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I spy: The Guest House

IMG_5691  IMG_5690

I'm drifting a little past our Kirkland borders on this one, but when I ate breakfast at The Guest House this week, I couldn't help but think Kirkland readers (especially Juanita ones) might be grateful.  This little gem has been open for 3 weeks and is hidden in plain sight just off of Juanita Drive at 6810 NE 153rd Pl.  It's across from Arrowhead Elementary and I think maybe this space used to be a karate studio? Anyway- look for it because it's adorable and the food is super delicious. There's a poignant family story of how it came to be, but after a bone-chilling morning on the lake all I could focus on was the comfort of immediate and welcoming seating, hearty healthy homemade food, and of course, a Mimosa toast with my ski partners to celebrate our first water-ski run of the season. 

IMG_5708  <I told you I was hungry, it's actually bigger than shown here

I plowed into my eggs/sausage/arugula with a side of fruit with so much gusto that I forgot to take a photo at first.  Sorry about half-mauled plate (still looks good, right?). Everyone really enjoyed their food- there are fresh-baked pastries, 4-5 menu items (breakfast plate $13, breakfast sandwich $11, etc) and sides $3-5.  Emily even took a slice of bread home it was THAT good.  Her three adjectives for this place? Warm. Friendly. Delicious. 


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The Guest House decor is a modern cozy, with lots of wood and dark grays and an open kitchen concept (w/a pizza oven!).  Everyone employee that we came in contact with gave off an air of genuine helpfulness. When you walk in the counter is right in front of you so you just order there and get a number to sit down with and your food gets delivered to your table.  It has a little bit of a DeRu-type vibe which means it will be bustling with people in no time.  I heard they have been quite busy already! Right now they are just open for breakfast and dinner, but lunch is coming very soon.  The dinner menu looks amazing too and the space has a bar as well. 

 Other good things to know before you walk in, their Facebook page (lots of comments there) says they don't take reservations, closed Monday and that it is difficult for them to accommodate parties of more than 6 people.  To reach The Guest House, email info@theguesthouserestaurant.com or call 425-402-4990. Enjoy!