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in Totem Lake had their last show this past weekend and have now closed their Kirkland location for good.  Also not-so-funny, is the news that along with Big 5's closing in Kirkland, now all Sports Authorities will be closing.  Where is an eastside mom supposed to go for cleats and birthday gifts now?

Since you can't laugh at Laugh's anymore, I'll let you laugh at me and my series of mishaps.  I'm a team player like that.

A few weeks ago I'm in a hurry and my car is a filth bucket, so I jump in line at the Mobil (formerly Shell) Station on 85th across from Safeway.  Last I checked you don't need an advanced degree to navigate onto the tracks of a carwash that has employees telling you where to drive. But I could be wrong.  By the time my car reaches the end  of the wash where more humans are drying my shiny ride, one of my tires is completely flat.  They are pointing and chattering back and forth.  The sidewall of my tire is gashed.  Roadside took two hours so this is already not my favorite day.  At least Mobil agreed to pay the replacement cost for my tire.  Good news, right? Not so fast.  Because you can't just buy ONE new tire on an all-wheel drive car. Hello four new tires! Discount Tires appears to have the best price/availability until......the wrong size comes in.  So now my friends I are laughing at the not-so-sexy (or safe?) spare tire I'd been driving around on for a week.  I prefer to call it the donut since I never have the joy of eating a donut I can at least drive on one. When the new tires finally come in and get installed on my car, I ask them to load up my couple of old ones that still had plenty of tread on them into my trunk. I can re-cupe some of my money and post them on Craigslist, right? NO. They mistakenly sent them out on a truck with the trash tires.  So they gave me a little bit of money for them but not nearly what they were worth. That was an awesome week- at least I'm healthy, right?  Not exactly, but I'll leave my concussion story for another post. 

Thanks for listening to that rant. It felt good to get it out. So the moral of the story is that you may want to think twice before pulling in for a 'quick' carwash. Maybe grab the hose during one of these record-breaking hot days!


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There's still a Big 5 in Redmond

Liz H

OMG, what a terrible, no-good, very bad day! Hopefully there is lots of good karma coming your way to balance that out.
I've been thinking about writing Dick's sporting goods and suggesting they open a store in Bellevue or Kirkland. I will have nowhere to shop when Sports Authority closes!

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