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Poppinjay's Cafe Closes at Carillon Pt

After 26 years, the Poppinjay's location at Carillon Point has shut its doors. I captured this sunset shot on their last day, which was Friday 1/27.  They still have five other locations, one right up the street at Plaza Yarrow Bay where you can find the same cafe menu of sandwiches/salads/smoothies, along with box lunches and catering that you have come to love.

Poppinjaysladies photo credit: Ginny Daily

This group of ladies hosted a "Seattle Newcomer & Friends" meeting at Poppinjay's once a month for the last 7 years.  They will especially miss the Carillon Point location and wanted to thank John and the Poppinjay's team for their years of great service, views and memories.  



George's Remodeling Underway

George'sRemodel   Georgesremodel2
photo credits: Kimberly McKenzie/George's

Steve had to put the brakes on ordering his Olympic Omelette with no cheese this morning when he went to George's for breakfast.... and they were closed for remodeling. Noooooo. Critical info that Kirkland needs to know, right?! Get ready for some new floors, walls, paint and fixtures in this well-loved family business.  Nothing like a little face-lift for your 40th Anniversary! Fear not, thought, because they are open again tomorrow!

They are updating their Facebook page daily with days/hours of operation (will be under construction until March), photos of their progress, and of course contests- post a selfie on their FB page next to the remodel and you could win a gift card!

Doesn't it feel like they just remodeled not too long ago? Apparently that was 8 years ago.  Yep, I'm in a time warp.  

Here's their most recent post........................


You spoke, we listened! It’s time for spring cleaning at George’s!
Rest assured, our great home cooking and warm hospitality will remain the same, but with a fresh new look! We are excited to share this time with all of you and invite you to come take a look at renditions and experience the progress of our renovation! We are working to minimize closures for our loyal customers and anticipate renovations will wrap up in March. We truly appreciate your patience during this time and thank you for your support and patronage.

Follow us on Facebook @GeorgesSince1976, and Twitter @GeorgesKirkland and via our website www.georgeskirkland.com where we will keep the community updated on our progress!

Thank you for supporting us through the years, we are excited to turn 40 with a fresh new look and we look forward to celebrating with all of you at the conclusion of our renovation!

Upcoming Closures:
Wednesday, January 25th
Thursday, January 26th
Monday, January 30th
Tuesday, January 31st

Thank you for your patience during the longest window of time we will be closed.

We open again for business on Friday, January 27th- Sunday, January 29th @ 7am and then again on Wednesday, February 1st @ 7am.

We will have several updates to share when you visit us this weekend and next week!

Connecting in our Community

There are some great Kirkland community Facebook pages that I want to make sure you know about.  You'll have thousands of local friends instantly! There are lots of great sharing and good neighborly efforts happen here every day.....

Be Neighborly Kirkland- You'll find a wide variety of questions and discussions on this closed Facebook group.  Pretty soon you'll be chatting it up with other random citizens.  Finding pets, giving recommendations, and then you'll look at your watch and wonder how the last hour just disappeared.  Here's a description from their page (note they also have Rules of Engagement):

What's all this Be Neighborly Kirkland about?

There is only ONE mission for this group: BE NEIGHBORLY!
characteristic of a good neighbor, especially helpful, friendly, or kind.
synonyms: obliging, helpful, friendly, kind, amiable, amicable, affable, genial, agreeable, hospitable, companionable, well disposed, civil, cordial, good-natured, nice, pleasant, generous; considerate, thoughtful, unselfish, decent

We are a positive space for neighbors to come together to learn more about each other and this lovely place we call home. We are centered in Kirkland but we welcome neighbors in towns to the north, east, west and south to join us.
Share your humor, your challenges and your life to the extent you are comfortable.
We are building a community, one member and one post at a time.

Buynothing   Buy Nothing Kirkland- This closed Facebook group has thousands of members in Kirkland, and the concept is one that has caught on all over the country.  Kirkland is divided up into 6 or so areas (South, Northeast, Finn Hill, Juanita, etc).  It's a way to "pay it forward" in your own city. Their mission is to offer people a way to give and receive, share, lend, and express gratitude through a worldwide network of hyper-local gift economies in which the true wealth is the web of connections formed between people who are real-life neighbors.

