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Just Poké for the Kirkland Peeps

JustPokeNormanandDanny <--These are not my children.  They are the co-owners, Norman and Danny.

I was super excited to try Just Poké, not only because I would get to type an accented é and let you know that it rhymes with okey dokey, but mainly because I am a big fan of meals that consist primarily of protein and veggies.  And if I can find these items on the fly, then you will quickly make my list of happy places! Just take a look at my first lunch there (photo below)-yes I've been back a few times already, there's a customer loyalty system too-I can't help it, I'm addicted. 

JustPokelunch <-delish  JustPokeline  JustPokesignage

 Here's how it works: Just Poké has an assembly line, where you tell the friendly staff what you want and they dish it up for you.  Easy step-by-step instructions of your upcoming decisions are above the food line on the wall (photo). First you select the size you like, then whether you want rice/greens or both, then your protein (3-4 raw fish selections), then sauce, toppings and sides. All super fresh and locally-sourced.  You can create something new every time. These guys first discovered poké in Maui and set out to bring it back home to Seattle, so we could all enjoy it too!  Norman and Danny care what you think and welcome your feedback.  I was a little delayed on my meal decisions, so I'd recommend they just call my favorite bowl the "Slow Poké" so I can order it by name and not have to think too much (always finding ways to save brain cells).  

Just in case the fresh fast healthy food wasn't good enough news, there's more.   And it's pretty awesome-I noticed it the second I walked in the door. Just Poké cares about their community and the world around them, and they're doing something about it.  As soon as you walk in, you'll find separate trash, recycle and compost receptacles.  LOVE  ♥  They use biodegradable and compostable materials (yes, silverware too!) and even went for energy-efficient lighting and low VOC paint during construction.   The fact that they are thinking about sustainability makes me even more enthusiastic to support their business.  

You'll find Just Poké in Plume's old location next to Lizzy Kate and Bank of America at 117 Kirkland Ave.  A bowl runs around $10 which is super reasonable. Check out their Facebook page and note they are open 7 days a week:  Mon-Sat 11-8 and Sun 12-6.  425-658-3387.  Norman and Danny are there a lot.  Say hello. It's ok if you're a 'slow poké' like me, they'll get you dialed in. :-)

PS-Get ready for their next store opening in Bellevue soon too!


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Michelle Sailor

This place is yummy and healthy. Thanks for introducing me to it. Wasn't sure what to expect with the Qdoba-type service but it is awesome. I love how they help newcomers with choosing their options. I'm going there for lunch today😍

George M

You can not try it with a discount via Groupon

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