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Reunion: Family Owned Goodness

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This adorable little family owned business is serious about making delicious wholesome food.  They cook everything in house in small batches. You'll find Reunion Bake Brew Bite where Zaw Pizza (339 Kirkland Ave) used to be and they are serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mon-Sat 7:30am until CLOSED) with a knack for being organic, local and sustainable.  They have their normal menu of sandwiches, salads, sweet bites and big bites along with many coffee/espresso delights, but then there's a handwritten menu of offerings that are available 'until they run out.'  I couldn't help but feel like I was may be missing something by coming in at lunchtime and missing out on the many waffle and french toast options.  I assume you could order these things at lunchtime too but I am  simply not that rebellious.  I wish I was dangerous enough to eat a waffle at lunch.  Maybe someday. 

In the meantime, I ordered a "Power Two" Salad for $12.50 and Steve had the seafood Laksa Malaysian soup ($20)- photos below.  We sat at one of the 4 or 5 tables in the cozy space and both of our meals were delicious, hardy and healthy.   You order at the counter first, and this is the part that made the whole experience.  There are 4-5 family members all working within view in the back.  Chopping veggies, cooking food, etc and they all seem to be happy and helpful and proud to be there.  A breath of fresh air.  They know if it's your first time in and they jumped right in with guidance and explanations of the menu (photo above) and what their favorites are.  And bonus- they are Seahawks fans and even have a "12th Man Sandwich." They have plenty of food pics here.

I was glad to see people that work locally strolling in for lunch.  You should do the same.  425-947-7998, reunionkirkland@gmail.com (they cater and do uber eats too!)


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Being Thankful, Then Shop Local

Happy Thanksgiving, Kirkland!!

After the turkey coma has worn off and the last slice of pumpkin pie is gone,it's time to get to shopping. We know you'll be clicking away on Black Friday while watching the Apple Cup, but then on Saturday, THAT's the day.  The one where you re-emerge from your house, breathe in some fresh PNW winter air and head to your favorite little shops for "Small Business Saturday' on 11/26.  This is how you keep your credit card warm...the downtown merchants will all be open until 8pm or later.  So show the locals your love and enjoy great customer service while giving back to your community.  Some shops will have giving trees and also offer special promotions throughout the season. 

Also on Sat 11/26 you can preview the Kirkland Art Center's Holiday Art Market 11am-6pm. Shop for unique handmade gifts created by local artists.  This fabulous market will run from 11/26- 12/24, Tues-Sat 11-6 and Sun 12-5.

Don't forget about WINTERFEST!  The same Sat 11/26 (I told you to rest up for this day!) there will be holiday caroling, shopping, family activities and Santa in Peter Kirk Park from 3-6:30.  Watch the tree-lighting at 5pm. Then on Sunday you can rest again.....

......Until Google does their holiday lighting on 12/2 from 4:30-6 (lights on at 5:30). Arrive early to check out the life-sized people snow globe.


Clap   Kudos Korner--

Congrats to Barbie Collins Young! She was recently promoted to Executive Director of the Kirkland Downtown Association, which 'magically' puts together many of these amazing local events in partnership with our businesses and citizens/volunteers.  We appreciate you Barbie! 

Kirkland's Oktoberfest Planning Committee just announced they are donating $17K in proceeds to local charities.  Not only is this a super fun event but it also gives back to the community in which it lives.  Here are the charities doing a happy dance right now: American Cancer Society, Eastside Timebank, Imagine Housing, Kirkland Downtown Association, MEOW Cat Rescue, Rotary Club of Kirkland Downtown, and Sibling House.

