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Kirkland Needs You this 4th!

Uncle-sam-needs-you         4thKirkland2017

Celebrate Kirkland is hovering near the panic button because they desperately need volunteers to pull off our annual parade and celebration downtown.  Show them your red, white and blue! There's a full list of jobs here and you can sign up online to help or email penny.sweet13@gmail.com or bromerysusan@gmail.com if that's easier.  This year's theme is "With Liberty and Justice for ALL."    Tell your teens it's a great way to accrue a few more volunteer service hours!  See you out there..

PS- St. James Espresso ,across from the Performance Center, shut their doors today.  Here's my original post from when they first opened back in 2008 (owners have changed since then).  RIP SJE.

The Final Countdown to Summer

All3NealSmiles<--too cool for school (and yes, that is a vest in June)

It's the last week of school for Lake Washington School District, and at my house, you can certainly feel the excitement in the air.  Parents, try not to have a panic attack (and keep the wine on the ready). Every day my kids come home telling me they had a carnival or are signing yearbooks or going on a picnic or watching a movie.  They are officially CHECKED OUT.  And so am I. But I was pretty excited to notice a little side benefit of this week.  It appears that my house has been cleaned- yet it has not!  It's just the fact that my kids' text books are gone from the counter and the reams of paper that clutter my kitchen island and dining table have been recycled.  Backpacks are back to being an acceptable weight and nestle neatly into mudroom cubbies where before they did not fit.

I thought it would be fun to pepper my kids with some questions about the end of the school-year.  This not only serves the purpose of my entertainment, it was also a way to let their anxious smiles unfold into the open.  These would likely be way funnier if we asked little kids instead of snarky teenagers, but here goes:

Are you glad it's the last week of school? Why/why not? 

B-Yes, there won't be as much stress

R-Yes b/c I can be free. But I will miss my teachers and algebra  (<---this can't be my child??)

S- Yes & No.  No homework/freetime/good weather, but I won't get to see my teachers.

What is top on your list to accomplish this summer?

B- Get stronger.

R-Be prepared for high school and make $1000 so I can buy a car. And I want to walk big dogs.

S-Run every day and be more active  (um...hello, you do 7.5 hours of gymnastics a week??!)

What is the worst memory from middle school this year?

B-I got in trouble for fast-walking.  I wasn't even running.  (I'll betcha $10  he was running)

R-Nothing. I've been a good kid.

S-I ate at the cafeteria! And one time I got in trouble for putting a tissue in the wrong trash can.

When is the awesome weather coming?

B-this weekend

R-never? ugh. July 16 is my guess

S- this weekend

Do you have any advice for teachers for next year?

B- Be kind.

R-When someone asks a question, answer it. Don't repeat it or re-phrase it or get mad.

S-Please at least pretend you like your job    (snarky, told ya..)

What time will you wake up this summer and what's the first thing you plan to do?

B-10:30 or 11.  Beach with my friends.

R-9:30. Sleep in or waterski   (these two things do not happen on the same day, obviously)

S-8:30 and I have no idea.


Here's to a safe and happy summer!



Whirling and Wednesdays

Whirling? Yes. Whirling for Liberty, of course. 

The Kirkland Downtown Association is announcing a special event, “Whirling for Liberty”, an auction and live music event at the Fraternal Order of Eagles on June 16th from 7-11PM.  All proceeds from this event will go to the 2017 Kirkland Fourth of July Festival. The KDA and local volunteers including Terri Fletcher, Glenn Peterson, Cindy Reynolds and Penny Sweet are providing a fun filled evening of auctions, prizes, raffles and LIVE music with Kirkland's own "The Whirlies with Michael Conner". 

The cost for the event is a $20 donation which includes a free drink ticket, and raffle ticket.  Auction items range from tickets to the Seahawks 2017 season, all day spa treatments, and weekends at luxury hotels to even bidding on “The Whirlies with Michael Conner” for your own summer backyard party!  Register for the event today to reserve your table.  Remember seating is limited to 150 people and expectations are that this will sell out fast.

KDA is a 501-3C organization.  For more information, please contact: Glenn Peterson, (206) 660-8424


And here are some fun photos from Opening Day of the Kirkland Wednesday Market on June 7th.  Lots of great booths down there! Hours are 2-7 at Marina Park. 

Market1.2107  Market2.2017  Market7.2017   Market10.2017   Market9.2017   Market6.2017  Market5.2017


Wow Wow Lemonade, Let me In!


It was last July I had heard that Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade was coming to Kirkland.  And so I waited. And waited.   And now it's here at 52 Lakeshore Plaza.  On a sunny Memorial weekend day I drove through Marina Park and (shocker!) couldn't find a parking spot.  I swooned out the window at the sunshine bouncing off their bright yellow and white umbrellas yearning for a way to encounter this new downtown business.   The patio was packed with people happily quenching their thirst with what I hear are amazing handcrafted lemonades that started in Hawaii.  

Wowwowdoor  WowwowInterior
So now it's three days later, and I take my son for a haircut and think I'd classified as  a pretty cool mom if I took him for a lemonade afterwards.  He agrees. It's Tuesday, and parking is wide open. Score!? No. Too good to be true.  I was able to walk in and snap a few pics but they were closed.  Now I feel like I'm a bit of a Wow Wow Stalker. I will have to try again, but in the meantime, you can enjoy my pics (theirs are better) and learn about their interesting story and vision.  They are all about community, so they are in the right place. Welcome to Kirkland Wow Wow.  I'm going to get you one of these days.  And I'm coming thirsty.

Hours are : Mon Closed, T/W/R 9-6, Fri/Sat 9-8, Sun 9-7.

  Wowwowmenu1  Wowwowmenu2 <--click to enlarge menus (acai bowls too it appears)