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Carillon Kitchen Serves Up Healthy & Homemade Fare

I simply cannot eat fast enough to keep up with the number of new places that have recently opened in Kirkland!  But you know I'll try!

Thanks to all of you that keep sending me emails w/updates. Quick teasers: Zeitoon, Casa Ricardo's, Kathakali are all OPEN! And then there's the wine bar where Tiki Joe's was. And Eureka is out for Mi Mexico's old space but expect to see something coming in instead from the Bottle & Bull guys. Ok, back to all of my eating....


CarillonKitchenInterior   CarillonKitchenlineforfood

I really love what they're doing at Carillon Kitchen that just opened up... you guessed it... in Carillon Point (officially today 4/24).  They are still working out a few kinks on the timeliness of getting the food out, so don't squeeze it in on your 30 minute lunch break just yet, however the food is DELISH.  With a fresh, upscale casual feel, you first grab a menu and get on line as you approach the live entertainment of watching meals being made on the food line right in front of you.  Bowls, knives, lettuce leaves and seasonings fly around in a whirlwind as you stand salivating at the glass trying to match their creations with the menu choices before you.  All of their fresh ingredients are sourced from within 200 miles. You'll find breakfast and lunchy foods- think avocado toast, eggs and wraps, quinoa bowls and rotating selections from the juice bar.  There are also fresh soups, salads, greens and hand-tossed pizzas all with price ranges from $7-16.  Expect a steady flow of customers craving healthy meals, especially since Carillon Kitchen is nestled in a nest of office/retail spaces.  Word is out.

CarillonKitchenwinecountrysalad   CarillonKitchenTurkeyGrainBowl  CarillonKitchenpaleomuffin
Is it obvious this paleo muffin is half eaten? It was so good I couldn't stop myself before taking the photo. Oink.

I had the Wine Country salad (speaking of which, they do have wine and beer there. woohoo!) and tomato soup.  The soup surprised me with a nice little kick to it.  And the salad was a crispy fresh array of textures that hit the spot. My friend had the smoked turkey grain bowl, which seemed very popular that day based on the guests sitting near us, and was a nice hearty combo of protein, greens and grains.  Here is the menu.  The setting is bright and busy with a good energy about it.  Good ole Poppinjay's definitely got spruced up with a splash of happy- white and wood decor, comfy chairs for sitting for a fireside chat, along with plenty of dining tables/chairs. 

Hours are Monday to Sunday 7am-7pm and they validate your parking too. How about delivery?  Yessssss! Within a 5 mile radius.  Make it happen online or download the app (those hours are 8a-6p). We keep our boat at Carillon so I have a feeling this is going to be our summertime go-to spot for quick and healthy meals. 425-739-6363.  ~j


Did Someone say BEERFEST????

Yes, they did.



Is your superpower the ability to make beer disappear? Then jump in your BatMobile, invisible plane, or otherwise & transport yourself down to the Kirkland Spring Beerfest on April 29th! The creators of Kirkland Oktoberfest are launching this NEW one day tasting event featuring local beers and ciders.  It will be located indoors at the ARETE building in downtown Kirkland, across from the new Kirkland Urban and next to Little Brother.. Superhero costumes are encouraged.

Flaunt your speed and your strength during the 0.5k (half a kilometer) Superhero Fun Run! For an extra 10 bucks, you’ll get a collectable Kirkland Spring Beerfest T-Shirt, an extra beer token and BAM – bragging rights at your Headquarters water cooler. The 1,640 foot long race course will be an excellent way to make room for beer tasting!

Entry is $30 in advance (+ the optional $10 to add the 0.5k run) and includes a 5 oz. commemorative Kirkland Spring Beerfest glass, six tasting tokens, and the opportunity to sample your choice of over 25 local seasonal brews. Superheros who wear their costumes receive an extra token. ALL participants must be 21+, and ID’s are required at the event.

Proceeds from this Chump Change event will benefit the Kirkland Downtown Association, a 501c3 non-profit organization that supports the common interests of the Kirkland downtown businesses. The KDA also manages some of Kirkland’s most beloved events, including the Kirkland Wednesday Market, 4th of July Celebration, the Kirkland Summer Concert series, Summerfest, and the Tree Lighting Ceremony. Just a little more Cheer in your Beer! 

Get tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/kirkland-spring-beerfest-tickets-32173503816


Saying Goodbye

It's always sad to say goodbye to Kirkland businesses. Ok, not ALWAYS. But usually. Here are a few farewells...

The Original Pancake House- after 30 years in Kirkland Park Place, they are moving to Redmond Town Center, central plaza on the 2nd floor (above Starbucks). Our family always loved their bananas with real whipped cream and the giant fluffy baked vegetable omelette that was well worth the 30 minute wait.  This breakfast hot spot will still be open another 2-6 weeks, depending on when the permitting comes through in Redmond, so you still have a little time if you hurry!

Skymania in Totem Lake- CLOSING for good on 4/16/17 after 5+ years of operating in Kirkland.  Get ready for some townhomes where you used to get your jump on. 

Kobie Cafe on Central Way- all cleared out and closed. "Simply-D-Lish" must not have been enough. :(


Symbol of a Smart Town: Kirkland's Independent Book Store

Fellow Columbia Athletic Club member, Craig Smith kept telling me how much he enjoys the new independent bookstore, named BookTree, on Market St.  So I told him "write me a post!" and lucky us...he did! Craig is a retired Seattle Times sportswriter who has lived in Kirkland with his wife, Julie, for 40 years. Julie took the photo for this story.  Thanks to both of you for sharing your love of Kirkland and its businesses...


BookTreeOwners2017 Chris Jarmick and Mary Harris (photo credit: Julie Smith)

Kirkland is a town that likes itself, and one reason I like it is because it once again has a bookstore.

