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Dancing Marijuana Promoters on 85th

MarijuanaDance2   MarijuanaDance

Hopefully I don't sound like an old nelly here, but I'm a bit troubled by the street dancers with  "Marijuana" signs on 85th St.  I believe they are promoting the new pot shop near Costco.  I know, we voted in support of legalizing marijuana for the 21+ crowd, but who's the genius that didn't realize that Lake Washington High School is a block away, swarming with almost 1500 teenagers that are fighting constant peer pressure and poor judgment?  There are often 2 sign-slingers at a time in front of the U-Haul, which happens to be the closest major intersection to the school.  It's also where Taco Time resides, a hotspot for teens to grab a quick cheap bite to eat.  

Are they allowed to do that? It's just feels bad to me.  Makes me uneasy.....kinda like bringing a cat on a boat.  Or a personal injury lawyer chasing an ambulance.  I guess you can? But something is very wrong. It's really poor judgement and I won't feel better no matter how much  you try to convince me.  

Anyone doing something about this??

Book Tree Sprouts Roots on Market St

Mary Harris, one of the owners of the former Park Place Books, is opening a new independent bookstore called BookTree at 609 Market St very very soon.  Oct 15th soon.  The name was derived from a wooden book tree that she has and can be found in the store.  Mary has a new business partner, Chris Jarmick, who has done plenty of his own professional writing and also has a passion for books, reading, writing, listening, and sharing ideas.  Not only will you find lots of new books at BookTree, their 1800 sf 1920 building will also be a gathering place for those who love literature and mingling with local and traveling authors.  Store hours will be Mon-Fri 10-7, Sat 10-5 and Sun 12-5.

You're an avid reader, aren't you? On their website, is a heartfelt plea for support from Mary and Chris that I thought I'd share. They mention that BookTree will be one of the few remaining independent bookstores on the Eastside and expect it to be an important part of our city's identity. They firmly believe its success will come from the generosity of a community that still values the stand-alone retail book store.  


Dear Friends,

When Parkplace Books closed in December 2015 I still felt it essential for Kirkland to continue to have an independent bookstore, and I was not ready to retire.  

I offer grateful thanks for all the support you have extended to Rebecca and I over these many years and look forward to how you might extend that support to the new bookstore. Rebecca has retired but will likely be spending time in the new bookstore, particularly over the holiday season.

I'll tell you more about my new partner and co-owner of the bookstore soon.

 However, before we open for business several renovations are necessary.  A new website and signage are being created, new computers and supplies must be purchased.  We also have to raise some operating funds to be able to pay legal and insurance costs, and to establish accounts with book distributors and vendors.  We will also have some marketing costs.

We have already received several generous donations that has helped us get nearly half-way to our goal of $25,000.  More is needed to insure we will have a healthy business.

Any amount you are able to donate to BookTree will help. 

As a special thank you, all donors will get recognition in the store newsletter and all donors who are able to contribute $250.00 or more, will be named on a plaque and displayed in a place of honor in the store.  If you prefer to remain anonymous we would also respect that.

Just as important is your assistance in letting your friends and neighbors know that Kirkland will soon have a new independent bookstore.  I hope you will become a regular customer, attend readings and special BookTree events and encourage others to shop at the store.     

If you are able to make a donation please make your check out to BookTree and send it to:


609 Market  St.

Kirkland, Wa 98033

Thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Mary Harris  

Owners: Mary Harris & Christopher J. Jarmick

Fun fun and more fun

Get your calendar out, it's time for my cut and paste extravaganza......


Vintimate at the Heathman Hotel- Thurs 9/15 

Kirkland, Washington --- Vintimate at Kirkland’s Heathman Hotel will skillfully combine original works of art by local artisans Michael Ferguson, Toni Lagoria Almerico and Mike “Piano Man” Mansour; freshly hand-picked farm ingredients from Brian Scheehser’s 18-acre plot; and wine from Pondera Winery on Thursday, September 15, 2016, from 5-8 p.m. in the San Juan Ballroom. The expressive event will feature exclusive pours from the family-run boutique winery located in the Warehouse Winery District of Woodinville.

Winemaker Shane Howard has been making wine since 2003 and the winery officially launched as the Pondera brand in 2005. Pondera specializes in the production of premium red blends and varietals using grapes sourced from several outstanding Washington state vineyards. Every wine is hand-crafted in limited lots with the entire production totaling around 3,000 cases annually. Pondera is owned by the Howard family, who also owns and operates the Howard/Mandville Gallery - a fine art establishment located in downtown Kirkland. The owners regularly feature a rotating exhibit of original paintings from their gallery's artists at their Woodinville tasting room, many of whom have graced some of the winery’s artist series wine labels.

