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Rockory Music School Opens in Totem Lake

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Daniel Miller has teamed up with Stage 7 Pianos to open his own instructional music school in Totem Lake called Rockory Music School. It is tucked discreetly behind Dania at 11831 124th Ave NE. Daniel is a local guy who attended Sandburg Elementary, Finn Hill and UW (and then Berklee College of Music),and has since traveled the world making music.  He performs in 3 bands and has been teaching locally for the past five years and amassed a loyal following.  So hurry to book your spot! Daniel teaches ages 5 through adult in the following instruments: guitar, bass, drums, violin, piano and ukelele.  This gives you the flexibility to change or choose multiple instruments.  Private lessons are $35 for 30 minutes and he is open Mon-Sat.  

Danielhairup   Danielhairdown  <--Daniel with his "Ngoni."  I made him do a 'dreads up' and 'dreads down' shot. Which do you prefer?

Students are always exposed to different musical styles and have an opportunity for group  playing.  There are also summer camps for 9-15 year olds M-F 12-5pm.  All levels are welcome and each week is a different style.  Kids practice songs in the beginning of the week and then they perform outdoors in Kirkland at the end of the week (complete with tip jar).  He also offers recording classes.  When I asked Riley (13) why she likes taking violin with Daniel, she said "He's fun. He's not always so serious and he makes sure that I like the songs.  And his dreadlocks are cool." So there you have it.  Daniel's passion is "providing access to music and encouraging  participation for those who haven't ever experienced it." And not that this should be a selling point, but it is noteworthy that there are a couple of wineries a few doors down where you could theoretically burn a half hour while your kid is in a lesson.  Not that I would ever do that.  Just in case you would. 206-992-0999


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