Did Someone say BEERFEST????
Casa Ricardo's Family Mexican Restaurant

Carillon Kitchen Serves Up Healthy & Homemade Fare

I simply cannot eat fast enough to keep up with the number of new places that have recently opened in Kirkland!  But you know I'll try!

Thanks to all of you that keep sending me emails w/updates. Quick teasers: Zeitoon, Casa Ricardo's, Kathakali are all OPEN! And then there's the wine bar where Tiki Joe's was. And Eureka is out for Mi Mexico's old space but expect to see something coming in instead from the Bottle & Bull guys. Ok, back to all of my eating....


CarillonKitchenInterior   CarillonKitchenlineforfood

I really love what they're doing at Carillon Kitchen that just opened up... you guessed it... in Carillon Point (officially today 4/24).  They are still working out a few kinks on the timeliness of getting the food out, so don't squeeze it in on your 30 minute lunch break just yet, however the food is DELISH.  With a fresh, upscale casual feel, you first grab a menu and get on line as you approach the live entertainment of watching meals being made on the food line right in front of you.  Bowls, knives, lettuce leaves and seasonings fly around in a whirlwind as you stand salivating at the glass trying to match their creations with the menu choices before you.  All of their fresh ingredients are sourced from within 200 miles. You'll find breakfast and lunchy foods- think avocado toast, eggs and wraps, quinoa bowls and rotating selections from the juice bar.  There are also fresh soups, salads, greens and hand-tossed pizzas all with price ranges from $7-16.  Expect a steady flow of customers craving healthy meals, especially since Carillon Kitchen is nestled in a nest of office/retail spaces.  Word is out.

CarillonKitchenwinecountrysalad   CarillonKitchenTurkeyGrainBowl  CarillonKitchenpaleomuffin
Is it obvious this paleo muffin is half eaten? It was so good I couldn't stop myself before taking the photo. Oink.

I had the Wine Country salad (speaking of which, they do have wine and beer there. woohoo!) and tomato soup.  The soup surprised me with a nice little kick to it.  And the salad was a crispy fresh array of textures that hit the spot. My friend had the smoked turkey grain bowl, which seemed very popular that day based on the guests sitting near us, and was a nice hearty combo of protein, greens and grains.  Here is the menu.  The setting is bright and busy with a good energy about it.  Good ole Poppinjay's definitely got spruced up with a splash of happy- white and wood decor, comfy chairs for sitting for a fireside chat, along with plenty of dining tables/chairs. 

Hours are Monday to Sunday 7am-7pm and they validate your parking too. How about delivery?  Yessssss! Within a 5 mile radius.  Make it happen online or download the app (those hours are 8a-6p). We keep our boat at Carillon so I have a feeling this is going to be our summertime go-to spot for quick and healthy meals. 425-739-6363.  ~j



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