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Reunion: Family Owned Goodness

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This adorable little family owned business is serious about making delicious wholesome food.  They cook everything in house in small batches. You'll find Reunion Bake Brew Bite where Zaw Pizza (339 Kirkland Ave) used to be and they are serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner (Mon-Sat 7:30am until CLOSED) with a knack for being organic, local and sustainable.  They have their normal menu of sandwiches, salads, sweet bites and big bites along with many coffee/espresso delights, but then there's a handwritten menu of offerings that are available 'until they run out.'  I couldn't help but feel like I was may be missing something by coming in at lunchtime and missing out on the many waffle and french toast options.  I assume you could order these things at lunchtime too but I am  simply not that rebellious.  I wish I was dangerous enough to eat a waffle at lunch.  Maybe someday. 

In the meantime, I ordered a "Power Two" Salad for $12.50 and Steve had the seafood Laksa Malaysian soup ($20)- photos below.  We sat at one of the 4 or 5 tables in the cozy space and both of our meals were delicious, hardy and healthy.   You order at the counter first, and this is the part that made the whole experience.  There are 4-5 family members all working within view in the back.  Chopping veggies, cooking food, etc and they all seem to be happy and helpful and proud to be there.  A breath of fresh air.  They know if it's your first time in and they jumped right in with guidance and explanations of the menu (photo above) and what their favorites are.  And bonus- they are Seahawks fans and even have a "12th Man Sandwich." They have plenty of food pics here.

I was glad to see people that work locally strolling in for lunch.  You should do the same.  425-947-7998, (they cater and do uber eats too!)


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For many, food and wine mean family time, dining out for a special occasion, but for restaurants that are also family-owned businesses, that connection takes on an even deeper meaning.

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