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Crossing Kirkland Block Party

Everyone loves the Cross Kirkland Corridor- so why not have a party on it? Now we're thinking, people!  Mark your calendars for Sept 9th so you can come witness our first city-wide block party. It looks like details are still in the works but as always, it takes volunteers to make these things happen.

Eclipsesleep <--first 10 minutes of eclipse     the entire rest of the eclipse--->         Eclipsesleep
And I'm also curious what you saw/did/thought for the eclipse on Monday? We headed out on Lake WA with our special glasses and were fantastically underwhelmed.  Cool but not super-wow-whoa-crazy cool.   Should have headed to the path of totality (which sounded kind of scary). Maybe I'm just tough to impress?  


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My husband and I were in totality. Breathtaking, surreal, way beyond our expectations! It was like a giant piece of art work unfolding before our eyes. Blue sky turns to dusk, stars glowing, then something we've never seen before, a light radiating from a black disk. We feel a cool breeze as the temperature drops, the street lights start to come on, one by one, the crowd cheers, then ooh's & ahs, then almost complete silence as we all try take it in what we just experienced in the last three minutes. It is really indescribable...


Thanks, as always, for your news and insights!

We were here in Kirkland for the eclipse because the first day of varsity sports practice could not be missed! It would have been awesome to experience totality, but we enjoyed our 92% here. It was cool to see an increasing bite taken out of the sun (through approved glasses, of course!), the light had an eerie quality to it, and the quiet was unique. All the critters disappeared from sight and all noise stopped. It was fascinating to sit in the yard and take it all in. (You would have missed that part out on the boat.) Totality would have been way better, but 92% was kinda cool. Bonus: Taking a break from the usual day-to-day to observe nature, think about science, and visit with neighbors.

Florence C.

We went to Central Oregon to watch the eclipse, it was totally amazing there, we stayed in a state park close to Madras, almost everyone had a telescope. It was wonderful to see the crescent shape shadows on the ground before the total eclipse and right after, the night tuning everything dark, the color of the sky at the moment of the total eclipse. And after, it seemed someone had turned the switch on and the light began to come back.

It took us 13 hours to go back to Redmond, the roads in Madras were in total chaos, cars everywhere. But even with all the traffic, we didn’t mind after such a magical moment, and all the other cars were driving nicely and calmly.

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