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Lots of Clapping to do-

KITEGoogle   KITE STEM Individual Winner photo credit: Google

The results are in!  The KITE STEM Challenge awarded over $40,000 to 15 schools in the Lake Washington School District last week that will go towards increasing STEM programming.  Over 3,000 students participated and answered 300,000+ STEM-related questions between April 23rd and May 13th.  Big applause to all of the schools who participated and kudos to Google and the Kirkland Parks Foundation partnering up to offer this educational application wrapped in park-filled fun. Here are the winning schools (way to go Kirkland!)

  • First place high school ($10,000) - Redmond High School
  • Second place high school ($5,000) - Lake Washington High School
  • Third place high school ($3,000) - Tesla STEM High School
  • First place middle school ($6,000) - Kirkland Middle School
  • Second place middle school ($3,000) - Environmental and Adventure School
  • Third place middle school ($2,000) - Redmond Middle School
  • First place elementary schools ($3,000 each) - Kirk Elementary & Thoreau Elementary
  • Second place elementary schools ($1,500 each) - Rose Hill Elementary & Twain Elementary
  • Third place elementary schools ($1,000 each) - Alcott Elementary & Lakeview Elementary
  • Participation prize ($500 each) - Blackwell Elementary, Juanita Elementary & Stella Schola Middle School

LW10artwright photo credit: Sheryl Vincent
In other Kirkland butt-kicking news, the 10U LW baseball team won 1st place in the Art Wright Memorial tournament. Way to go boys!

Clapping is also required for Asuraphong Liengboonlertchai, owner of Simplicity 1-2-3 better known as "A", whose giant smile and kind heart will be missed.  He just sold his business but before you start crying you should know that you will still see him at Hallmark Realty, and that an employee bought his store and will continue to serve our community.  Here is his announcement, which I completely love because you can almost hear his voice as you read it.  I stopped in to give him some extra hugs today because this person is truly a gift to Kirkland- stay tuned for a write up on our conversation from today.

And....when one of my advertisers is having a party, you need to know.  I clap for free fun. Grab a friend and go little ones!  Neal Smiles Orthodontics is doing their summer celebration on June 27th from 3-5pm with a bouncy house, reptile man, coffee stand and an ice cream truck.  9750 NE 120th Place, Suite 5/6. 425-823-1234



Punching & Swinging

9Round Fitness is getting ready to open at 314 Central Way (near T-Mobile and Emerald City Smoothie) on June 10th.  This organization was founded by world-champion kickboxers and has over 700 international locations.   There are no classtimes  (then you can't be late! yay!), so you can drop in whenever it is convenient for you to run through a 30 minute 9 station full body workout circuit.  Start on whatever station you like and get ready to burn 500-550 calories.  There's abs and core/strength training that includes cardio, weights, bag work and core.  3 minutes on followed by 30 seconds of recovery and the workout is different every day.  I think you can find some serious stress relief on those punching bags? 

IMG_6891  <-- say hi to Tammie
There's free parking in the garage and hours are M/W 8-8, Tues/Thurs 6:30-8, Fri 806 and Sat 8-12.  Owner Tammie Freeman (photo) thinks you should be able to try it out for free before you commit. And I agree. So get yourself in there and register to try it out while she holds charter member pricing for you at $99/mo (plus $25 reg fee) which never increases.  After that you are looking at $129-159/mo depending on what options you choose.  Tammie.freeman@9round.com 

COPS   Kirklandpolice   SpecialOlympicsWA

In other eventful news, when you prefer swinging to punching, you can head out to Inglewood Golf Club on Monday June 4th to support two great causes.  Tell the boss you'll be sick that day. The Kirkland Police Dept has been putting on this event for almost 20 years and all of the proceeds go to the Special Olympics of WA and Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS).  Watch out because Captain Ursino is emcee'ing the event which means it is a guaranteed good time. He even convinced me to play on his team, which brings an altogether new level of sporting entertainment to the golfing community. It's an 11am shotgun start and a scramble (thank goodness).   Entry fee is $175 and includes green fee/golf cart, valet bag drop, range balls, box lunch, catered buffet dinner, goodie bad and auction/raffle prizes.  Register here to come out and play with us! Or if you can't make it, you can still  sponsor (pball@kirklandwa.gov )  or donate (mdeaguiar@kirklandwa.gov ).  UPDATE- this tournament is now FULL but you can still sponsor or donate raffle prizes (or come laugh at me that's always free, I"ll buy you a beer)

Stavros Come Back!

IMG_6940  <-Kylie & Sydney have deep conversations about missing this restaurant on the daily

A few teenagers that hang around my house decided to take matters into their own hands recently.  This sign got resurrected today at Santorini.  They cannot be without their favorite gyro meat that has been a part of our routine for the last 15 years.  Stop by and write you own message on the sign too.  We miss you, Stavros.  What is happening !?! Still no workers?  We will work behind the counter.  School is almost out.  HELP US HELP YOU.  signed, #hungryinKirkland (for Greek food and your friendly smile)

Microblading Demystified

IMG_6524 1
 Jacqueline Perry, Permanent Appeal

Why does the word  'microblade' have to sound so friggin' scary?  Every genius knows you can't put the word 'blade' in a beauty treatment and think people will come flocking to it. But that's exactly what's happening. Ladies, if you've been curious or maybe heard of microblading but don't know what it means, I'll enlighten you with my recent experience. Let me be your guinea pig, because I'm rockin' some awesome eyebrows now and you deserve to know this secret.  Don't eyeroll me.  Now you are going to start noticing people's eyebrows and how helpful brows can be to frame your face.