Their site encourages participation by saying: 

Buy Nothing: Give Freely. Share creatively. Post anything you’d like to give away, lend, or share among neighbors. Ask for anything you’d like to receive for free or borrow. Keep it legal. Keep it civil. No buying or selling, no trades or bartering, no soliciting for cash. We’re an adult-only, hyper-local gift economy. We are not a charity or community bulletin board.

By joining a Buy Nothing Project group, you agree to abide by our Mission and Rules.

You can join one group only, the group where you live so you can literally “give where you live.” This is what builds community.  Learn more about "Buy Nothing" here.



Truly- as in Eureka! Why is it taking you so long to open? It sounds like they may be re-thinking their Kirkland debut on Park Lane.  After a few scheduled pushes on re-modeling the old Mi Mexico space, their PR dept has confirmed that the Kirkland project is currently 'on hold,'  whatever that means.  Rumor has it there's a 'For Lease' sign out front.  Bummer.  We got ditched.

In other kind-of sad news, it's time to un-decorate downtown Kirkland from all of its holiday glory.  Bring your wire cutters/scissors and a ladder if you have it to Hallmark Realty on Sat Jan 21st from 9am-1pm to help take the lights down from all of the storefronts.  You can sign up here.  There is a pizza reward for all of those who lend a hand! (hello students looking for volunteer hours..)

This blog post is your OFFICIAL REMINDER that Valentine's Day is around the corner.  So if you have a honey or are trying to impress a potential honey, make your reservations now..... because forethought is an attractive quality.  Why don't you try the Kirkland Wine Walk on Feb 10th from 6-9pm? You start at The Heathman Hotel and can meander to participating merchants that are offering dozens of wine selections. So, yes, you need to be 21+ to join in the fun. It's $25-35/tickets and the first 350 registrants get a free re-usable "I Love Kirkland" bag.  Register here.

Can't find a sitter? Create some early Valentine fun and bring the kids along.  There's Valentine cookie decorating, special treats, fun photo opportunities and a FREE kids meal at George's on Feb 4th from 3-6! Parents  can let the kid's decorate while you enjoy a special menu created just for you, or let them eat their free meal, as you enjoy Happy Hour from 4:30pm-6:30pm.  Cost is $15 per person. Please RSVP via Eventbrite, to save your space! Ages 12 and under.

What are your favorite Kirkland places to go for Valentine's Day? 

New Sprouts of 2017

IMG_0933 <--hello dorky family. at least we didn't do the matching pajamas things. that's ridiculous.

Our family spent a week over Christmas break in Cancun this year, which was new and different for us.  We met up with family from other states so it still felt familiar and meaningful, yet slightly disconnected from our norm when you replace evergreens with palms, snow with sand and eggnog with margaritas.  Not complaining.  Except for the 24 hours I was barfing from something I ate/drank- I can complain about that. Anyway...my kids agreed the temperature adjustment was too harsh to do the Polar Plunge this year and it didn't really seem fair to be showing off our tans at Marina Park.   Did YOU do it? How'd it go? Those that triumphed get extra KUDOS because it was super-human penguin style cold out there that day.

Upon our return to Kirkland, I got a little of FOBLO (fear of being left out) when I saw all of the new business signs going up around town.  Does nobody rest over break?  So much catching up to do. Here's an outline of some homework I have to work on. Let me know what other ones you have seen/heard about...

Crown Linen Designs
- 906 Market St- met with the owner today, but I am going to keep you in suspense on details until early Feb when they officially open to the public.  Lovely addition! 


No, it's not Groundhog Day. Someone is going to give this space a go (across from Columbia Athletic Club) and we will rally and cheer them on.  The workers on site only knew that it will be an Indian restaurant.  One tipster says it might be called "Kathakali" but I can't find any signage. Stay tuned.


89 Kirkland Ave. This is the old Watercress spot across from The Slip.  The sign says "Raw Bar 89" for which I get ZERO hits for on Google. Is that an ice sculpture out front? Seems to be a  turnstile on this spot too for some reason.  Yelp doesn't even show Watercress as closed though (and they're usually pretty on top of it..)

IMG_0985 darn sunshine messed up my photo 

Previously the Afghan place whose name escapes me (therein lies the problem? something with an 'A' ... Ariana?) at 21 Central is going to be Zeitoon Grill House, a Persian and Mediterranean restaurant.  Lots of mouth-watering pic on their website, and the menu looks a lot like its predecessor's.

Will be fun to get caught up on the plans for these places and start trying some new things! Happy New Year!