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Big Smiles at Shirzad Fine Jewelry

IMG_6712  Say hello to Venetia and Hamed

I'm not going to lie.  Diamonds make me smile.  Even when I do my weekly Costco visit, I start my trek with a 30 second whirl around the jewelry counter because the bright lights feel like the sun and pretty things sparkle and bring a smile to my face.  And why not? It somehow makes the impending vegetable selections seem more glamorous. 

So I knew when I walked into Shirzad Fine Jewelry at 200 Central Way (the old Haute Dog and Kobie Cafe spot), I knew that there were some smiles in my future.  But what I didn't know was that Hamed the owner, and Venetia the manager, would have me smiling before I even looked in the jewelry cases.  These two are so friendly and passionate about what they do you can't help but feel welcomed.  Shirzad has been in business for ten years and was previously in Seattle underneath the Alexis Hotel.   They wanted to be in Kirkland for a more neighborhood feel.  

What do we need to know about their products and services? Here are the highlights.  I'm really into bullet-ed lists lately:

  • They specialize in custom design and diamonds
  • Hamed started in the biz at a young age and has many dealers and designers that he works with
  • They go straight to the source to cut out the middle man and save you money
  • Why not throw a 'casting party' where you pour your gold into the mold for your custom jewelry?  Wine/cheese and gold, of course!
  • They can do appraisals
  • For those that aren't comfortable leaving jewelry pieces behind for cleaning/servicing, they will do the work while you watch


And by the way, there are some different stones and contemporary pieces in there too.  Like this cool dendrite agate ring I tried on ($150).  Hellooo Mother's Day!  Speaking of which-don't forget there's the Kirkland Mother's Day Half Marathon/5K, and special spa/food menus at Carillon Point too.  They would pair nicely with some new jewelry.    

 Shirzad Fine Jewelry hours are Mon-Sat 10-6 and Sunday they are closed.  425-576-1243





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