Healthy Bonez Trucks on Over to Totem Lake

Healthy Bonez, the beloved smoothie/pressed juice/bowl truck that always has a line of fans and was parked in "The Market St" lot has transitioned to a physical location in Totem Lake.  It's the same deliciously healthy menu where you can order ahead on their website or even have it delivered.  Don't fret, the truck is still available for private events. Hours are Mon-Sat 8-3:30.  The shop is a little tricky to find tucked behind the driving school and Ken Zaburo sushi, but once you pull around back you will realize that you have, indeed, arrived.  I told them it was tough to find, to which they replied, "Not really."  So.....I guess I could be wrong (??). Or not so smart.  Either way, good news is once YOU find them you'll keep going back.~j

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Time to Get in the Spirit


Downtown Kirkland Holiday Wine Walk- I know, I had you at 'wine' didn't I?  21+ only, THIS Fri Nov 18th 6-9pm, check in at the Heathman. Advance tickets $25, at door $30 and includes 14 wine tasting tix and you'll have fun hopping from merchant to merchant for your tastings.


Kirkland Turkey Trot- Hopelink's 16th Annual 5K Family fun run and walk.  Sunday Nov 20th, 10am at Marina Park. Register here.

Heathman holidays- afternoon tea, and special dinners for Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year's Eve can be found here.  Call 425-284-5900 for reservations.

Thanks to "A" at Simplicity Decor for throwing a super fun holiday shopping party to get us all in the spirit. Yes, Christmas is around the corner.  For reals. Enjoy the wonder.

Holiday volunteering in downtown Kirkland- check out the sign up's here so you can jump in and help on Nov 17th, 19th or 26th.  Tis the season for lending hand.

Carillon Point- 12/15-31 is the Gingerbread Display in the Woodmark Lobby.  And don't forget the Argosy Christmas Ships 12/18-23 which is always a favorite tradition.

Santa's Mailbox is coming to Kirkland! The Kirkland Parks Foundation has secured funding for our very first mailbox that sends St. Nick's letters directly to the North Pole.  And, yes, your letters will be answered!  hohoho.  Thank you KPD and merry donors. The mailbox will be found in front of the downtown Bank of America right after Thanksgiving until Dec 24th. 


Jersey Janis on Jersey Mike's

I sat down to type a post yesterday, on Election night, and somehow everything I had to say seemed ridiculously small and meaningless in comparison.  So I went and glued myself to the screen and watched the evening unfold like the rest of America. Rest assured, you won't find political commentary here.  So go ahead and EXHALE.  It's an emotional day no matter how you voted, which made me think that maybe some lighter subject matter is exactly what we need.....  


Jersey Mike's opened in Juanita Village (old Cherry Du Pon spot)recently and apparently a LOT of people knew about it because the line was 25 people deep.   When you put the word Jersey in your name you'd better not be joking around.  For a little background, conveniently enough, I happen to be from New Jersey.  You can thank the Garden State for my fast talking, unrelenting sarcasm, brutal honesty and occasional cursing at inappropriate times.  Anyway, sorry.... back to the story....sub sandwiches.  I went to college in NC and when I drove the ten hours to NJ,  my most coveted meal to return home to was a sub from Pable's Sub Shop in our little beach town of Manasquan.  Unfortunately this does not say much for my mom's cooking (ssshhh).  At Pable's, the bread was perfect and fresh and they'd pull the turkey out of the deli case,  slice it thin, and pile it high onto your sandwich.  Shredded lettuce, tomato, oil, lots of vinegar and salt/pepper/oregano were the standard toppings you couldn't live without.

Somehow across 42 states there are 1170 Jersey Mike's shops and I've managed to miss out on them until now.  Let me tell ya-it seems a lot like a 'real' Jersey sub.  Albeit a franchised version of the authentic Pable's that I have built up in my mind, still a really good sub. Same process- each sandwich freshly sliced and the smell of delicious red vinegar bites at your nostrils.  The story really hit home when I looked on their website only to discover that the original "Jersey Mike's" was started in Pt. Pleasant, NJ which is the next town over from my beloved Pable's.  What are the chances?  Here's their menu fully equipped with food photos. Their super helpful and friendly staff worked through the opening week hiccups that occurred when I was there (misplaced my sandwich, gave us a free one..).  I got a Club Sub which was delish and my kids couldn't stop stealing bites of.  They also loved the meatball sub.  Prices are roughly $6-14 depending on which of the 3 sizes you choose.  One 'giant-sized' sub fed all three of my tweens.  You can even place orders online for pickup. Jersey Mike's is open everyday from 10am-9pm. And as far as I know, their owner is NOT killing cheetahs and elephants in their spare time, so there's that.  Keep Jersey Mike's on your list for a quick lunch or dinner after practice and grab extra napkins cause it's messy.  Enjoy! ~j