Mike Mansour is a highly accomplished solo and concert pianist, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and has proudly spent the last 33 years in the United States. Mansour studied at Eubank Conservatory of Music and Art in Los Angeles and earned a Master’s Degree in Music. He has maintained a keen interest in contemporary music and consistently adds new content to his extensive repertoire. Mansour has traveled to several countries, playing for all types of audiences. He produced his first studio album, “Midnight Moods.” Recently Mansour gained significant media attention with features on both KING 5 and KOMO 4 news showcasing several romantic favorites and a sampling of his own compositions. 

"My painting approach is fundamentally representational. The reality of the scene is readily apparent, followed by a fracturing of shape and color upon closer inspection. I enjoy using the oil medium for field painting during assorted road trips and hikes,” Ferguson shares. "Outdoor painting encourages a more impressionistic and suggestive quality due to the ever-changing conditions."

Almerico's artistic composition spans the extraordinary. "The work is primarily an exploration of and obsession with symmetry and geometry, specifically the play of flat patterns against three dimensional content," she says. "The compositions are about high contrast, bisecting lines and jarring color combinations. There is a consistent interest in the depiction of movement through the grouping together of similar shapes juxtaposed with larger more hard edged static images. Some of the smaller clustered shapes are seen to break free and travel."

Ferguson and Almerico's artwork will be on display at the Hotel through September 2016.

Vintimate is a 21 and over event. Tickets are $35 per person in advance and $40 per person at the door. Both price options are inclusive of tax, gratuity, and commemorative glass. To purchase, call(425) 284-5858 or email events@heathmankirkland.com.


Papertranslations Sande Wascher-James, Equal Pay Day, folded Italian paper

"Paper Translations" Opening Reception at Kirkland Arts Center- Fri 9/16

Join us for the Opening Reception

Friday, September 16th from 6:00-8:30 pm 

The artists featured in Paper Translations transform the seemingly mundane material of paper by reinterpreting it into complex works of contemporary art through folding, staining, painting, cutting, casting, felting, tearing, sewing, and weaving.

Featured artists Dona Anderson, Mary M Ashton, Danielle Bodine, Zia Gipson, Lois James, Dorothy McGuinness, Jean-Marie Tarascio, and Sande Wascher-James demonstrate the incredible poetic transformations paper can undergo in the hands of an artist.

Join us for the opening reception this Friday from 6:00 to 8:30. Drinks ($3) and light snacks will be served, and free parking is available. Artists will be in attendance.



Kirkland Home Tour: Kirkland Now and Then - Sat 9/17

The much anticipated Kirkland Home Tour, “Now and Then” will premiere on Saturday, September 17th, 2016,  from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Patrons will have the opportunity to view four historic homes and three LEED certified built green properties.

The historic Marsh Mansion, two 1930’s log houses, and the original 1889 home built by Peter Kirk’s Kirkland Land & Improvement Company, make up the “Then” part of the tour.

The “Now” part will feature three new Farmhouses at Juanita; Areté Artist Studios - a LEED Platinum certified property (on the site of the former Crab Cracker restaurant); and a John Buchan home which is a five star built green property.

The Kirkland Performance Center and Kirkland Heritage Society are beneficiaries of the tour. To learn more and see photos please visit www.kirklandhometour.com. Tickets are $25 www.brownpapertickets.com $30.00 day of the show

Contact: Sue Contreras for more information.  425-827-6870 Scon1965@hotmail.com


All Porsche Grand Display at Carillon Point- 9/18

Sunday 9:00am-3:30pm| September 18, 2016 | Kirkland, WA

Join us for our fifth annual All Porsche Grand Display at Carillon Point in Kirkland.  This is a fabulous day in the sun at a beautiful venue with All Things Porsche – sports cars, sedans, SUVs, tractors as well as Porsche design, clothing, models, and publications.  Classes will be offered on “Preparing for and Presenting on the Concours Field. This will include various classes to enter and etiquette. Admission: $10 for all attendees, 12 and under is free.  All proceeds benefit Evergreen Health.  To sign-up or for more information please contact Dennis Rood at concours@pnwr.org



Kirkland's Oktoberfest in Marina Park- 9/23-25

Annual waterfront festival celebrates beer, oompah pah music, and fun Kirkland, WA - September 23-25, 2016 –

Hang on to your lederhosen, as Downtown Kirkland will soon transform into an authentic German “biergarten” for the 4th Annual Kirkland Oktoberfest Friday, September 23rd through Sunday, September 25th in Marina Park on Kirkland’s picturesque waterfront. This three-day beer festival benefiting local nonprofit charitable organizations attracts roughly 10,000 enthusiasts each year.

