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This rain is NOT FUNNY. So NOT FUNNY anymore.

I have to say, for the record, this winter has been a doozie.  Even for many seasoned Seattlites that typically laugh in the face of sideways rain, people are beaten down.  The last time I can think of a winter like this was when Steve and I first moved here from Atlanta in 1999, which was the year a local milestone was broken for raining 100 days in a row.  Not really our proudest moment.  Now I recognize the same faces of apocalyptic zombie people with pale skin and dark circles under their eyes moaning grievances about the weather.   It's appropriate that I am typing this in my sweatpants with a blanket wrapped around me and a cup of tea.  That's not so bad, my daughter has her pajamas on and it's only 6:30.  A friend that just moved here from CA is about to lose her mind, so I find myself constantly texting her apologizing for the weather, as if I'm somehow personally responsible.  How can we all help each other? 

I'll start the list but I need you to chime in too. We are going to have to get really innovative here, Kirklanders. People's sanity is at stake.

Here goes:

-Turn up your heated car seats as high as they go. Sometimes I start sweating and it makes me forget it's cold and rainy. Not advisable for menopausal women.

-Dress up.  Long ago when I worked in inside sales we all still dressed up b/c apparently your professionalism would come through the phone that way. Be fancier than the rain.

-Escape! Save all summer so that you can plan a sunny weekend getaway or two in the winter (AZ, So CA are quickie remedies and a 2 hr flight)

-Turn all the lights on as bright as they go. I am all for energy conservation but we are in a bonified sun-deprivation crisis.  Perhaps we can trick out minds this way?

-Smile at everyone you see. It bring out the inner sunshine. Smiles warm hearts.

-Spray tan. Darn it the chemicals are bad for you (use the nose plugs!), but you'll feel tropical. Side bonus: it creates an optical illusion that you're 5 pounds lighter

-Exercise. Natural endorphines cannot be denied. Side bonus: getting back in bikini shape for when the sun finally returns

-Stop checking your weather app. It might look like this and that's daunting at best, if not dismally depressing. Delete it. Sunshine will feel like an unexpected gift when it peers through.


 Help. Please. Tell us YOUR secrets. 





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Tacita, of A Greater Whole (next to Juanita
Village), suggests Vitamin D shots :)
I have never done one, but I''m going to now...yes, the rain is getting to be even too much for this born and bred Seattlite


Love the seat heaters idea. Cracked me up. :)

When it is sunny or even gray but not raining--go outside and get in natural light. Be outside as much as you can.

Stay to normal sleep schedules. Even though you want to cuddle up in blankets as much as possible. :)

That's all I got. ;)

Stephanie Thomas

I love your sense of humor. Thanks for posting this :)

Louise Pathe

Go up to the mountains. Snowshoe at Gold Creek Pond (usually it's packed down enough you can just walk in boots around the pond), cross country ski, downhill ski, snow-tube. Often, it's gloomy down here, and brighter, if not down-right sunny at the Pass.

Bring flowers inside. Tulips say "spring".

visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory - warm, humid, fragrant, beautiful.

Liz Hunt

All good suggestions!
Grab a friend or relative and go out for a walk! That weather app that you deleted might say 100% chance of rain, but it rarely rains all day, and if it does, take an umbrella! Walk the neighborhood (hills are a bonus), or walk the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Being outside in the fresh air and natural light does wonders. Social time helps, too. You'll bring a warm glow back inside with you.
Yes, get your Vitamin D tested and take a supplement if needed (they're cheap).

Sofia Krasnovskaya

My therapist says half-smiling and willing hands while thinking about what feels unacceptable helps, it releases endorphins and serotonin.

Here is the article to look at:

Hae Sue Park

Plan lots of get togethers with friends - happy hours, cocktails only etc. It makes me so happy when I plan them & to have something to look forward to.

I saw someone's FB post on a summer berry/lavender champagne drink...  why wait till summer, make it now!

ZUMBA, baby!!!

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