A couple of friends were raving about Jacqueline Perry, who owns Permanent Appeal in Bellevue. It was a little difficult to get scheduled at first because apparently a lot of other Eastsiders had discovered her before I had.  But it was worth the wait.  She took the time to explain every step of how this semi-permanent tattooing method works.  My brows have always been on the lighter side and fade out at the ends. She is so experienced and was super patient with my 493 questions.  This technique typically  lasts 9-12 months and can be up to 2 years, so you don't want to trust your face with just anyone.  After the free consult when I was totally comfortable I schedule my appointment, and the follow up for 5-6 weeks later.  Here's the story.

IMG_5853  <--crazy face getting prepped IMG_6517  <--smallest blade i've ever seen

First, Jacqueline mapped out my brows (lovely photo above, klingon style) based on facial reference points of what my brows should be. So we're not just freestylin' here, which is good.  And then we discuss and agree upon the shape, size and color, which was way less difficult than I expected.  She's done this 700 times before after all.  There's a clean and sanitary work area and topical numbing happens next before the microblading begins.  The tool she uses really is a micro blade (photo)- a teeny tiny little blade to which pigment is applied and the skin is stretched apart and small scratches are made, in hair-like strokes, for the pigment to get pushed in. I'm sure everyone has a different pain threshold, but for me this didn't hurt at all.  It felt like little teeny zips of static electricity along with some blotting and stretching to help push the ink in. The entire appointment took 2 hours. A follow up appointment is needed 5-6 weeks later where you repeat the process.  It helped that Jacqueline is so clear and thorough with what to expect during each week post treatment (see the card below).  Because it does look dark at first (don't panic), and then fades and gets a little peely before color comes back (at which point your wondering what the heck is going on) and then by week 4 you're healed and almost ready for your follow up appointment.  The second time around goes way faster because you know what to expect.  How much does this semi-permanent make-up miracle cost? $650 (ouch, I know-includes free consult and the first 2 appointments).  After that you can touch up after 6 mo for $150 or $350 for annual touch up.  You can find the service for less, but be forewarned, this is an art and not all are artists are created equal. I've had a few friends go to Jacqueline, both fair and dark browed, that are all really happy with their results.

IMG_6881    IMG_5865 < before and after my 1st microblade treatment  

Check out my before and after photos. There are lots of other examples she has done here.  You can finally retire your eyebrow pencil!  Jacqueline encourages anyone who is considering microblading to ask a lot of questions of their provider. She does a lot of correction work. There's a technique to the strokes, the depth of superficial cuts, the types of pigment and the balance/evenness of your brows that comes with training and experience.  So if you nail or lash person says they just learned to do this and want to try it on you, it's ok to be skeptical (because there is no certification requirement in WA State besides a business license!).  Make sure you work with someone that uses all disposable products and be sure to ask a lot of questions.  This is a tattoo on your face after all.

Jacqueline has an interesting story.  She has a marketing background and used to work at UW School of Medicine within cancer care.  A few years ago she was at a party and met a woman who had just gone through two rounds of chemo.  She complimented Jacqueline's brows and shared that she had minimal brows and was bummed they wouldn't grow back because of her treatments.  Side effects from her cancer treatment impacted her vision so she struggled to see to do her make-up and even pencil her brows.  This got Jacqueline thinking, and so she did a little research and discovered microblading was trending in other major cities but just hadn't reached Seattle yet. Then she took a leap!  She became passionate about having the ability to help a person feel better about themselves. She took a microblading course, but felt that wasn't enough, so she did more advanced training in LA- paramedical cosmetic tattooing and scalp micro-pigmentation.   She not only does brows, but also helps alopecia patients and partners with local plastic surgeons to assist breast cancer survivors that need areola and nipple tattooing.  

Permanent Appeal is in the Mosaic location in Bellevue.  You can follow on Insta and ask questions via FB messenger  or email jacqueline@permanentappeal.com. 

Big Smiles at Shirzad Fine Jewelry

IMG_6712  Say hello to Venetia and Hamed

I'm not going to lie.  Diamonds make me smile.  Even when I do my weekly Costco visit, I start my trek with a 30 second whirl around the jewelry counter because the bright lights feel like the sun and pretty things sparkle and bring a smile to my face.  And why not? It somehow makes the impending vegetable selections seem more glamorous. 

So I knew when I walked into Shirzad Fine Jewelry at 200 Central Way (the old Haute Dog and Kobie Cafe spot), I knew that there were some smiles in my future.  But what I didn't know was that Hamed the owner, and Venetia the manager, would have me smiling before I even looked in the jewelry cases.  These two are so friendly and passionate about what they do you can't help but feel welcomed.  Shirzad has been in business for ten years and was previously in Seattle underneath the Alexis Hotel.   They wanted to be in Kirkland for a more neighborhood feel.  

What do we need to know about their products and services? Here are the highlights.  I'm really into bullet-ed lists lately:

  • They specialize in custom design and diamonds
  • Hamed started in the biz at a young age and has many dealers and designers that he works with
  • They go straight to the source to cut out the middle man and save you money
  • Why not throw a 'casting party' where you pour your gold into the mold for your custom jewelry?  Wine/cheese and gold, of course!
  • They can do appraisals
  • For those that aren't comfortable leaving jewelry pieces behind for cleaning/servicing, they will do the work while you watch


And by the way, there are some different stones and contemporary pieces in there too.  Like this cool dendrite agate ring I tried on ($150).  Hellooo Mother's Day!  Speaking of which-don't forget there's the Kirkland Mother's Day Half Marathon/5K, and special spa/food menus at Carillon Point too.  They would pair nicely with some new jewelry.    

 Shirzad Fine Jewelry hours are Mon-Sat 10-6 and Sunday they are closed.  425-576-1243