Deputy Mayor Jay Arnold will do the honors of tapping the firkin when doors open Friday night, and rumor has it that he will be dressed in the traditional Oktoberfest fashion. Dirndl and lederhosen are the highly encouraged attire to enjoy German food and beer, local Northwest brews, and games like beer pong and human foosball. Sizzling oompah pah bands will add to the authentic atmosphere on two different stages.

We know how much Kirkland loves pooches! Dog Day is Sunday, September 25th, when our furry companions are permitted inside the Biergarten. The 4th Annual Wiener Dog Race begins at 1pm outside the Biergarten, and spectators of all ages are welcome to cheer on the dogs as they compete for the gold.

Hours for Kirkland Oktoberfest are Friday, September 23rd from 4pm-11pm (last call at 10:15pm), Saturday, September 24th from 11am-11pm (last call at 10:15pm), and Sunday, September 25th from 11am-6pm (last call at 5:30pm). Please note the City of Kirkland will not allow people under the age of 21 inside the Biergarten, so all attendees must be 21 or older.

Volunteers are at the heart and core of this event and make it so much fun for everyone. We need you—sign up at http://www.oktoberfestkirkland.com/volunteer/ for more information about how to get involved. About Kirkland Oktoberfest Kirkland Oktoberfest is produced by Kirkland Events and sponsors.

Kirkland Oktoberfest benefits these 501(c)3 nonprofits in our community: American Cancer Society, MEOW (Mercer Island Eastside Orphans and Waifs), Imagine Housing, Sibling House, Eastside Timebank and the Kirkland Downtown Association.

For more information, visit http://www.oktoberfestkirkland.com/ or follow @KirklandOktober on Twitter. For Additional Information: Rob Butcher 425-456-1111


It's Good to be Back

Positano <-- a slice of heaven.. where they take 2 hr lunches and dance on the beaches w/Aperol Spritzs in hand.... just b/c they can

Special thanks to guest bloggers Laura Caroline Gingrich and Lisa Thoms for helping cover the Kirkland Blog while I was out town.  Our family went on an extended vacation to Europe this summer and we are struggling to get back to reality. A crazy thing happens when you are gone for more than a week or two----it's called RELAXATION.  And I'd highly recommend it. True relaxation...the kind where your mind gets de-cluttered of all the everyday tasks and stresses and your biggest concern is which fabulous untaxed non-headache-inducing $10 Euro bottle of wine to order with dinner that night.  We absorbed the culture and pace of the places we visited by slowing down and exploring our surroundings, trying new foods, be-friending the locals, breathing deep,  laughing more.  

This is all fantastic until you come home and have to hit the ground running.  I am not complaining, however, we Americans are so focused, hard-working and efficient I am having trouble re-calibrating.  Despite the joy of sleeping in our own beds, the Rabuchin house started the week with a plumbing emergency and exhausted/cranky back-to-school kiddos whose feet suddenly seem to be bigger than mine and require immediate shoe upgrades. Steve is back to working 29 hours a day. Throw in a bunch of sports teams, a crate of mail to get through, some event planning, a mini family crisis, and I feel like a running-back with broken legs that just got thrown back in the game.  I was mildly comforted at the gym the other day when I walked into the locker room and discovered that someone had left the faucet running, and there was nobody in sight.  So it's not just me who can't quite get it together.  Whew.  How's your Sept going?

There are so many fun things coming up that I need to catch you up on....Vintimate at The Heathman 9/15, Kirkland Home Tour 9/17, Porsche event at Carillon Point 9/18, Oktoberfest 9/23-25, Little Brother (did they do a soft opening while I was gone?), and even a new bookstore. More on that this week.

IMG_9706  -Beam me up, Scotty

For now I am going to leave you with this photo.  I was amazed to see how much demo work had taken place at Kirkland Urban while we were out of town.  It appears that I snapped this picture at the very moment that the old Kirkland Park Place's soul was being beamed up to heaven.  And here is the old Starbucks location reduced to a mini mountain of dust. It will be fun to watch this new space take shape.