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Ballot VOTE!  Ballots need to be postmarked by Nov 8th.  So no more dinking around.  Steve and I just completed ours yesterday.  Dropping those envelopes in the mail felt like I had finally handed in a term paper I've been procrastinating on submitting for weeks.  Whew.  Lot of reading, discussion, research, and thought sprinkled with a side of confusion and uncertainty.  I have to thank candidates that run unopposed, because it feels especially good to fill in the little bubble next to those names where there is no decision to be made (hello Larry Springer!) .   There are 24 hour drop boxes if you don't want to mail yours in (City Hall, Kingsgate Library, and others)- no stamp required. Set aside the time to do this.  It's important. 


BookTreeBookClub photo credit: Carolyn M

.....Booktree is officially opening this Saturday Nov 5th.  A neighborhood book club stopped by to toast the owners, Mary Harris and Christopher Jarmick (photo center). Full article here. Go visit.  Buy books locally at 609 Market St.


Foodbox think of others.  Drop food off for those in need this season!  Waxing the City is hosting a Fall Food Drive through Hopelink this holiday.  Bring in 5 food items and get 10% off your service.  The client who brings the most food gets a $25 WTC gift card. Deadline is Nov 15th.  Also, Kirkland Nourishing Network will be having their Thanksgiving Foodbox Drop-off Day coming up.  The need is great in our community.  There are still hungry elementary school students showing up at school.  The free/reduced price meals help during the week.  Pantry Packs helps most weekends, but nothing covers the school breaks besides the Food Bank and this program.   

Thanksgiving break drop-off:  Tuesday, November 22, 2016,  8:30am-12:30pm

You may also sign up to help receive and distribute boxes at the site:
North Kirkland volunteers: 
South Kirkland volunteers: 

Locations for Food Box Donations: 

NORTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 13220 NE 132nd St, Kirkland
SOUTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 7720 126th Ave NE, Kirkland


Candybuyback get all of that candy out of your house! My kids have over 20 lbs of it here. Not kidding. 2-0.  That's a small child or a decent kettle-bell workout's worth.  And now that I've picked out the Heath Bars and Baby Ruth's it's time to cash it in! Dr. Michelle Neal is going to 'save a tooth and treat a troop.'  Bring your candy in to her orthodontic office on Nov 10th and 11th from 8am-5pm for CASH. You'll earn $1/pound and they will match the $1/pound donation to your school's PTSA. The candy goes to US Military deployed in combat.  Call for details: 425-823-1234 listen to my ramblings.  There are a few other things on my mind. Like how come when I excitedly went to try the 'new' Cactus all I could notice was the horrible stench that slapped me in the face when I walked in the door?  It was a combo of bathroom stink and bar rot (those of you who have waited tables know what I'm talking about- soggy wet floor drain/spilled drinks paired w/food odor).  We had a drink at the bar that was acceptable but not worth writing home about. Couldn't eat with that smell, but menu looked the same as before. Inside decor was way different, however seemed to be missing a certain cozy essence I was connected with previously.  Maybe the stink made me grumpy.   Will try again.  Not giving up on this one. I also tried Reunion.  And Jersey Mike's.  Posts soon.  Still need to get to the Pokie place where Plume used to be, but heard some good things!  ~j




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Liz Hunt

Thanks for keeping us up to date, Janis! I hope EVERYONE will VOTE! Not good news about your Cactus experience. I haven't been since the remodel.

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