4th of July
S#*t is Getting Real

What is Happening?

I need your help figuring out the following things...

KobieCafeExterior   KobieCafePanini  KobieCafeBubbleTea

Kobie Cafe- Not sure what to say.  In the space formerly known as Haute Dog Girl at 200 Central Way.  It's a sweet Seattle guy eagerly trying to make a go of it in Kirkland with sandwiches, hot dogs and smoothies/bubble teas.  I had never been in the hot dog joint (shocker, right?) so I'm not sure what's changed.  All appears the same to me.  Yelpers seem to like it.  Short and sweet menu is very affordable.  If you have a 10 spot you'll be good to go. Food seemed alright for its purpose - big white bread panini with dry nachos on the side.  I had never tried bubble tea before.  It was an explosion of fruity gel color and sweet yumminess until I got attacked by the tapiocas at the end (you can get without).

 Cactus-just when you thought your home remodel was taking forever...Cactus has you beat on the Richter scale of frustrations.  I think the original sign said they'd re-open in May. Yikes. That's a few tacos behind schedule.  You'll be interested to know that what I supposed was an expansion was in reality a total gut of the space.  So we have that to look forward to! The bar will be on the opposite side of where it started, and new decor is taking shape.  About a month ago one of their workers told me 'a few more weeks.'  And then again this week someone told me 'a few more weeks.' Standard response in foreman language.  So... a few more weeks at least til the next weeks of anticipating chillaxin' with margaritas at our new Kirkland Cactus. Their website says "See you in mid-July. We promise."  So they may be laughing at themselves too? 

Michael's- I have to admit that having a Michael's in town really comes in handy.  I'm in there more often than I'd like to admit on crafty missions or last minute school project emergencies.  But I'm also kind of embarrassed for Michael's and the condition of that hideous building they are functioning out of.  It's like 1971 just threw up on a giant shoe box.  Then last week someone dropped a few freight containers that are lined up around the perimeter.  I'm wondering if my prayers have been answered and they are going to do some remodeling?  


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Stephanie Hurd

I SO hope you are right about the Michael's!!! 🤗😊🎉🤗


I also like having a local Michael's, and love your comment about it. :-) "1971 threw up in a giant shoe box". But maybe it's good to have that blast from the past around, to remind our kiddos that not everything in our west coast bubble looks like U Village? ;-)

Laura Devin

I heard that Michael's is just a redo of the shelving. I was hopeful that it was getting a complete facelift. :(

Liz H

I heard that the portables at Michael's are for storing inventory.

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