Don't Forget...

 .....to VOTE!  Ballots need to be postmarked by Nov 8th.  So no more dinking around.  Steve and I just completed ours yesterday.  Dropping those envelopes in the mail felt like I had finally handed in a term paper I've been procrastinating on submitting for weeks.  Whew.  Lot of reading, discussion, research, and thought sprinkled with a side of confusion and uncertainty.  I have to thank candidates that run unopposed, because it feels especially good to fill in the little bubble next to those names where there is no decision to be made (hello Larry Springer!) .   There are 24 hour drop boxes if you don't want to mail yours in (City Hall, Kingsgate Library, and others)- no stamp required. Set aside the time to do this.  It's important. 


BookTreeBookClub photo credit: Carolyn M

.....Booktree is officially opening this Saturday Nov 5th.  A neighborhood book club stopped by to toast the owners, Mary Harris and Christopher Jarmick (photo center). Full article here. Go visit.  Buy books locally at 609 Market St.


.....to think of others.  Drop food off for those in need this season!  Waxing the City is hosting a Fall Food Drive through Hopelink this holiday.  Bring in 5 food items and get 10% off your service.  The client who brings the most food gets a $25 WTC gift card. Deadline is Nov 15th.  Also, Kirkland Nourishing Network will be having their Thanksgiving Foodbox Drop-off Day coming up.  The need is great in our community.  There are still hungry elementary school students showing up at school.  The free/reduced price meals help during the week.  Pantry Packs helps most weekends, but nothing covers the school breaks besides the Food Bank and this program.   

Thanksgiving break drop-off:  Tuesday, November 22, 2016,  8:30am-12:30pm

You may also sign up to help receive and distribute boxes at the site:
North Kirkland volunteers: 
South Kirkland volunteers: 

Locations for Food Box Donations: 

NORTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 13220 NE 132nd St, Kirkland
SOUTH Kirkland: LDS Church - 7720 126th Ave NE, Kirkland


.....to get all of that candy out of your house! My kids have over 20 lbs of it here. Not kidding. 2-0.  That's a small child or a decent kettle-bell workout's worth.  And now that I've picked out the Heath Bars and Baby Ruth's it's time to cash it in! Dr. Michelle Neal is going to 'save a tooth and treat a troop.'  Bring your candy in to her orthodontic office on Nov 10th and 11th from 8am-5pm for CASH. You'll earn $1/pound and they will match the $1/pound donation to your school's PTSA. The candy goes to US Military deployed in combat.  Call for details: 425-823-1234

.....to listen to my ramblings.  There are a few other things on my mind. Like how come when I excitedly went to try the 'new' Cactus all I could notice was the horrible stench that slapped me in the face when I walked in the door?  It was a combo of bathroom stink and bar rot (those of you who have waited tables know what I'm talking about- soggy wet floor drain/spilled drinks paired w/food odor).  We had a drink at the bar that was acceptable but not worth writing home about. Couldn't eat with that smell, but menu looked the same as before. Inside decor was way different, however seemed to be missing a certain cozy essence I was connected with previously.  Maybe the stink made me grumpy.   Will try again.  Not giving up on this one. I also tried Reunion.  And Jersey Mike's.  Posts soon.  Still need to get to the Pokie place where Plume used to be, but heard some good things!  ~j