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Bella Balducci, a Hidden Gem

First I need to let you know that we have been to Bella Balducci's Mediterranean Cuisine, which is a hidden gem in a beat-up little strip mall in Juanita at 11834 98th Ave NE, three or four times now.  Steve liked it so much he volunteered to write this post! REJOICE! Every time we're there I ask, "do you need to take some photos?"  "Noooooo.  I've got them already.  I'll do my review soon," he says.  So here I am.  After much badgering and reminding, you are stuck with me again.  Snarrrrky.

Anyway (that felt good to air out).....I'm glad to write this post b/c it's a great little spot that I want you to visit!  Their first successful location is in Monroe, and you'll find Kevin, one of the owners, at the Kirkland Bella Balducci's frequently and he always makes a personal connection.  He will even remember you the next time you're in.  It's totally casual and right across from Brix/Juanita Village.  They have Greek and Italian food that is fresh and fast and really reasonably priced.  The most expensive thing on the menu is $12-13. It has been perfect for a starving family after sports games, because there's something for everyone, you can get all food groups represented, and it doesn't break the bank.  Here's their menu, which I noticed they also DELIVER within a 3 mile radius between 5-9pm. Score. 

BellaBalduccimeat   BellaBalduccifries
The interior of the space has definitely been updated since it was the little teriyaki place (which we also enjoyed).  I usually order the skewers and substitute vegetables for the rice (first photo) which is really good. Plenty of food.   As you can see, my kids ate their fries faster than I could take the photo so those must have passed their test. We have tried the gyros, paninis, salads and entrees and still haven't had a bad meal.  It appears Yelpers agree with us too. Bella Balducci's (425-242-0597) hours are 11am-9pm every day except Friday and Saturday they are open until 10pm. Go check them out and tell Kevin we said hello. Great little addition to Kirkland. 


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This review is so cool. Click on the "Kevin" link (I was not going to), and it is magical! Completely agree with the review: in every way, it is a super good restaurant, so glad they are in our neighborhood!

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