BookTree at 609 Market Street – across from the landmark Kirkland Arts Center -  opened in November after a fund-raising campaign and remodeling of what had been a beauty salon.

 The ambitious undertaking of opening a bookstore in the read-on-device era was funded in part by donors who gave as little as $20 and as much as $2,000  for a total of about $25,000. These were donors, not investors. Many of them had been devoted customers of Parkplace Books, which closed in December, 2015, before demolition started for the Kirkland Urban development.

Mary Harris  had co-owned and operated Parkplace Books with Rebecca Willow, who retired when the store closed. Harris wanted to stay in the book business and her new business partner at BookTree is Chris Jarmick, a poet and author and now bookseller. Jarmick, whose background includes various film and documentary projects in Hollywood, has a poetry book “Not Aloud“ he wrote and a novel “The Glass Cocoon” he co-wrote on the shelves.

The store name reflects its Parkplace Books roots. It comes from the whimsical 8-foot-tall  wooden sculpture of a tree that has shelving space for books and sits in the store. The tree, made by staff at Intiman Theater, previously was in the children’s area at Parkplace Books.

BookTree has about 20,000 new and used books in stock. It also sells some audio books and used DVDs, cards and playing cards, collector books and some puzzles. Any book in print can be ordered and sometimes is available within 36 hours. The art on the walls is by local artists and can be purchased.

A mid-March e-mail to customers and supporters said, “Happy to report that we have seen a few more people in the store.  We are still struggling and juggling to make ends meet, but we are moving in the right direction. . . . A few more sales per day will help us a great deal and make sure we can continue being one of the last independent bookstores on the East Side… and the only one of our kind in Kirkland!”

Just as Parkplace Bookstore did, BookTree  hosts appearances by authors and poets and serves as a meeting place for some book clubs. The bookshelves are on wheels and roll out of the way for seating of up to 40 people. A recent event featured Tod Marshall, Washington State poet laureate and included a workshop, reading and open microphone. On the fourth Tuesday of every month a 7 o’clock a “book of the month” discussion is held. The April book is “Sympathizer” by Viet Thanh Nguyen.

The store has a separate children’s section complete with two huge beanbags on which kids can lounge and play. Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. there is a story time for preschoolers.

Store hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays and noon to 5 p.m. on Sundays.

 Co-owner Harris, who has been in the book business for about four decades, may have put it best when she said, “How could I live in a town without a bookstore?”  She doesn’t, and she is the reason she doesn’t.


Kirkland Summer Concert Series 2017

Sunshine Summerconcert Sunshine

I just wanted a reason to say SUMMER.  Couldn't be more ready. Let's fast forward.

The Kirkland Downtown Association will be rocking (and celebrating 40 years!) the Kid Concert Series every Tues 10-11am from July 11-Aug 22nd at Juanita Beach Park and the evening concerts in Marina Park from 7-8:30pm  July 6 through Aug 17th.  Thank you to Waste Management and the City of Kirkland for their sponsorship of these fun community traditions. Check out the musical lineup here.

The KDA also puts on many other Kirkland Events such as the Farmer's Market, 4th of July Celebration, Classic Car Show, Summerfest and Winterfest. To help support some of these programs that add to the vibrancy of our community, they have recently started a membership program (starting at $49) that you can learn more about here.

The Pursuit

Big thanks to my friend Meredith S who has been loving her workouts at "The Pursuit" and agreed to write a post for us! After chatting with her, I was so compelled that I decided to do a field-trip with a few of my usual workout partners to put it to the test, my comments added in below.

If you've spent time in Juanita Village recently and done any window shopping you may have noticed a newer gym just a few doors down from Urban Coffee Lounge and Bala Yoga. The Pursuit opened last summer and has been steadily gaining a following.

Visit and you'll see ten Pilates reformer type benches and a bright clean studio space. Classes are 50 minutes and limited to ten students. Instructors are vigilant about form and give a lot of guidance and correction to make sure you are targeting the right muscles and staying safe on the equipment.

As a recent practitioner, one of the things I love most is the slow pace. I've often compared the workout to a session to physical therapy. Slow, deliberate movements push muscle groups to their maximum. You're legs and arms and abs will be quivering, and that's the point. The Lagree philosophy is all about working at a low impact but maximum ability. It's intense! You'll break a sweat and you will be sore.

This is a great cross training option for people, like me. I play a lot of soccer and have had a few chronic injuries that have been tough to rehab at home. After a few sessions on the Megaformer (that's what the machines are called) I'm feeling a lot stronger and those sore areas have disappeared... or maybe it's that I'm now sore all over.

Your first class is free. In my experience all the instructors have been really helpful guiding new students through the exercises and keeping a close eye on your form. So, if you are looking to change it up a bit or just want to work those muscles in a slow, deliberate way, give it a go! ~Meredith


During this workout, we were laughing so that we wouldn't cry.  It took a little while to get the hang of the machines and the directions, but then we were able to get to work!  Meredith forgot to put the word QUIVER in all caps because I was shaking like a leaf.  For your first (free) session it's not required, but there are grip socks ($20) that you are supposed to wear during the workout and I can see how those would be really helpful as you are trying to control a glideboard while balancing and, of course, shaking as you exhaust teeny tiny muscles you didn't know you had.  I added this photo so you could see how sweaty AJ is in the center. That's why he's standing all weird-Mindy and I didn't have to get too close to his drenched self (i'm like a desert snake...I don't sweat). It's noteworthy that they are getting ready to open another location on NE 8th in Bellevue. Pricing is $150-250/month depending on the number of sessions you sign up for. Scheduling happens through mindbodyonline ~Janis