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A new sign went up (in Savrika Tea's old spot) at 115 Kirkland Ave for LizzyKate, a new tea shop that is bustling to get ready to open their doors by July 4th.   Owners Will and Amy are Kirkland locals and tea enthusiasts, and want to share their passion and what they've learned with others.  So why not call it "Will and Amy? "   Will says, "we noticed that a lot of tea companies have masculine names and we wanted a feminine, yet modern name. So we took two classic names, Elizabeth and Katherine, and modernized them to make LizzyKate. Elizabeth and Katherine are also family names, and we like how the modern combination of these traditional names makes a fun company name for our modern take on the traditional world of tea."  Their teas come from all over the world- black, green, white, oolong, and herbal. Their full tea selection is here, and can also be ordered online.  LizzyKate's storefront presence will feature a tasting bar in the center of the space, to encourage everyone to come in and try something new. Check out their Facebook page to follow the latest in teas. expert@lizzykate.com with questions. 425-250-6878

In other Kirkland Ave news......

 Zaw Artisan Pizza has closed their Kirkland storefront. If you are still craving those unique hand-made pizzas that you bake at home, you can still order online for delivery.

Sugar Plum has moved from Mosaic to its own space down the block (223 Kirkland Ave) Sugaring is a sugar/water/citric acid alternative to waxing. Details here. For pricing or to book an appt go online.  206-512-3033.

The Heathman Hotel's Trellis Pastry Chef, Jacquelynn Beckman, has created some new gluten-free dessert options just in time for bikini season:  Red Velvet Layer Cake “Chocolate Terroir” with chocolate mousse layers and caramelized beet swirl ice cream; Blueberry Citrus Thyme Hand Pie served w/blood orange creamsicle ice cream; Marshmallow Chocolate Cake “Cocoa puff” with almond tuile and coconut sorbet. 425-284-5900 for reservations.


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Seems kind of risky to put a Tea shop in the exact same location where the last Tea place didn't make it. Good luck with that.


Looks like the spot that used to be Zaw has a name - "Reunion - bake brew bite". Here are some pics http://imgur.com/a/8wsRL

I poked my head in and looks like a fancy coffee joint.

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