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Kirkland may be growing faster than my teenagers this year!  Which is likely why somebody wants to  put another grocery store in town- they must have seen the stats on my kids' food and milk consumption.  Turns out we've all been so enamored with Kirkland Urban and The Village at Totem Lake that some of us may not have noticed the proposal for a mixed-use project in Rose Hill. Thank you, avid blog reader and awesome super spy, Kim B., for the tip! 

The proposed site is on NE 85th St and 120th Ave NE, where the not-so-easy on the eyes shopping center that includes Petco, the Dollar Store and Outback is right now.  This property also stretches back to the auxiliary Costco parking lot, but does not include our beloved beige argyle U-Haul. Check out the proposal and conceptual drawings (pages 9 and 25 are good ones to skip to). With over 1 million GSF, this project will include multi-family residential (apartments), commercial/retail, and structured parking. The plans also mentions it will likely offer a grocery, a pharmacy, misc retail/commercial and a restaurant.  Public plazas, pedestrian corridors and plenty of landscaping are also on the promise list. Take a look. What do you think? 


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Liz Hunt

Wow! So much going on in Kirkland. A few thoughts:
- Need to make sure they build enough parking.
- Curious that they're considering a grocery and a drug store so close to Safeway & Bartell's. I wonder if they'd be different demographic (like a gourmet grocery and an upscale pharmacy (Pharmaca?). Or are they just penciling in those to make the development more attractive but they might not actually put them in?
- As for the 3 designs: (1) Street - looks boring. there are fewer drawings of this one so harder to tell what it would be like (is it presented that way to discourage interest in that design?) (2) The hub design is interesting. (3) The piazza is kind of nice, and the interior plaza would be nice for people on the property, but that design seems to provide big buildings with big/wide/tall facades facing the streets?


85th traffic is already a mess. Will they be doing anything to mediate for this increased volume?

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