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Crossing Kirkland Block Party

Everyone loves the Cross Kirkland Corridor- so why not have a party on it? Now we're thinking, people!  Mark your calendars for Sept 9th so you can come witness our first city-wide block party. It looks like details are still in the works but as always, it takes volunteers to make these things happen.

Eclipsesleep <--first 10 minutes of eclipse     the entire rest of the eclipse--->         Eclipsesleep
And I'm also curious what you saw/did/thought for the eclipse on Monday? We headed out on Lake WA with our special glasses and were fantastically underwhelmed.  Cool but not super-wow-whoa-crazy cool.   Should have headed to the path of totality (which sounded kind of scary). Maybe I'm just tough to impress?  

Back to School.....Already?

SkiJanis2017<--me in my summertime happy place

The tide has shifted.  You know what I mean.  It's that tingle in the air when you go from being a summertime free-bird to suddenly feeling the undercurrent of excitement and mild anxiety that comes along with a new schoolyear about to start.  I have to say that this may be one of the first summers where I thoroughly enjoyed my kids for the ENTIRE summer.  That sounds weird to say, but truly, they did not make me crazy! Whether it's their ages or the intricate balance of camps, travel and free-time, or the weather, we may never know or witness the formula again, but I am thankful.  Since we can't sign up for another month of summer we march onward with brave faces towards (gulp) high school for the girls and 7th grade for the B man.  

I thought you might like to know some of the things I'm doing/thinking about right now so you can either laugh at me or do them too.

1-Try to ignore the newsfeeds, take 5 deep oxygen-rich breaths, and go seize the last moments of your summer fun.  Forget the dishes, there's time for that later. Check your summer 'to do' list- did you mean to get out there and kayak, hike, wash your car, camp, view a solar eclipse, call you state Senators, take more naps?? Whatever it is...last chance...go!

2-Purge.  I haven't had this urge to clean stuff up and start fresh since I was 7 months pregnant in 2005. Getting the junk out. Instruments we don't use any more? Bye bye. Old furniture, stuffed animals, art supplies, papers, clothes that are too small- be gone! Fortunately some of my mini-me's have joined me in this undertaking, because in some strange way it makes us feel prepared to face the new schoolyear together with a clean slate.

3-Also a very important not-to-be-missed event would be a "Back to School Mom's Day."  Sounds official, right?  Schedule one.  This gem happens when the kids are in school and the moms get together to re-connect (PC:dads you can come too) over mimosas, share summertime stories and get in some good belly laughs.   You have to start the year off right, and it takes a village to get this parenting s*%t done.

4-Back to school supplies.  There is some special timing to this, as many of you expert parents may know.  My kids are very adamant about accomplishing this chore 'before the good stuff is gone.'  They find joy in selecting these items in person because online will not give them the  full 3D experience of hand-picking their favorite colors and patterns.  Here's our conundrum: In high school we have discovered there is no supply list given online ahead of time, like there was in middle school.  Teachers will tell them what is required during the first week of school, which by this time, is when all the 'good' stuff is gone. TRAGEDY. 

I do, however, have some tips for you as you begin your back to school shopping. Have you ever picked up your student's backpack? Soooo HEAVY?! I often wonder if my kids could get weekend jobs as sherpas.   Kirkland Middle school learned at their Backpack Awareness Day last year that 92% of their students were carrying a backpack that is more than 10-15% of their own bodyweight, (which is the recommended max by the American Occupational Therapy Association). My 13 year old daughter's backpack was about 17 pounds, and I assure you she is not 170.  So, one way to help with this problem is to guide your kids toward selecting light weigh supplies like the ones in my tip sheet here.  Some local physical therapists and chiropractors have great insights  on how to select and pack a backpack properly. And don't forget to set aside a certain time each week for your student to get in the routine of cleaning out their pack. 

Enough of that- go joy the last moments of summer. They'll be gone before we know it.



Little League: Life Lessons

Things got a little crazy on Everest Field A over the weekend at the Softball Junior League World Series.   National news outlets like USA Today and even Sports Illustrated picked up on the controversy when a team from Atlee, VA was disqualified for a photo that got posted on Snapchat.  No, it wasn't a shot of victory smiles for their 1-0 semi-final win over Kirkland for these 12-15 year old girls, it was 6 of their players flipping  the bird to our host team (possibly provoked when we had a coach and player ejected for stealing signs).  Google it- I don't have the heart to post the photo here. Although the Snapchat post was quickly removed and apologies issued (kudos to their coach), it was determined by the Little League International Tournament Committee that this use of social media was unsportsman-like conduct and the Southeast team was disqualified from the World Series.  The irony was that Kirkland was then given their spot to compete in the championship game, which they lost 1-7.

So many life lessons here.   Despite the fact that these are kids, I appreciate that there was a swift and immediate consequence.   It's how we learn  (perhaps the NFL should take note?).  And these girls are plenty young to move forward easily with class, resiliency and wisdom. The teammates that didn't partake in the photo quickly learned that you rise (they hadn't lost a game) and fall as a team.  Certainly this was a Softball World Series with a twist, but I know that thousands of conversations around the pitfalls and rapid-pace of social media have bubbled up in families as a result.  And that's a chat we all need to have with our kids.  

Simple for Summertime

Canadafires(No filter!)

It's hot and sunny and SUMMER- who has time to read blog posts?! Put your phone down. Go be outside.

You're probably all packing your coolers for Seafair and the Blue Angels (Aug 4-6), which we will hopefully be able to see through these smokey skies.

Here are my Cliff Notes for you-

Chickfila2Chick-fil-A is now open in Kirkland. Dancing people with signs. Let the lines begin.

NursesEvergreenHealth Medical Center was recently recognized by Nurse.org as one of the best hospitals for nurses in Washington.  Kudos!

Summerfest2017Summerfest is Aug 11-13 this year and they are looking for volunteers! Don't think just do it.  Sign up here.

SoftballWorldSeriesbanner2017The Junior Softball World Series is here in Kirkland again at Everest Field (Jul 30-Aug 5) and our girls are hanging tough.

LodgefrontageThe Lodge could be headed for trouble. 

PublicHousePublic House "coming soon" on Park Lane where Mi Mexico, almost then almost Eureka used to be. 

Eyecandy_logo_111x125Eyecandy gave their final big lashed winks and closed their doors on 7/31.  

SUPGang Kirkland appears to have a SUP gang.  About 30 of them on the lake yesterday blasting Duran Duran "Hungry Like the Wolf" as they paddled on by.  They could be very dangerous, approach with caution.