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Summertime Fun Coming Your Way!

Sat 7/30-8/6 at 
Everest Park, Kirkland is once again proudly hosting the Junior Softball World Series.  That's big time, people.  Nine teams..players from all over this planet are coming to our city this weekend for some serious competition, and it's really fun to watch.  Ok, maybe I used to play softball and am a little biased, but the coolest part is that our local girls are participating! Even ESPN will be there, so you should be too. Go Kirkland!  Great website with lots of details on the tournament here.

Sat 7/30- If you feel like doing a little bargain shopping- the Kirkland Highlands Annual Garage Sale is from 9am-2pm.  Access the neighborhood at the corner of NE 85th and 114th Ave NE and follow the signs to participating homes. 

This Sat 7/30: Music (and Motorcycles!)in the Park.  Marina Park will be thumping this weekend from 4-9 pm on Sat with concerts in the park.  Mirrorgloss will be headlining and you are encouraged to cruise your motorcycle down.  Sunshine and extra motorcycle parking expected. 

Motorycle        CarShow2016

On Sunday 7/31, the Kirkland's beloved Classic Car show rev's up between 10-4 at Marina Park downtown.  Larry Hanson  is co-host and Lance Lambert of  "The Vintage Vehicle Show" will be your emcee.   Anyone can come and register their car in the show- reg starts at 6am on Sunday or you can email red50merc@gmail.com.   The favorite Motorcycle will receive a prize also! 

Plenty of volunteer opportunities still await you too for this weekend: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0945aaa72eabfd0-kirkland3 


And then....thinking ahead to even more fun, if that's possible...is our 5th Annual Summerfest on Fri 8/12 and Sat 8/13.  Problem is, they are a bit short on funding for things like police, permits, entertainment, publicity.   Go ahead and throw in a few bucks here. You'll be glad you did when you're sipping that cold Summerfest beer in a few weeks. 


Peaches and Prowlers

Metropolitan Market's Peach-O-Rama

Peachoramapeachsalad photo credit: Evado PR

Nobody in their right mind would miss Peach-O-Rama.  It's that time of year when Metropolitan Market in Houghton brings in the best and juiciest peaches your taste buds have ever witnessed.  If I tell my kids, they will beg me to take them there.  They are THAT good.  And it's a 20 year anniversary, so they are teaming up with Chef Jason Wilson of Miller’s Guild, Coffee Flour, and the soon-to-open Lakeside and Civility & Unrest in Bellevue, to show shoppers how they can recreate peach dishes at home.  Chef Jason will bring his innovative approach and craft cooking to Metropolitan Market’s Kirkland location on Saturday July 30, 12-2 p.m. He’ll man the grill and show shoppers how to create a Grilled Summer Peach Salad with Ricotta and Prosciutto  (photo) as well as Marinated Peaches, Buttermilk Quinoa Cakes & Basil Crème Fraiche, dishing samples as he goes.

Crime in Kirkland


I attended the "Norkirk and Market Neighborhood Crime Update" given by the KPD last night.  It was a PACKED house.  Actually, there were so many people in that overheated Peter Kirk room I could barely breathe in any oxygen and concentrate enough to listen.  So here's what I learned from an hour in that richly fragrant room (your'e welcome).  People are freaked out because it's the season where burglars start swinging into town and cherry-picking our homes and vehicles.  The KPD says that although it seems more rampant, it's actually b/c social media allows us to communicate about it, therefore perpetuating our state of panic. Statistically crime has been pretty flat year over year.  City-wide in 2014 there were 88 residential burglaries Jan-June, 115 in 2015, and 91 in 2016 during the same time span.  Motor vehicle thefts were 61 ('15) vs 56 ('16) and motor vehicle prowls were up a little from 299 '15 to 319 '16. So, back to basics, folks.  Don't be afraid to call 911 to report anything suspicious. Always report your crimes, even if someone just stole your Barry Manilow CD out of your car.  It's an 'incident' and should go on record so they can track and investigate these bad guys.  We know it's summer and fun but don't leave your garage open, car unlocked, windows open, etc.  It's an invitation to be taken advantage of. Cameras are good, so are those cool video doorbells, lighting for the exterior of your home, and being an active/aware neighbor.  Chief Harris shared that she is actively trying to backfill 10 open officer positions to catch up with recent retirement vacancies, so we should have more feet on the street over time too.  



