely ignore our "No Solicitors" sign and make me feel uncomfortable at my own front door.  I've never been called "one weird bitch" before.   Our neighborhood has recently experienced a flurry of these (insert your adjective of choice) salespeople and soon they might be coming your way too.  This particular company has a biz license through the City of Kirkland to engage in door to door sales thru 6/30/16.  Don't get bullied by solicitors- call 911 if they won't take no for an answer or are disrespectful to you in any way.  I sat with the city this week to discuss this issue, and we have some ideas of how to make some of the solicitor info more readily available to the public (when they are coming, who they are) and ways to help keep them in check/accountable for their behavior at our doorstep. Stay tuned.

Feel free to air your nuisances in the comments.  



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