S#*t is Getting Real

CactusBarJuly16   Cactusnew2016  Cactusnewagain2016

I love that you are all emailing me today saying "Cactus is Open! Cactus is Open!"  You guys are the best.  It's like you know how thirsty I am, and it's good to feel your excitement too.  The  motif is feeling kind of traditional Spanish decor from what I spied yesterday while talking to the nice guy mopping the floors (he was still saying 'maybe a week').   They appeared to be having a rah-rah staff meeting but I couldn't hear what they were saying b/c my eyes were fixated on the wall of tequila bottles. Anyway, it's happening. Time to go check it out and rejoice- add your comments here after your visit!

In case you wanted to step outside and into the danger zone with your drink, I suggest you don't.  Kirkland was kind enough to remind us of our stumbling boundaries with these beautiful new appetizer plate-sized warning medallions embossed in the brick pavement.  

Also very real and open again just in time for summer... Waverly Beach Park!  Thanks Kirkland Parks Foundation and all of the donors who helped make this happen.

Waverlywaterfront2016  WAverly Play2016  Waverlycovered2016  WaverlyBench2016 WaverlySyd2016 <-  13 year old can't help but jump in=good play area

What is Happening?

I need your help figuring out the following things...

KobieCafeExterior   KobieCafePanini  KobieCafeBubbleTea

Kobie Cafe- Not sure what to say.  In the space formerly known as Haute Dog Girl at 200 Central Way.  It's a sweet Seattle guy eagerly trying to make a go of it in Kirkland with sandwiches, hot dogs and smoothies/bubble teas.  I had never been in the hot dog joint (shocker, right?) so I'm not sure what's changed.  All appears the same to me.  Yelpers seem to like it.  Short and sweet menu is very affordable.  If you have a 10 spot you'll be good to go. Food seemed alright for its purpose - big white bread panini with dry nachos on the side.  I had never tried bubble tea before.  It was an explosion of fruity gel color and sweet yumminess until I got attacked by the tapiocas at the end (you can get without).

 Cactus-just when you thought your home remodel was taking forever...Cactus has you beat on the Richter scale of frustrations.  I think the original sign said they'd re-open in May. Yikes. That's a few tacos behind schedule.  You'll be interested to know that what I supposed was an expansion was in reality a total gut of the space.  So we have that to look forward to! The bar will be on the opposite side of where it started, and new decor is taking shape.  About a month ago one of their workers told me 'a few more weeks.'  And then again this week someone told me 'a few more weeks.' Standard response in foreman language.  So... a few more weeks at least til the next weeks of anticipating chillaxin' with margaritas at our new Kirkland Cactus. Their website says "See you in mid-July. We promise."  So they may be laughing at themselves too? 

Michael's- I have to admit that having a Michael's in town really comes in handy.  I'm in there more often than I'd like to admit on crafty missions or last minute school project emergencies.  But I'm also kind of embarrassed for Michael's and the condition of that hideous building they are functioning out of.  It's like 1971 just threw up on a giant shoe box.  Then last week someone dropped a few freight containers that are lined up around the perimeter.  I'm wondering if my prayers have been answered and they are going to do some remodeling?  

4th of July

Fourth2016Crowd  Fourth2016Mermaids  Fourth2016SeahawkTruck   Fourth2016Lambo

Fun Fourth in Kirkland! Little chilly for me, but good times nonetheless.  Thanks to the organizers, sponsors and volunteers and especially all of those that have served and sacrificed for our country.  Happy Birthday Merica! Sharing a couple of pics- what's a parade without mermaids?  Lots of representation from the die-hard Seahawks fans.  My son is still talking about that Lambo.

Who won the Big $$ in the float contest??  The Mermaids took second to this one, Falun Dafa, which was pretty impressive I'll agree.

Fourth2016YellowFloat  Photo Credit: KDA